Summertime Spin-WHITESNAKE: Live…In The Heart of The City (1980)

Looking back when I first heard the name of Whitesnake forty years ago this summer its only fitting that “Live…In The Heart of the City” would be a summer time spin as it was the summer of 1981 that I ever had my first taste of the ‘Snake.

Also when I think about looking back at a lot of bands, live albums were my entry point into discovering them. “KISS ALIVE 2”, “Cheap Trick at Budokan”, “Judas Priest with Unleashed In The East” and now Whitesnake with this stellar release of “Live…In The Heart of the City.”

No wonder I still love albums even to this day.

Rewind back to the Summer of ’81 shall we?!

I never had a big brother or sister in which I could raid their record collections to discover music. It was pretty much up to me for discovery.

I can recall two times though that this wasn’t the case. Back around 1981 a good close personal friend of my Dad’s, Ken Schmidt (RIP) passed onto me Aerosmith’s “Draw The Line” record which I had only read about in the magazines at the time (Creem, Circus) and that was my entry point into Aerosmith. Needless my mind was blown upon first hearing the title track!

The second time was at my high school pal’s house Darcy. Now Darcy had an older brother named Stacy and one day when I was at there place Stacy called us over to the stereo and he showed the cover of this new (to me) band called Whitesnake!

Before I heard a note I had already judged the cover!

To my 15 year old eyes at the time that cover looked like a mix of a hippy ( Micky Moody on the left side of the cover) and a bunch of old farts. (take your pick!)

Before I could outright dismiss it, Stacy dropped the needle on the last track of Side One that being “Love Hunter”.

I was blown away I never heard this kind of hard rock before. I was basically mesmerized that here I am in Thunder Bay listening to that hippy Mickey Moody slam through some serious slide guitar and how about that hookup with mutton chops on the drums Ian Paice as they go to town together for a little side ways jam before the band comes back in?!

So good..I didn’t need to hear the rest I needed my own copy and shortly after I did.

“Come On” begins the proceeding as lead throat David Coverdale lays down the law vocally. It’s a great opener which slams right into the guitar mashup of both Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody that takes off right into “Sweet Talker”!

What a great track and even better the late Jon Lord pounds the hammond which goes right into Moody’s solo.

David Coverdale being the boss man of Snake put together a great lineup of course by adding his old homeboys from Deep Purple(Paice and Lord) which I’m sure helped sell albums and tickets  in Europe.

“Walking In The Shadows of the Blues” is a great track. Lots of great tempo changes and a really stellar performance by the band. Wow just Wow!

Side Two is three songs only beginning with the bluesy “Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City “complete with crowd participation followed by what I would consider the best Snake version of “Fool For Your Loving.*

“Take Me With” ends the album on warp speed and its amazing that these geezers could lift off and play at this speed.

What a friggin brilliant live album!

Funny how in North America Whitesnake wouldn’t make a dent til about ’84  when Geffen Records, well basically John Kalodner came in and told Coverdale to  get rid of these hippies so adios Moody but thats another story for another time.

Going back to 81 I still remember going to my good pal Muc’s house in the fall of that year (before the snow came) and there was a copy of the new Whitesnake album ‘Come And Get It!”

So here we are in forty years later in August 2021 and a new mint copy of this album was due! I ordered this ‘Snake album from the Ladano approved Encore Records in Kitchener Ontario and got myself an updated coloured copy of this record!


*- Coverdale thought it would be a great idea in ’89 to release another version of “Fool For Your Loving” with Steve Vai. My 2 cents on this matter is even though Vai is good on some of the original songs on Slip of the Tongue. Vai though wacking off  on that wang bar on his  guitar on “Fool For Your Loving” is all wrong!

Coverdale should have brought back that old hippie for that track!


28 thoughts on “Summertime Spin-WHITESNAKE: Live…In The Heart of The City (1980)”

    1. Thanks Pal. I was gad to get this as I have only ever seen it in the wilds once and what could be considered an idiot move I did not grab it. When Encore Records listed it I pounced on it! lol

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    1. Thanks for picking up on that Andrew. I’m trying to go a different way with reviews now as how many ways can I explain a cool guitar solo. lol
      To tell a backstory whether its my blog or someone else’s always intrigues me more than a scribe writing for Rolling Stone who got the music for free!

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      1. funny you say that cause I’ve been struggling with exactly what you say. just feels like I say the same thing over and over. and agree on rolling stone thing. I’ve read reviews where I don’t even know what they are saying.

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      2. no not at all! Lol. I actually have 3 pending, more story driven and when I was done all three over 1000 words! whose gonna read all that! Hopefully you are on to something.

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      3. We will read it dude as you’re a great writer, so no worries their pal. I prefer a backstory to a review more than the review itself really…

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    1. Very true but look at that cover. Those boys look old and its from 1980! I was 14 at the time and they were already pushing 40. How could I not think that??


      1. I listened to it twice and I liked it. But of course, it could’ve used more Roger songs. I didn’t shut Queen out because Roger looks older, it’s just I can’t drool over him during that era of the band and afterwards.

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  1. I went to check my copy and I cant find it. Now Im on an obsessed hunt (Just did this with another record recently). Some *&^$%^ Hippie probably stole it. I will let you know how the search goes.
    Yes good record and I also like the personal take. Much better reading for a guy like CB.

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