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Cuss You!

When I was starting to dabble with music in the late 70’s it was a whole different time period growing up. From a musical standpoint when I first heard KISS and there track 100,000 Years I was shocked as a 10-year-old…

Did the Lead Singer of Kiss, Stanley Eisen sing what I thought I heard sung?

“I’m sorry to have taken so long
It must have been a BITCH while I was gone
You mind if I sit down for a while
You’ll reacquaint yourself with my style”

Whoah! Did I hear the word “Bitch”. Think about it for a second. I’m 10 years old snot still dripping from my nose and I see these 4 dudes in Makeup on a KISS album called The Originals at my pal John Youngs(MIA) place and these guys KISS not only look Hellish but there cussing even if it’s one word!

Speaking of John Young. His older sister had this greatest hits album by a band called Nazareth and a tune called Hair of The Dog where lead singer Dan McCafferty  growls in his Scottish accent…

“Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch
Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch”

HA…Nazareth get there point across where the line Son of A Bitch is sung 30 times on the track! KISS you have been dethroned by these 4 Scot’s …..

It’s funny as about 10 years later Guns N Roses hit the pot of gold with Appetite For Destruction album and it’s basically an anti everything record. In it though Axl Rose drops F bomb after F continually and basically goes to show you how far the F bomb had come.

Course I was 20 when Appetite was released so I wasn’t fazed but kinda funny as my younger brother Todd was getting into music in 1987 at the age of 10.(Just as I was as a 10 yr old discovering KISS) Appetite was his album and what not. My parents were always cool with this music being played in the house. I mean we weren’t burning down churches/robbing bank/drug dealing…well it would have been fun to have hoped on the NightTrain…

Sure there are other forms of music that Cuss/Cuss/Cuss like Rap and what not but I can’t really speak about that stuff but if someone is reading this feel free to angle another spin on it….

The most clever ever Cuss on an album hands down comes from Aerosmith on the all time greatest live album ever titled  Live Bootleg!

Dream On (recorded in Louisville Kentucky 1977)of all tracks! Yup the ballad of Aero! The song that shot them into mega stardom and with the ever clever Steven Tyler at the mic Steven sings the Cuss word so quick….I’m not telling you what it is ..listen to the vid posted

Check it out at exactly the 2 Minute 8 second Mark!

Sometimes less is more and Steve-o is the Champ at  Cussing Slyness!


AXL N Zellers!

Goofball post is now in effect!

Must have been back in  the spring of 1988. As per our weekly rock protocol. Myself and Tbone would hit all the local record stores and check out new releases that had come out.

Our last stop was our local shopping mall Intercity which basically had two record stores that sold the most expensive CD’s/Cassettes in town and that was Music City and A&A Records. Those were our last two stops as we never expected much at these two stores. Included in the Mall were the two huge chains across Canada at the time Zellers  and Sears with each store at opposite ends of the mall. Very seldom would we venture into these stores music sections as they were to put it bluntly “Shitty”.

Now having said that Tbone if you recall scored a bunch of Van Halen cassettes  at Sears and peeled off the cheapie cassette tape prices that were  on the crap tapes and put them on the Halen tapes.For your reading pleasure here posted below is the link!

The Tape Remains The Same: (Circa 1984)

Anyways. This one trip we find ourselves in Zellers sifting through there ridiculous priced Cassette and CD’s. As I was browsing through the cassette tapes one tape jumped out at me.

Project Driver a band that I had read about in Guitar World that featured hot-shot guitarist Tony MacAlpine. Singer Rob Rock and the dynamic rhythm section of Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge.

I called Tbone over told him this is a “Score” and we needed to get these as I had not seen Project Driver anywhere in Thunder Bay and here are two copies in Zellers of all friggin places! Yup we paid through the nostrils for this tape. I think at least $12.98 or maybe a buck or two more. (Too make a long story short we were hosed on Project  Driver as it was a ton of shredding and the production sounded sterile. I can’t even remember the songs or anything. I take full responsibility for this purchase and I dragged Tbone down with me!)

So as were just about to leave I noticed off in the far corner of the Zeller’s a Jukebox! Whut? Yep you got a jukebox filled with 45 rpm single records. Singles by George Micheal/INXS/Steve Winwood/Belinda Carlisle and others. Must have been a at least 100 45’s in their….

Now Jukebox’s in the late 80s well in Tbay anyways were few and far between. But here we are  and Zellers has one in there crapola music section so as I scour over what 45’s there are well looky looky…..

