Welcome To The Club (More Nicknames/Part 2)

Hey everyone here’s part two of some names that u may have read about or are about too…

CHICO i have known Chico since like 1979! Man that’s nuts! Chico you can read about in my Back In Black (ACDC ) review and also my Dokken Tooth And Nail review! Chico like I have said before at a young age was into cars,motorbikes and ski doos! Actually make that fast cars,faster motorbikes and real fast ski doos!  Having said that when Chico needed a hit of the Rock he would look no further than myself as i would jam up his blank Maxwell cassette tapes with the Rock! Boom…..

Sister Kristin- Yep this is my younger sister by about 8 years! I tagged her after that sappy Nightranger ballad! (Sister Christian) ha that’s what older bros are for! My sis did not want to know about the hard rock until Jon Bon Jovi rolled around before that my  sister dug Platinum Blonde(eeeeeh gad!) and better yet Culture Club(insert howls of delight here!) Funny story to tell….back in 1989 myself and Tbone went to see Bon Jovi on the Jersey tour! Sis Kristin wanted a JOVI poster so I said I would deliver! So standing in the merch line I told the big burly dude behind the counter who was hauling tees and posters and had a huge stack of $20 bills said to me “whadda want fella?” I retort ” the Jovi Poster ” he looks at me squinting “you sure??” He says!  I throwback at him ” absolutley !” He goes ” All Right fella!” and hands me a topless poster of JON! Hahahaha….I had no idea I Was just looking at where was the poster was and buying about 10 shirts for everyone as there was about 4,000 people behind me waiting for merchandise!  Hahahaha…..Your Motoring! 

   John Young- his real name and he’s the dude who introduced me to Kiss The Originals in 1978! John always moved on and when I fully got into Kiss he was into Acdc and than Deep Purple, Led Zep,Pink Floyd,Dire Straits! He was also a very good guitar player who had a Gibson SG! Actually John first hooked me onto Y&Ts Black Tiger and Meanstreak! But the time I was into Y&Ts In Rock We Trust,John had already moved on musically to something else! Unfortunately John with his family moved out west in the early 90s and we lost track of each other! Hey Mr Young wherever you are thanks for the early rock education!  

DaHeff-he’s old school like me and we both get a laugh at things rock!(especially those two old farts leading KISS right now!) Daheff has been a reader of my blog since day 1! For that I thank Ya! Daheff has requested a real great idea for my blog that I gotta tackle and Heff I’m working on it! Also a point of interest is that DaHeff is a huge Who fan! No shit Ya say!

Brezzie- is a newbie Here at the site and loves hard rock and well he’s a real great guy as his name is Derek! Ha! So right there it’s all good! He’s another dude that when I talk about rock he’s onboard!

Q- is my wife! Shes nowhere the huge music junkie fruitcake I am but she has been real supportive of this blog and gets a kick out of it since people actually read it! Hahahaha…..seriously though the rock she does like is Aerosmith and Sam Halen but for the most part my 3 lovely daughters have brainwashed her musically into some other forms of music! That’s ok I say ..like I’m outnumbered here at home so I just roll with it! Hahahaha….  

DaBrun- is a real slick dude! He too has been onboard my rockboat blog since day 1 and was the one who suggested doing requests and Kim Mitchell’s Akimbo Alogo it was ! DaBrun loves the Tragically Hip…big time and man we have yacked for hours about the fine craftsmanship of creativness that went into the making of Road Apples!

Moose- was the first punk rocker guy I knew! He was Into DRI,Ramones,Clash but he also dug a ton of rock and he’s the dude who really dug Billy Squiers Hear and Now record So he had some taste as well and oh yeah dug Kiss as well!        

Space Ace- is a great guy! He loves ELO man! He gets a huge kick out of my musical babblings that come out of my trap! One album we both love is The Cults Electric as Space Ace says he loves running to The Cult! He gets total bonus marks as he knows all the lyrics front to back! Case in point I walked by him the other day at work and quoted the line from King Contrary Man “crazy antics of the Beat Generation” yeah man Space Ace knows where I’m coming from!

                                                                                                              CastMan- has been a reader since day 1 as well! I see him pretty much entering our job site daily before 7:30 am and he always tells me he enjoys eating his cereal and reading my silliness before the workday starts! That’s awesome to hear and thanx Cast Man for the support!

ROCKIN ROBERTS- ha this guy makes me laugh man he’s quite the character and he’s the dude I name dropped in my review of Harem Scarems Mood Swings. Rockin Roberts likes to rock and he’s been a follower since pretty much day 1. Case in point I bumped Into him as he was getting off of his night shift and he chirped to me ” I gotta go and read that Skid Row review!” Ha Sez I and well For Those About To Rock Roberts …He Salutes You!

MONSTER TRUCK GUY- is a real cool laid back guy and he’s got a super cool Bonzo from Zep tat! (The rings) word on the street is he loves drums as he mashes the kit himself! He sez he digs Mike Portney x of Dream Theatre so I have pointed him in the direction of the Winery Dogs! As far as calling him Monster Truck Guy that’s easy he went and seen them here in Tbay (I kick myself for not going) and that was the first rock band we talked shop about hence……

 DENNIS LEE ROTH- this dude loves ClassicRock! How about the fact that he’s going to see Rush,The Stones and ACDC this hear! Think that sums it up! DLR loves guitar as he’s a player himself and well ask Gordie Johnson from Grady about that sloshed out dude bumping into his pedal board next time you see Mr Johnson! All hail Dennis Lee Roth! That’s right a Public Service Message to all you rockers out there…Drunk Dudes and Pedal Boards don’t mix!







5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Club (More Nicknames/Part 2)”

  1. Hey Deke! Send Monster Truck Guy my way will yah? I’m curious his thoughts on my debate with Uncle Meat…

    Nice Kick Axe reference in the title to this!


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