Welcome To The Club!

Hey ya all… Thanks for checking out my site. This site is just gonna be about my Ramblings and stuff (with the odd record review thrown in) on the concerts I have seen from 1979 to the present day here in my hometown (Thunder Bay   Ontario) and other cities which I was fortunate enough to have witnessed during the roaring 80s so to speak….. Now my writing is no where near as good as some other Blog fellas like LeBrain,Keeps Me Alive,Ultimate Festival Guide,Kamer Tunes,HMO,80s Metal Man,Every Record,1537…..you want excellent wordsmiths and reviews check em out ..me? I have no idea what the hell I’m doing….. But ,thanks for stopping by…….


16 thoughts on “Welcome To The Club!”

  1. They were already broken up By the time I heard of em….so it was not til Akimbos solo Ep with Kids In Action that I knew they even had existed…..man that Ep is one of the best out there!


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