Sitting amidst all the 80s commercial slop is Guns N Roses with their current single Sweet Child Of Mine.  Better yet on the flip side was a live version of It’s So Easy. 

The first thought that pops into my brain is JACKPOT! I quickly dug into my pocket for  change and dumped it  into the Jukebox and selected It’s So Easy.

I was hoping for one thing and that was volume. Couldn’t find it anywhere on the outside of the jukebox so I was hoping we could hear it….

We stood around and you could hear something ….

First some crowd noise  and then well here comes Duff McKagan with that classic opening  bass lick and were off to the races folks! It’s loud and you could hear it  well within 100 feet or so.

We howled as we couldn’t wait til Axl Rose comes off the rails at the end of the song with a tirade of F Bombs. Sure enough as Axl rained down a bunch of F-Bombs we howled with delight as it was loud and here we are in crappy music section in a crappy store!

Hey Mr Zellers! That day back in 1988 we gave your store some street cred!

About a week or two later me and Tbone returned to the scene of the crime and the Jukebox was still there! ‘Shall I cue up Gunners again Tbone?”

Tbone nodded “Affirmative!”

Only problem was someone yanked the Gunners 45 from the Jukebox! Gone…Just like that….. It’s So Easy…

RUNN D.T.J( 1986/87)

Christmas Time 1986 and the Aerosmith/Run DMC Walk This Way  song (mashup) was everywhere and was a huge hit. Like a couple of highschool knuckleheads myself and Tbone thought for the Highschool Christmas Assembly that year  wouldn’t it be a hoot to take the  stage at our Highschool and play this tune live as a rap/rock act!

Along with our pal Jack Loaf we went about hatching our fun scheme of actually putting this together. Why not we were all graduating Seniors that year and who gives a rat ass. Let’s do this!

So we basically became RUNN D.T.J (Deke/Tbone/Jack)

We were lucky that we knew fella’s that could actually play instruments so we knew the live music portion would be taken care of. It was just up to the three of us (Myself/Tbone and Jack Loaf) to pull our shit together.

So we approached the  rocker guys at school who could actually play  (Foles/Hoggie/John Young) if they would be willing to do it. They agreed so we hooked up at Hoggie’s basement which was a jam shack and after we studied the lyrics to Walk This Way it was go time…Rehearsal that is…

Once Fole’s kicked off that opening drum beat of Walk This Way followed by John on guitar and Hoggie on Bass it was our time and as soon as Tbone and Jack launched into the opening verse it was about 20 seconds later that song came to an abrupt halt!

Due to…Laughter,lot’s of it! Foles/Hoogie and John roared with laughter whereas we stood dumbfounded as we never heard our voices coming through a live mic….

I think it was Hoggie who in his laid back style said something to the effect of “Fuckin Hilarious!” so off we continued every couple of days practicing our one tune for the Assembly!

We were allowed 10 minutes at the assembly so it was only fair that since we actually had a live band laying down the sonic assault of Walk This Way as a favour to us that we would let the other guys play the remaining 5 minutes to there liking a song of their choice. This way it gave us a chance to get out of dodge asap in case….

Chapter 1: Christmas Assembly….

So now its time ..we get introduced and were off and  running  and the boys musically are on cue and here we go….

It was superb it went splendid. Everyone loved it People were hooting and hollering at us. Just like that it was over for the 3 of us whereas the real musicians in our band could play out the remaining 5 or so  minutes of the song of their choice..

What would that be…How about one of the best Christmas Songs ever!!!???

Cocaine by Eric Clapton was performed musically by the three fella’s. Cocaine is white meaning snow. It’s December in Thunder Bay…hahahaha… of the funniest things I  remember still to this day.  Man I howled as Cocaine was echoing through the halls of Lakeview at a Christmas Assembly!

Chapter 2: Flirting With Disaster….(perhaps not a good idea!)

So come spring time 1987 some one on Students Council approached me about us doing it again. I was totally for it and so was everyone else. The only thing is they wanted us to do about an hours worth of music?


So we hunkered down and decided to do Walk This Way/Fight For Your Right To Party/Smokin In The Boys Room. We also did our spin of No Sleep Til Brooklyn and Tbone changed all the lyrics and titled it No Sleep To Lakeview. We howled! We were on top of the world.

We jammed a few times and we had it together or so we thought. Tbone drew up the poster that you see posted and we littered Thunder Bay with our ads of the upcoming show! ( Heard through the Grapevine that our ad ended up in the ladies washrooms at a few of the high schools!)

