Cool Vs Gah! Round 2….Poison…

Valley Of Lost Souls Vs Poor Boy Blue’s

Poison by album three (Flesh&Blood) have taken it up a notch! Everyone knows there deal and what to expect and Jingle Jangle Flesh & Blood sells a ton and overall it’s a pretty decent album that except for a few tracks I don’t really have a problem with. Well I got a problem with Bret  Michael’s touring around his schtick prying his trade as a solo performer playing  at fairs and parking lots and playing Poison without the other guys who made up Poison!

Back in 1990 though Poison were selling out Arenas and I really turned on this band after the lacklustre performance in Winnipeg (1991) on the Flesh & Blood Tour . Poison that night didn’t give a shit and after that show I didn’t give a shit about Poison anymore…..

Why do I care that Bret  isn’t with Poison anymore? Ha! Silly finicky RnR Guy I have morphed into….

HairSpray Dudes…

Bret Michaels – lead vocals
C.C. DeVille – lead guitar
Bobby Dall – bass
Rikki Rockett – drums

Anyhoo these two tracks are from the same album!

Valley OF Lost Souls is the opening number on the album and Valley is the kind of song Poison excels at! The tune drives at a furious pace (for Poison Standards that is!) that crashes into a real slick catchy chorus! Check out the lyrics below

Living it up, giving it up
Living in the valley of lost souls
Wanting it all, taking the fall
Living in the valley of lost souls

Basically the tune is about being age 16 and running towards a dream! The only real downer about this track is the solo by C.C as like many of his solo’s he overplay’s it or that’s what it sounds like to me. But make no mistake of it Folks this is a great album opener!

Yeah I said it……

Flesh And Blood though by the end of the album kinda runs out of steam and its kinda funny that when a group of guys known as Poison get success they start thinking “Hey We Can Be Like Old School Aerosmith” that line of thinking in my book is Wrongo!

Ha! Check out this live clip of Michael’s’ and Crew trying to Aero It Up?  I will tell you that when you watch this clip and the first minute is just Bret blasting air into his Harmonica playing and to me it’s Meh! Tbone back in the day after a few beers and when it was late at night would blast the harmonica and man I would friggin howl.  Almost Borderline Cool! Needless to say Tbone kept me amused with his Antics whereas Bret doesn’t!


It’s one thing for a band too say “Hey  these guys  are our influences”  but it’s another to slap it down on (back than) vinyl and …

Well you be the judge……

19 thoughts on “Cool Vs Gah! Round 2….Poison…”

      1. I’m with Mike 100% here. I’d rather have my (CENSORED for reasons of public decency) than ever hear ‘Poor Boy Blues’ again in my life.


  1. I remember this album, from high school. I liked it well enough, from my jazz kid persperspective, but I never actually thought about it as some songs being sillier than others – they’re all a little silly good rock fun, that’s the point, right? Still, playing those vids back now, I can totally see your point. Nice one, Deke!

    You know, I think it was Swallow This Live that one guitar mag said had the Worst Guitar Solo Ever on it (can’t remember which song). Go figure!


    1. Ha! Great call on the live guitar solo! Man you guys could skip that I had to hear it live… one point he started ripping off bits of Eruption! A bunch of us goofballs started chanting EDDIE…EDDIE …EDDIE…during it…


      1. well CC’s solo is 10 minutes I will never get back..course i thought of that now not at the time when it was feeling no pain! Ha!


    1. Your right Geoff! Poison was all about More as in More Hairspray/Mo Money/More Pyro/ More Booze/More Birds….and oh yeah a show to play!
      Excess comes to mind!..ha!

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