SONIC WAVES…Ted Nugent/ Shut Up And Jam

Yo,everyone….this is gonna be my last new post until Jan 2015. I will be posting previously released writings on FaceCrack but as for new stuff being posted here on the actual site,I’m taking a breather! Wanted to thank everyone who is a follower thru the site or if your dropping by for the first time here at Arena Rock,welcome and thanks man for reading!

As it’s Christmas time and it’s all about tradition I will be posting over at my top 5 releases for 2014 as well since I’ve been doing that for a few years at Mikes site…so hey it’s tradition ! Ummm make that Rock tradition!

All the best for the Holiday Season friends! Take care ….stay safe and Crank it up will YA!




So 2014 and this marks the first time I bought a new studio release from the Nuge since the Little Miss Dangerous Drum Machine Fiasco of 1986! Really though I had no intentions of buying this. Ok I lied I did buy his Live In 79 release,the two Damn Yankess albums and the reissue of Cat Scratch Fever and of course I knew he has put out albums since than but I was like still trying to recover from 1986 but than  I read Martin Popoffs review of it and it sealed the deal for me so I thought what the hell….ITunes here comes DeKEs !

Ted literally fires up the Barbecue!

SHUT UP AND JAM- Ted starts off the proceeding with a bellow of Shut Up And Jam and after a quick hello solo from Nuge he’s off an running and what is evidently clear to my old ears is how throwback of a production sound this album has already! Thank God man. Popoff says in his review its 70s Nuge all over and I agree! Ted it’s been way too long! This tune is giving me good reason and good hope for the rest. Will it rock?

FEAR ITSELF- Holy Shit this track is awesome! Ted lowers the boom and rocks it big time with this song! Super cool catchy chorus ….super cool  verses as well! Man this is a great album so far! Just Ted and his backing band 2014 style!

EVERYTHING MATTERS- Teds Ol cronie from his 70s heyday is back and that would be Derek St Holmes and so now Everything Matters. Another good track bit of a shuffle and the Motor City Madman carries it thru til the end!

SHES GONE- Sammy Hagar guest vocals on this one and its Ted and Sam looking for there women! The lyrics are basic man…She’s gone ..gone..gone…Long gone…..Its amazing that Sam and Ted are in there mid 60s now ! That my friends is nuts! But give Em there due they still rock and hey Tbone both Sam And Ted are here! Hope they don’t kick our asses over Source Of Infection and the Little Miss Dangerous album!

NEVER STOP BELIEVING- this is a great track on here. This song starts off slow with Teds gee tar and man it builds into a classic Rock N Ted Tune! Some cool percussion adds to this tune as well and man it’s a real cooker! Excellent track!

I STILL BELIEVE- Ted still believes in the American Dream. Sure man,ok but you know what I think you have to take out of the equation Teds political views and just listen to this album with you ears and not how you feel about certain aspects of Teds career choices and beliefs. For me it’s who gives a fuck…just crank the guitar write great songs and just let it rip!

I LOVE MY BBQ- Ted Loves his BBQ! And so do us Canadians. We know that and Ted himself says that as well! Just a simple no nonsense straight ahead rocker and of course  like Ted always says….”if Ya kill it,Grill it!!” Or something to that effect!

THROTTLEDOWN- just a musical guitar jam! Would Ya expect anything else and yeah the production in case you are wondering is mint! It sounds old school! Yea to that !

DO-RAGS AND A .45-Teds locked and loaded and packing guitar heat. After Throttledown Ted puts the top down and let’s this rock. Great guitaring in this track!

SCREAMING EAGLES- wow drums start off this track and its double bass all the way! Great straight rocker once agian! Thanks Ted for just Rockin …..

SEMPER FI- Ted likes saying SEMPER FI that he says it than counts in the song 2,3,4 and boom were off. Ted nails down some cool lead vocals and well he’s back folks!

TRAMPLE THE WEAK,HURDLE THE DEAD- hahaha..Ted u crazy OL wing nut Ya just had to tell us all that nothin is  getting in your way! You are da boss man! Great guitaring  equals great ROCKIN!

IN CONCLUSION- Popoff was right man. Ted is back,stellar album from the ol road dog and at my age(47)that’s saying something! The cover is kinda cool and the production is just a throwback to a 70s sound. Sure some of the lyrics are goofy but in 2014 who gives a fuck! I sure as hell don’t ! Nuge stepped up big time with this and well outside of his fan base who would be smart to snap this album up, it probably hurt him in some sales with other rock fans out there with just with his political and livin beliefs! Too each there own I say! Like I have said just listen with your ears! And leave that other nonsense at the door!



19 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…Ted Nugent/ Shut Up And Jam”

  1. I didn’t end up buying this one this year. Feel like I’ve got enough Nuge now to scratch the itch (or fever?) when I get it. Sounds like a decent album though, good to know old Ted can still crank them out. Look forward to reading your Top 5 dude! I’m still agonising over mine at the moment!

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  2. Wow, I’m glad this is was as good as you hoped! Again, I’m a Nugenoob, so other than a couple of hit songs I have no real perspective here, but I’m gonna take your word for it on this one!

    I am doing up my Best Of 2014 as well… it’s a tough one. It’ll go up sometime before New Years on the KMA.

    A very happy holidays to you and yours, Dekester! GIVE ‘ER!

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  3. Aww dude! So glad that you’re doing a top 5 for my comments again. I always look forward to it. It IS traditon!

    As for me, with only a week and a half to go, I have not done my list yet. Nor have I received one from the “usual suspects” that will be contributing their lists this year. Although I am 99% sure that the new Foo Fighters will be on Uncle Meat’s top 5, because he will NOT stop talking about coming over and doing a full-day marathon view/review session of their documentary series.

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    1. Absolutely Mikey,i Remeber picking my top 5 and of course I had to give my reason why! Hahahaha and like I said to Aaron as well thanks for the support since I went solo so to,speak back in August!

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  4. So glad the Nuge seems to have made a comeback! Endorsements from the Deke and the Popoff.

    I gotta say that politics aside, I really like Ted. I think he’s a fascinating guy. I’m sure he practices responsible hunting practices etc. I’ve read enough of his stuff that I believe that. But lyrically, I don’t know if I could really get into some of these new songs. I mean I’m a proud Canadian. I’ve never really cared to much about patriotic lyrics from any band, because I can’t relate you know? And Canadians rarely write patriotic lyrics! Now lyrics about supporting the troops are a different matter, I can get behind that. My grandpa fought in WWII so I always get behind the troops.

    So yeah, I’ll have to give this a listen before I make a purchase.

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