Come show time we told the organizers that we would do our thing for about 15 minutes and the other dudes in the band could fill the other 45 minutes.


Tbone and Jack to get right into the DTJ vibe went all out. They got black shoe polish( applied the shoe polish onto their faces) and decked themselves out as basically DMC. Jean Jackets/TurtleNecks/Hats and sneakers with no laces as well. They went hardcore! They looked brilliant!

My Mom stitched me some cool pants with stripes on one side and denim on the other. Tbone even if you look closely on the drawing drew our wardrobe right down to the very detail.

The school dance was pretty full. The boys in the band opened with Wipe Out than it was our turn and  we launched into Walk This Way. Things felt off on stage. The mic’s were cutting out. Jack Loaf was missing his vocal lines and all you could hear was him muffling jabber into his mic.  Musically it was solid. Our vocal performance was sub par. We limped and got through our tunes. It was a struggle.

After the raucous celebration just 4 months earlier here we are 4 months later and basically onboard  the Hindenburg about to go up in smoke. Andy Warhol once said something about “15 minutes of fame” We took our 15 minutes and disintegrated it into one big train wreck before the dance  beach crowd!

DTJ was finished. The Hide Your Sheep Tour after one date was cancelled. Debacle comes to mind!

We should have went out as Champs. Instead we went out as Chumps! Ha!

Life Lesson Learned! Still a ton of fun looking back at it now. Speaking of which….

Chapter 3: Time Stand Still

So just the other day Jack found the ad from 30 years ago and we both howled and I told Jack I could hardly wait to post this Tbone drawn pic on FaceCrack as I still love to rattle Tbone’s chain now and then…

Chapter 4: Tbone has the final say…

Tbone quipped on FaceCrack that hopefully “No audio evidence exists!”




So What If Steve Harris borrowed from Beckett

Well Folks….
We all know about Steve Harris getting sued for swiping a few lines from another song decades back. Well my good Blog Friend “Destroyer Of Harmony” writes excellent and he tackled this subject and lo and behold one of the fella’s suing Harris/Maiden comments.
Read on!


A friend of mine said it’s fake news, but, seriously, so what if Steve Harris was influenced by the band “Beckett”. So what if Steve Harris borrowed from the band “Beckett”. Trust me when I say this, there is no way that “Beckett” and their song writers created their songs in a vacuum, free from any texts and music that could have influenced them. So as much as Harris borrowed from “Beckett”, the band “Beckett” also owes its dues to the people they borrowed from.

But this isn’t an issue with the Beckett songwriters.

For whatever reasons, Steve Harris made a deal settlement with “Robert Barton” and “Brian Ingham” from the band “Beckett” over the song “Life’s Shadow” and how six lyrical lines were referenced in “Hallowed Be Thy Name”.

The current issue is with a retired rock band manager called Barry McKay, who is taking Steve Harris and Dave…

View original post 431 more words

Birch Trees & V.I.P!

Hey Folk’s! I’m going to be taking a bit of a Blogcation! Need to do some recharging and just some chill is needed as well! Fret not though I will be back in a few weeks and just to get the hype machine pumping I will be doing a few double posts of a couple of albums with a fellow blogger when I return!  Who knows I may redo or well clean up a few posts from a ways back and repost em….dunno, kinda like a Greatest Hits Blog Post! Watch yer inbox….

Dateline…..July 2013!

Ok so the price of  the three-day   Thunder Bay Blues Festival ran for two VIP packages about $330 bucks  back in 2013 when myself and my wife Suzi decided to go all three days!

Some of the acts over three days were Great Big Sea/Collective Soul/Kim Mitchell/Steepwater Band/Los Lobos/Los Lonely Boys/Family Stone and the band of the weekend that wins coolest name Too Slim & The Taildraggers.

Nothing wrong with the lineup that’s for sure as on my bucket list I always wanted to see Los Lobos and here they be… Now I am no where the big Lobos fan but these dudes have been around for a ton of years so they deserve respect and Steve Berlin produced a couple of Tragically Hip albums so there’s the CanCon…..

The Lineup was fine but it’s everything else that is associated with this Festival is wrong. Is it all fixed? Who knows as I haven’t attended since 2013 but this year I’m giving it  another GO so I will report back…well I’m not doing the VIP Package that’s for sure!

Let’s break this down into a few parts… Here’s what was promised from their page….

