Tom Petty…..


It was kind of surreal to get home from work today and in my Gmail account was emails being tossed around on the passing of Tom Petty  between Fellow Bloggers Scott/Bop and Aaron! 

But now there’s some confusion on whether Petty has passed on or not. The LAPD as of right now are saying they can’t confirm Petty’s death so ….

When I think of Tom Petty for sure its the tunes but for me right away when I read these emails it transported me back to my 15-year-old self when I was in Grade 10 in 1982!

At the school library which would be my daily stop to try to study I would always check out the magazine rack as the school had a subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the news feed section of the magazine I read an article on Petty who I had read about in magazines like Creem Magazine but I never really took to his music as that 15-year-old at that time as Gene and Paul were still fleecing me on whatever KISS product they were selling to me at the time!

But here was this dude Tom Petty…. well here is an  article from Rolling Stone

For instance, in 1982 Petty recorded Hard Promises with the Heartbreakers, only to find that his then-record company had plans to use his name to initiate a new, higher $9.98 list price for albums. Petty withheld the tapes and threatened to retitle his record $8.98 in protest.

This blew my mind back at that library that day and til this day what a move as he told the Suits to basically “Piss Off!”

Of course things were settled but what a  stance Petty took! Tuff as Nails Tom  was….

One more thing if anyone has read the book I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution or you haven’t well you should.

In this book is a great chapter on when Tom filmed the video Don’t Come Around Here No More. Lets just say Petty lived life!

15 thoughts on “Tom Petty…..”

  1. U prolly heard by now, but me guesses he collapsed at home .
    He was then resuscitated , got his heart going but with many of these situations the issue is how long did the brain go without blood flow….you can be alive on support but brain dead..I think that is why there is confusion..
    It’s been a sad year, Cornell ( that one really broke me up….) Cornell’s best friend, now Petty.

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    1. Thanks for your input SPACE Ace..
      The Cornell thing was just a mind blower as I have aways said since it happened. One night I watched that Last show from Detroit …it was eery as he was singing those songs especially when in the encore they went into Zeps “In My Time of Dying” and of course everyone jumps on the symbol of that …I dunno sad all around esp his kids….
      Petty was a rebel..had a great run!


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