Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 2….


Dateline/Friday October 27th 2017/Montreal Quebec 

The weather on  Friday in Montreal was not to bad for a fall day. Kinda crisp air made mine and Tbone’s 40 minute walk in the morning to our second Record Store Stop on this trip which was the real cool store Beatnick Records.

Of course we got there about 15 minutes before the store opens at 11am so we kept walking around the area until the door opened at 11 and there were about 5-6 people waiting to get in!

Once inside the set up of Beatnick is cool and I have the pics to prove it.  Tons of sealed albums. Current releases/Used albums and CD’s,

Aaron in his original email said we would not leave Beatnick empty-handed and he was right with that call! More on that later…..

I hit the Hard Rock section quicker than a Shea Weber slapshot! A ton of goodies before me and a ton of Iron Maiden which had me drooling. Beatnick had a cool double live AC/DC Japanese Radio Broadcast from the Back In Black Tour for 35 bucks which I passed on but they even had the Whitesnake 1987 the one with full 87 and Live show. I toyed with buying it but as Tbone said its hard to buy another copy of it when I had just gotten it off of iTunes that same morning as well!  True That…

The three purchases I did make were Def Leppard’s* double Reissue of Hysteria  /Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind **and The Tragically Hips debut album  Up To Here***. All sealed and ready for the taking!

Up at the counter(paying for my stuff) myself and Tbone had a chat with a fella named Spike who had all the time to talk to us about music. Spike was a great guy. He told us about shows he had seen in Montreal like the Scorpions which you know was one of those impact shows as he kept referring back to it. Nothing wrong with that!

deKe’s And Spike!

We probably chatted almost close to an hour and it was a great conversation as Spike was interested about us and how we had to travel great distances to go to any concerts worthwhile as all we ever got in Tbay was pretty much Cancon and American acts whose time had passed! In other words nothing has changed over the years!


Beatnicks is highly recommended for anyone who goes to Montreal on a vinyl hunting mission! They have a ton of stuff! Even had a Iron Maiden Powerslave tourbook from the 1984 tour for sale!

Such a great shop!

*- Hysteria when Lep announced the 30th Anniversary Reissue’s this was  a must as I originally purchased it upon its release day back in 1987 on Cassette and a year later (1988)on CD. Love the artwork/the packaging with the gatefold is slick. All the credits and even the lyrics are included! Bravo and oh yeah RIP Steamin Clark!

**- Speaking of Gatefolds Maidens Piece of Mind reissue is one as well with lyrics on one side and the band pic with them gathered at the table with the brain. My daughter Lexie loves the look on Adrian Smiths face in the picture!

***-Up To Here is a kick ass debut and for myself those first two Hip albums(Road Apples being the other) are so live sounding its beyond cool! Kudos to the late Don Smith who produced those first two albums and basically by the sounds of it recorded them live off the floor! Stellar comes to mind!

Check Back Here On Friday for Part 3!

24 thoughts on “Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 2….”

    1. Well u,Scott and Mikey bought the Holy Grail of Hysteria!
      Mikey though helped me out with the live 88 show which was and is awesome!
      The vinyl though was a must for me but it’s true how many copied do we need? HAHAHA….

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love the Shea Weber analogy!
    Hopefully it wasn’t so quick that you went right through the section (like when Weber’s slapshot went right through the net in the Canada/Germany Olympic game in 2010!) 🙂
    Nice to see 2 stops, 2 hip records!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHAHA….that is it for my Hip vinyl Geoff!
        Fully Completely I did purchase on iTunes when the deluxe came out 5 years ago with the fantastic Horseshoe performance added to it…
        I do have the CD copy still here as I went out at midnight when the stores specially opened for its release back in 92

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha! That just goes to show u the power of The Hip between those 1989- 1994 with there recorded works!
        How many bands justify a 12 am record store opening for an album release? That will never happen ever again!

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  2. Great stuff, Deke. Probably my favourite thing about this is reading that the Spike dude that works there was all up for chat. I miss that about record shopping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah J he was a great dude….
      Tons of yapping about music and such….
      Told us about how they have survived over 20 years when sales and such dropped off when many didn’t!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love going to record stores when it’s not real busy and the staff chat.
    Also, they play great tunes which often leads me to buy stuff I’ve never heard.
    Looks like a fun time, and Spike seems cool.
    Next time in Montreal I’ll say hi.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yessss! Hooray for Beatnik! I will forever love it as the place I found many great things, like the Buzzcocks set called Product. Oh yes.

    Man I’m glad my recommends came through – the best places remain the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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