Limited Quantaties available! VIP Packages include: VIP Laminate pass with schedule and lanyard, Access to VIP Tent Complimentary Snacks, Food Vendor located right inside the VIP Area, Private Washroom Area, Private Bar. *

By the way my spelling is atrocious  on this site but I love the fact that they can’t spell Quantities and there an actual  professional website!

Yeah all that is true but it’s kinda funny as this was the 12th year running for this Festival(back in 2013) so everything should flow.

Lets start with the Friday Night shall we?

I basically rushed home after work that day as the Festival was starting at 5pm. The organisers did allow us since we bought a weekend pass to ride the Transit System Free which is a great idea so we could drink some Adult Pops.

So by the time we arrived we shot right into the VIP area which was fenced off at which time we decided to find a spot to sit! In the VIP area was two Huge ass Birch trees obstructing the view to the stage. For the record these Birch Trees would become pretty good company as the weekend rolled on…

The pic posted above is the stage that the Blues Festival is used! Low to the ground is my issue with this stage. On the left side of the picture those are indeed the Birch Trees that I got fairly acquainted with back in 2013 and Yup,the trees  are still there!

Since it was nice out on the Friday. Suzi and moi decided to watch he show from the front of the stage. Back in 2013 the VIP section was on the left side of the stage. Anyhoo we watched this band from Chicago called The Steepwater Band which basically blew off Headliners Collective Soul by a mile. Collective Soul phoned it in.

At 11pm show was over and we hoped the Transit Home….

DAY 2/Saturday….

Rain or should I say a ton of it was in the forecast for this day and the Weather Gods delivered upon their promise as by the time Los Lonely boys played it was a crazy steady downpour and the field became a huge muck pit. We hunkered down in the VIP tent so we were dry our feet were soaked but no biggie its July for Gods sake! By the time the  headliners Los Lobos hit the stage it was a straight downpour of rain as many in the general audience had split as getting pounded with rain for 3 straight hours at that point can wear on ya….Lobos were cool to see and even local boy Paul Schaffer jammed with them at the beginning of the show…

DAY 3/Sunday…

Rain was still in the forecast and here’s where my bitchin soars, So we get there and well Hello again Birch Trees. For this day we decided to make a straight go of it in the VIP section. Here’s my list of squabbles…

1- The volunteers were hung out to dry as there was no snacks! None! The story I was given was the Chip Truck no showed. This was brutal how the Organizers handled this as they weren’t around and the snacks were just little chip bags….Joke!

2- The Birch Tree blocked our view all weekend. It was a running joke between me and Suzi. Now your may be thinking to yourself “Deke’s why didn’t you just move !” Sure I could but out of respect to people already there I would block there view….

3- We were in the VIP when a bunch of hot meals showed up and someone asked “Is this for the VIPs?” Nope came the reply it’s for the Local business that was the main sponsor!” Wrong on all accounts… Do the greasing of the palms somewhere else!

4-Obstructed Stage View! Ok,so we pay for the VIP and not only are the birch trees blocking my view but now there’s stage gear as well blocking it. Put it this way. When Kim Mitchell was playing if I moved my chair to the left I could see Kim but not see the drummer. If I moved to the right I could see the drummer but not Kim! Make sense? But if I was out in front I could see the whole band but I’m in the Fuckin VIP and I can only see half the show…EPIC FAIL! By the way Kim’s voice was shot and he did not sing anything as Bassist Peter Fredette sang all the songs as Akimbo wailed on his 6 string…

Fast Forward to 2014 and when the Tix go on sale I send an email to the Organizers and one fellow who shall go nameless responded and man I wish I would have kept them as he blew so much smoke up my ass it made me cough!

All those points above that  I had mentioned how disappointed I was in how they handled the VIP…

Here’s what MR Nameless told me…along with my responses in about 4 or 5 emails that were sent between us…

1-They had no idea they ran out of chips(yeah ok!) and that would not be an issue moving forward.

2-The city cemented the stage(which it is) and basically the Birch Trees are staying. HAHAHA….

3- Hot Meals were indeed provided for the sponsors which I retorted with a do it somewhere else. No need to flaunt in front of everyone. Do it somewhere else on site! Do your schmoozing elsewhere!

4- Mr Nameless also told me that it was the bands that played that had more gear added and blah blah blah…Ok Pal….Figure this stuff out beforehand!

5-THIS FOLKS IS MY FAVOURITE ONE….I asked how come VIP seats usually mean at the front of the stage not on the side? I told him he should loosen his tie along with the other stooges and take a drive down to the States and see how a real VIP Section is run!

Mr Nameless totally ignored that last sentence but he did tell me that “People prefer to show up early wait in line and get the best seat possible!”

