Tour Shirt Tuesday- Iron Maiden

Hey, Folks!

Starting something new here called Tour Shirt Tuesday where I will feature a T-shirt bought at a concert when concerts were actually a thing!  I liked what my good blogging pal John Snow is doing in featuring Tour Books from past tours so I kinda nixed this idea from Mr. Snow!

First up…


I picked up this Maiden Tee back in June of 2017 when Iron Maiden played Minneapolis/St Paul  Minnesota on the Book of Souls Tour! This was Maidens’s first appearance in the Twin Cities since 2000 as the last time they played it was at an auditorium in front of 2500 fans on there Brave New World Tour.

Now returning 17 years later it was at the Xcel Center in St Paul sold out at 15,000!

Maiden decided that it would only be fitting to do a Twin Cities only T-shirt to commemorate this event!

Considering how we (my brother Todd took me to this show as part of my 50th Birthday present) came across this shirt is kinda a neat story and well, lemme explain it to you’s.

When Todd and myself showed up to the Xcel Center we headed into the lobby with people surrounding us everywhere. Todd started up a conversation with the two fellows behind us and we talked to them for a few minutes as they were already holding there recently purchased Maiden shirts.

I asked one of the guys if I could see them as I was going to wait until I got inside and then head to the merch table to buy Maiden Swag!

Once I saw this shirt I was like “Where did you get this??” The fellow told me way over there past about 500 people was a table set up inside the lobby as well which had about a dozen or so different Maiden items for sale.

Both guys told us about Maiden’s first appearance in town in 17 years so they did a Minneapolis only shirt. We were also told that the last time Maiden went to Chicago these guys bought a couple of extra Chicago only shirts and they sold them on eBay as the Brazilians will pay through the nose for one-off Maiden Shirts like these. He said he got 300 U.S for the Maiden Chicago only shirt!

Needless to say, I needed one of these shirts ASAP! I went and bought two of these( one for myself and one for my pal Metal Todd who lives out in British Columbia)

The real shocker was my Brother who never buys this kind of stuff bought one of these as well and why not. One of a kind!

If you look closely at the pic above you can see the Minneapolis Harbour on the T-shirt and Todd who has been in Minneapolis a million times says it’s a perfect representation of the city’s skyline. Very detailed T-shirt as when it comes to Maiden no stone is left unturned!

I can see a couple of connections as it being the Book of Souls Tour, you can see the books flying out of Eddie’s packsack where below you see what’s left of the heart which is featured in the show during the title track from said album. Plus there are 4 boats in the harbor one bearing a Canadian flag!

The other connection is Todd loves his off-road mountain biking so if he was going to buy any rock shirt this would be the one and my bro did just that!

The back print is cool also.

Such detailed cool artwork which comes as no surprise.

Once we got back to Tbay for shits n giggles I went on eBay and this shirt was listed like 2 days after Maidens performance. It was already over $100 U.S and when the bids ended I think it was well over $250 U.S!

Fanatic Fan Base but when it comes to Maiden that’s to be expected!

The crazy thing is once we left the lobby and entered the main lobby there were tables set up with a ton of Maiden merch. So many different T-shirt designs (basically every cover was featured) that this Minnieaoplis shirt was of course there for sale as well but being that there were so many Maiden shirts I would have totally missed this one. Lucky Break!

FYI-  There will be more Maiden Shirts featured.

Come back next Tuesday for another Tour Shirt Tuesday!



41 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- Iron Maiden”

  1. Awesome post Deke! Glad I could be an inspiration for you. That is a really cool shirt and not surprising there are people out there buying them up for ridiculous prices. Crazy fanbase! Kinda like Kiss. Now, I only have one more Tour Book left (The End of the Road Tour), not sure when I will post it as I started the Kiss Review Series so might be holding off a year until we get to the End of the Road portion of the series (sometime next year).

    Looking forward to the next T Shirt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I use to love to get one and take them to school…A concert T was a badge of honor! Great feature Deke…look forward to the others. Cool shirt!

    I would have to guard my concert T shirts…my sister would wash them and shrink them on purpose and wear them. I had some bootlegs also.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have booted my sister in the arse if she took any of mine and shrunk em! lol
      Your right about them back in school being a badge of honor.
      If you wore a rock shirt to highschool when I went and if it wasn’t from an actual concert you would get chirped! lol By chirped I mean called a ‘poser’ lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did boot her lol.
        Yea you didn’t wear something you didn’t go to…you just didn’t… a few couple times though with hardly any funds I bought a bootleg after the concert in the parking lot…some shady people.


  3. Cool t-shirt logo. I will look forward to more tee shirt Tuesdays. Did you ever notice with concert t-shirts that after the first wash, one size fits all. I had a Twisted Sister t-shirt from the Stay Hungry tour. My brother, who was smaller and skinnier at the time and it fit him just as good as it fitted me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I don’t think I ever bought a one size fits all. That’s wild and you got your moneys worth. You should have charged your brother a rental fee as you could have recouped some cash for the T.S ‘T’.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dig the new theme! I used to grab concert shirts all the time, but after a while they got expensive, generic, and the quality became crap. Occasionally I grab one if it’s something that’s really cool and not too expensive. Looking forward to seeing more of the shirt collection.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL – yeah, back in the day there were lots of handmade and unique shirts. I saved some of the best and boxed them up, but I was really into the jerseys back in the 70s and 80s

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the story and the T. I have a few from past shows. My kids think it’s funny to dress me up in all kinds of t-shirts from Ozzy to Homer (when did he tour). I’ve been meaning to drop a comment on here for a while. The shirt reminds me of something we talked about before. Big Daddy Roth’s ‘Rat Fink” riding a bike.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear ya I bought 2 Monster Truck records at there show last year.
      I was going to buy the latest Big Wreck album at there show last year but the T-shirt was 15 bucks cheaper than the album. T-shirt it was.

      Liked by 1 person

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