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Review: The Dirt (Biopic)


Hey Folk’s instead of everyone waiting around for my 2 cents on the Crue film why don’t I let my good bloggin pal Drew tell ya all about as I haven’t even watched it myself…
Click the link below Crueheads….

Update: I  just watched it.. (Saturday Afternoon…)

Drew's Reviews

There’s a scene in the show Seinfeld when Jerry convinces George to open up and let out all his emotions. The next scene shows Jerry slowly backing away from George in horror as he says “Good luck with all that.”

That’s how I felt a number of years ago after reading The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band the 2007 biography of exploits as written by the members of Motley Crue.

That tell-all has come to the small screen.

The biopic, just released (March 22) by Netflix, hardly provides the same effects but captures the essence of the book with all of its smutty sensationalism. The drugs (lots). The women (lots). The music. All of it. Even the reported scene when Ozzy Osbourne snorted ants poolside at a hotel while on tour.

Not all of it’s there, probably best, like that telephone. And a scene in a…

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King of the Nighttime(Stationary) World!

Today I like the Mailman. Came home and seen that Aaron(Mr Books) had sent me  something and look at this Folks! Rush playing Cards!!

How cool is that? Thanks a bunch Aaron!! Much Appreciated! Dude is the King of Stationary! Nobody comes close! Kinda keeps the KISS review week going as RUSH opened for KISS back in 1975! Just Saying!


Motley Crue: The Dirt Movie-Netflix


So Motley Crue is going straight to the steaming service Netflix next month (March 22nd) to unleash the much-anticipated film based upon their successful book  titled The Dirt which tells the tale of  all the shenanigans of Motley Crue over the past 3 Decades!

Just a few short days ago Motley released the trailer for the movie. I watched the trailer and was kinda amused as in some clips Mick Mars was always the Old Geezer in the band looks like the Youngest Guy  in the band! How are they going to address the Corabi years will be interesting for me as John‘s contributions have always been wiped from the Crue History books which is unfortunate.

Having said that…

What I look forward to is seeing the track listing of the  soundtrack with the 4 new crushing songs that the Crue recorded for The Dirt Soundtrack. “Crushing” is the word Nikki Sixx has described the new songs. Then of course one song features Machine Gun Kelly (who portrays Tommy Lee in the film) doing some rapping or something that makes  the fanbase freak out about  that possibility!

I dunno this may be a total Train wreck of a film that the Crue may actually  pull off cause as we all know in life people love Train wrecks and that goes hand in hand with these guys!

#734: The Spaceman’s Wife and the Demon Sex Addict —

So as many of you know already KISS begins the start of the so-called End of the Road tour tonight! To drum up some Mega Old Rock Dude Drama Mean Gene has taken on Space Ace about his previous issues and yada yada. Its nothing new but Mikey has pieced a real decent breakdown of what Gene said and Ace replied with as well. It’s about creating a buzz-selling tickets….

This sparring between camps has been going on for decades and Congrats to Peter Criss who without a doubt has kept his noggin low and out of the Ace/Gene silliness! Click Mikey’s link below…


GETTING MORE TALE #734: The Spaceman’s Wife and the Demon Sex Addict Today, another in a long string of sad days in KISStory, we will dissect Ace Frehley’s incendiary statement to his ex-bandmate Gene Simmons. (If it was written by Ace at all. The statement appeared on Ace’s wife’s Facebook 22 minutes before it appeared on […]

via #734: The Spaceman’s Wife and the Demon Sex Addict —

The Circle: Trust Fund Baby (2019)

How about a Shout Out for The Circle featuring these last names which you all know  Hagar/Bonham/Anthony/Johnson who today dropped a Fantastic Ass Kicking tune titled Trust Fund Baby.

A great throwback late 70’s early 80’s Arena Rock sound that has Guitarist Vic Johnson and Bassist Micheal Anthony locking up and doing some heavy Zep like playing! Then again you got Jason Bonham on the Drums and we know who his Father was!

Sammy Hagar who at the age of 71! Still has his pipes and man this dude does not age!

May 10th the studio album Space Between is released but for now crank up the video I posted of Trust Fund Baby...Simple yet effective Hard Rock done right!


Top 10 Read Posts @Thunder Bay Arena Rock-2018

Happy New Year Friends of Arena Rock!

How about one more ‘Best of’ list that being what were the most read post’s at this site from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018!