This has to be the dumbest comment I had ever read or heard..seriously show up 4 hours early when you have VIP and wait with everyone?? Not happening I’ll take my chances with the Birch Tree thanks….

6-Told me that since I’m a music fan that I would probably enjoy the show out in the General Audience. In other words he was politely telling me to Fuck Off! HAHAHAHA….

So this year I’m going back for the first time since 2013! I really don’t want to but I like the acts this year like Kim Mitchell/Big Sugar/Sam Roberts/Alan Doyle/BNL/Randy Bachman.

I’m going with an open mind and I may ask a few people who did pay for the VIP is it worth it? Investigative Reporting here friends!

I know with this show being down by the Waterfront it draws huge business to the local bars/pubs and clubs like Frank who owns/operates Crocks! (see Frank another plug for ya!)



Good luck to those this year that are paying for it!

Technically the Organisers of this event are having the last laugh as I’m handing over $ to go and see this festival. Even when we went to get my tickets Suzi Q said “Are you still sure you want to do this?!” Haha…

The real organised cool run Fort Fest is a no go which is a shame as The Cult/Tom Keifer and others were a real score for this town last year. Fort Fest is run like a professional Show! Great view/Cheap Tickets/Cheap Beers/Ton of Shitters and a Huge Bar! Fort Fest is the reason I hadn’t gone to any Blues Fest’s in this town but now I’m Left with no choice! Fort Fest will be missed and I’ve had a few of my Readers here in TBay ask me about Fort Fest….

I did hear that the VIP at Bluesfest has fenced off seating in the front of the stage now….HAHAHAHA……

I shall report with followup Post!

Stay Tuned!


Todd & dEKe’S Boneyard…

So a few weeks back along with my Brother Todd we headed down to the States to catch Iron Maiden!

To get to Minneapolis from Tbay is approx 6 hours by vehicle. When Mr 1537 (who lives in England) asked me how far of a drive it was and I answered 6 hours(no biggie I said) Mr 1537 laughed( at the no biggie comment) as he said he could drive across his little island in that time.

Our Listening music on the way down to see Maiden was well….Maiden!

Book of Souls/Live Envivo/Live After Death were all played on the drive down! Basically 3 full double albums were played to reach our destination!

On the drive back home to Thunder Bay the next morning  it was time for Sirius Satellite Radio. After Todd got his morning fix of the NFL station. After a few minutes he dialled up Ozzy’s Boneyard which had a Fathers Day Special in which the Host played Rock Tracks by Rocker Dads like Ozzy/Tommy Lee/ Dave Mustaine/Bruce Dickinson/Gene Simmons. Basically the Host would talk about the Rock Dad’s and then play a tune by them.

When Megadeth was played Todd mentioned how Deth’s Rust In Peace impacted him as a 13-year-old learning guitar  back in 1990. I replied with how it was with Countdown To Extinction that I really gravitated more to. Todd said maybe it was time for me to have  a revisit with Rust In Peace.

I laughed when the Host (can’t remember her name) talked about AC/DC’s Brian Johnson being a father so up next was an AC/DC track and they played Shot Down In Flames. 

Umm Ding Dong, Brian Johnson was not in AC/DC at this time as the singer! The late great Bon Scott sang Shot Down In Flames! Yeah I’m being picky but c’mon man do your homework!

After a while Todd put on Hair Nation and here’s Ratt (Lovin You’s A Dirty Job) Def Leppard(Photograph) Skid Row (I Remember You/Gah!) But it was two tracks well maybe three tracks that brought out some chatter between us.

Conversation went like this….

Motley Crue/Jailhouse Rock(Live)

Deke- “Man! I can’t believe how much of a dumb ass I was back in 1987!”

Todd- (laughs)-” Why?”

Deke-” I actually liked this back than. But let’s just cut another studio track, Slap a live audience on it and drag this end of the album tune out by 5 minutes….! Fuckin Sixx!”

Dokken/Breaking The Chains(song)

Todd-” George Lynch was a real great guitar player back than” What are they doing now? Lynch Mob?”

Deke- “Yeah that and a bunch of guitar clinics and a Dokken reunion last year where Don looked and sounded shot!”

Todd-” No Way!!?”

Deke-” One of the few bands that did not stick out a dud album in the 80’s but man George looked like a friggin banana on that Tooth and Nail Tour when half his hair was blonde and the other half was black!”

