Greg Prato: KISS: Take It OFF- Truly Unmasked.

How’s about a One-Two KISS Book Review hook up with the one and only John “Mr. Vault” Snow”. Click the link below to read some great stuff courtesy of Mr.Snow.

‘Take It Off: Kiss Truly Unmasked’ by Greg Prato – Book Review

Remember that time back in 1984 when Gene Simmons hit the big screens as a bad guy in the Tom Selleck movie Runaway?  Well if you recall Mean Gene cut off pretty much all his hair.  So when Genie returned to his day job of a rockstar when KISS hit the tour trail supporting that years release Animalize. Simmons had a huge mop of hair. How did that happen?

Easy, Gene paid 800 bucks for this cool looking rock wig held together by a headband! haha.

I got photo evidence below…

The $800 dollar wig was one of the many things I got a kick out of Greg Prato’s book titled KISS-Take It Off: Truly Unmasked.

There are a ton of books out on KISS that features the whole era of the band. From the early beginnings of the makeup years in the early 70s to the ditching of the makeup in the early 80s back to the makeup back in the mid-90s.

Prato goes a different route as he just focuses on the KISS non-makeup years which are from 1983-1995 which is what I would say is a brilliant move.

Prato talks about how KISS and there 1982 Tour of North America was not selling that good so off comes the makeup and somewhat of a resurgence in their career.

Prato does his homework as he breaks down each non-makeup album and talks to the co-writers of songs (Jean Beauvior/Mitch Weissman) Producers (Ron Nevison/Toby Wright) and fellow musicians on there. thoughts (Charlie Benate) and radio dudes (Eddie Trunk) and even Ace Frehley himself!

Prato even nabs one-time KISS Guitarist Bruce Kulick who gives a ton of insight on the albums/the video and basically his time in KISS which makes this book a totally legit read.

Even Creatures when it was re-released in 1985 with the non-makeup lineup is discussed as well. Funny thing was the sales of it did not really boost Creatures sales which to me just boggles my mind at what were KISS fans doing when they hopped aboard the Lick It Up Express?!

Greg even interviewed Ron Keel as you know that Gene when he wasn’t acting or singing about putting his log in your fireplace, Simmons produced a few bands along the way in the mid to late 80s including Keel and Black N Blue.  Ron gives great insight into what the recording was like when the Demon produced Keel’s Right To Rock.

Even scenarios are asked if  Eric Carr had lived would he have been included with a reunion of Ace Frehley back in the 90s with Gene and Paul? I for one would have been on board with that. A reunion of The Elder’s lineup!

Such a great book and I got to thank the Boss(My Wife) for getting me this for Christmas!

28 thoughts on “Greg Prato: KISS: Take It OFF- Truly Unmasked.”

  1. Great review Deke! You are right, nice way to start off the week. I had a blast reading this book. The only person Greg missed interviewing that would have been perfect for this books was Bob Kulick! I mean he would have talked about himself and name dropped more than Trunk!!!

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  2. The way I remember the Creatures reissue: There was no advertising. At all. It showed up in stores. Some people bought it. I didn’t know about the different mixes so I assumed having the original cover was what you wanted. Now I realize you need to have both.

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      1. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not taking care of myself properly anymore, or that I’m just getting old. The last two sicknesses have really sucked. One in December (stomach) one in January (cold). At least I still bounce back.

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      2. A buddy of mine has been sick for six weeks!

        Hopefully that’s it for me now. I’ve had a stomach bug and a cold, so that’s all the annual things.


  3. To modify an Otto quote from the simpsons, you know those reviews that are like, double reviews? They’re great!
    And with LPs & rock books, those Williamson ladies continue to give terrific Christmas gifts!

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