Some surprises I’m sure….. Course I have to add my 2 Cents worth of comments!

1-Back Covers: KISS ALIVE (494 Hits)- Pretty psyched to see this at Number 1 for the year as it just keeps getting views(where and how I have no idea) than again it’s a phenomenal back cover shot.  

2- 10 Questions with… Fred Coury (458 Hits)- Fred was awesome. Lot’s of cool insight about his days in Cinderella and even a short stint in Guns N Roses! Plus Fred’s a Huge Hockey Fan! 

3-10 Questions with…Billy Sheehan (361 Hits)- This guy tuned me up quicker than his 4 String Fender Bass! Fair enough. Guess he didn’t like any kind of compliment thrown his way and I get it as he thought my questions weren’t worded correctly or that  I didn’t do my homework. I did my homework Pal and not everyone  who reads my Blog knows you played with Kim Mitchell(For a few weeks!)or that you were in UFO(for a few months!)or that you were in a band called Talas(who cares!) that sold 100 records during the Talas heyday. Not everyone knows that stuff!  I still respect  this guy’s talent especially on the Eat Em and Smile album… I will give this guy props for answering me back but…. ahh you win some lose some….

4-10 Questions with…Greg Fraser (271 Hits)- Greg was one of the first dudes to get back to me on the 10 Questions with.  Greg was real cool and it was a great read. Hell he seen Van Halen open for Sabbath! Nice fella and Great Guitar Player!

5-I Mother Earth/Finger11: Live at Crocks(April 21st 2018) (244 Hits)- In what has to be the most packed show in Thunder Bay Bar History IME delivered and Jag Tanna is a monster on the 6 string!

6-10 Questions with…Sean Kelly (234 Hits)-Sean was a ton of fun and his enthusiasm came through in spades in his answers. Sean loves Music period. No wonder all these bands want him involved in either writing or performing. Mr Kelly is passionate! All around great guy! Classical Music/Pop/Hard Rock Mr Kelly can adapt to any music situation! What a Cool Cat!

7-Killer Dwarfs: Live No Guff (170 Hits)- Pretty cool Live Album from this band of Dwarfs! Gerry Finn is a monster on Guitar! You already know that!

8-Suchs To Be You ( 146 Hits)- My ramble about Alec John Such getting the shaft in Jovi in which as far as I’m concerned Jovi the band has never been the same. If you were a fan from 1984 on do you  want to see them now? They are a Vegas act now Plain and Simple!  Was it Alec that commented on this post when I originally posted it?  I think so and so does Mikey Ladano… Hey Alec I hope you’re well!

9-Rock 94 Thunder Bay (143 Hits)- Another ramble on the state of Rock Radio in Thunder Bay. If you want a daily fixing of  Three Doors Down & Theory of Chad Kroger!Rock 94 is your go to rock station!

10-Rock The Fort-2006(Concert Review) (121 Hits)- Cool to see this one here. Some real nice pictures courtesy of Paul Jokelainen which in my opinion made the review that much better!


Kinda a mixed bag of Interviews/Reviews and Rambles! My 10 Questions with… segment was huge. Thanks to everyone who read them and commented. 10 Questions With was fun to do and I still have some out there but unfortunately no responses. Thats ok as I send out one email via messenger and if the person chooses to get back to me great if not oh well I tried….

Trust me I have tried and here are some of the ones I sent out in which some of these I know were read and the artist didn’t bother with while others are floating around in their messenger inbox still..hahaha

Name drop time as I tried contacting the following but to no avail…Corey Hart/Wolfgang Van Halen/Tom Keifer/Billy Squier/Ron Young/Tom Werman/Stephen Pearcy/ Richard Chycki/ Gil Moore/Darrell Dwarf/Gerry Finn/Mark Radice/Todd Kerns….

I had to even go back and see who I sent these out too! I even forgot!

To be fair to Gil Moore he wanted to do a Phone interview in which I told him I have only ever done the email thing. Thats the last I heard from him haha..

Gerry Finn and Darrell Dwarf said they would do a segment of 10 Questions with… so we will see what happens. I do have a few others that I just sent out so we will see what happens….

Still though I tried so for the Hits there’s the Misses! Good news though is that Sean Kelly has agreed to do another interview for my blog so watch for that in 2019! Also if Brent Jensen releases Book #4 in 2019 I’ll be hitting him up as well!

So yeah a pretty decent year.. as always Thanks for reading and the Support!