Poison/Look What The Cat Dragged In…

Exactly at the 48 second mark of the song Look What The Cat Dragged In, Lead Singer Bret Micheal’s finishes the chorus where he sings the line  “Look What The Cat Dragged IN…RRRRRRRAAAR!

Deke and Todd- HAHAHAHAHAHA(For about 15 seconds after) as Micheals sings the second verse were still mocking the RRRRRRRRRAAAR part like a couple of teenage boys yet here is my bro who just turned 40 and myself who will be hitting 50 and  30 years after this albums release I finally hear the RRRRRRRRAAAR part? That is even funnier….Must have been Poisoned listening to this album back than. Yeah That’s it….

Here’s the video posted so you can hear it for yourself…

Todd likes to try and  stump me and he did on this next one. I should have waited til the chorus but I wanted to look cool and look like a Banger know it all but instead I was tagged out at the plate. The song you ask? Black N Blue/Miss Mystery.  Of course which leads to me explaining how Bruce Fairbairn got the Jovi Producers hat after hearing this Black N Blue album. Basically I was trying to save face which leads too…

Bon Jovi/In And Out Of Love

Deke-” Wish Jon would play this tune now especially when he sings the  “Bring your Girlfriend/Bring your Mom line” hahaha

Another track came on after the Jovi and this lead singer just wailed with a screech so bad, so annoying that Todd was trying to set me up with another strike out or stump the Deke as if you were…but I wasn’t biting…

Todd-” Hahahaha…this is brutal who are these guys?”

Deke-“Have no idea? This guy sounds like Tom Keifer all snapped up and inhaling helium….”

The band- Britny Fox. The song-Long Way To Love.

I did tell Todd that these guys went Gold on this album back in 1989. Than again everything went Gold back than as Record Companies were signing anything Hair Metal like good or bad and in this case Bad!

There ya have it ….It was a great way to kill some time and have a few laughs…..




Rockin Roberts/BMellis and Deke’s rocking out to Tom Keifer!

Hey Friends ….

Once again thanks to YOU the readers of this Blog who continually show up/read/comment around these parts and enjoy my Scribbles of Rawk!

Some Rando Info …Up to this point I have reviewed 452 albums/books/live shows…

I had a couple of guests as well to add to the total which were Tbone with a Hip and Van Halen review and my sister who reviewed Def Leppard recently! Tbone and Kristin did a fantastic job!

A total of 455 Posts and over 27,000 views in three years along with 8,525 comments!  Holy Crap! Thanks everyone!

I thought it would be cool to show u the Most Viewed Blogs from June 24th  2016 to June 24th 2017 (that’s when this Post was typed)…

dEke’s Top 10 Most Viewed Rambling’s are….

1-Sebastian Bach/18 & LIfe On Skid Row- Yup Ladies and Gents in the past year a Book takes the top spot. Mikey Ladano posted my review on his Twitter page in which Baz seen and retweeted it to his Twitter and posted it to his Facebook Page. Thanks Mikey….and just goes to show you  that people are watching what you post even coming from a  rock schmuck sitting at his computer in Tbay!

2-Toque-Is the all star Canuck only group featuring Todd Kerns/Cory Churko and Brent Fitz who released a fun Canuck only cover album featuring a bunch of cool cover tunes with an updated sound! Thanks to Cory who posted my review on the Toque Facebook homepage!

3-Stephen Pearcy/Smash-  Stevie-o totally stepped up on this album and kicked out the jams in superb 80’s sleazeball rock that totally blew me away. Blown away that Stephen plastered my review on his Twitter and Facebook page and sent me a thanks via messenger!

4-Rock The Fort Day 2/The Cult/Cinderfella…- This was the ass kicking festival that showed up in Tbay and was a two day affair with Day2 headlined by Wolfchild and Duffy who basically ruled the weekend with there performance(check out current release Hidden City folk’s) Must also mention that Tommy Keifer showed up and played a wicked set of Cinderella tunes and solo stuff. Ol Tommy almost stole the weekend….Trews/Helix and Doucette also played this day as well! Great day of Live Rock!

5-Helix/Wild In The Streets-This review was written a few years back and Helix bassist Daryl Gray  graciously posted my review at the time. Daryl a few months ago reposted it via his memories on Facebook and this review picked up a bunch of steam again. Why not! Its a great album and ‘Whacha Bringing To The Party?”

6-Age of Electric/Live at Crocks,April 7th 2017- AOE showed up played Tbay and blew myself and Tbone out of the water with an airtight show filled with a ton of cool tunes. Met the dudes afterwards and they signed my discs and were all cool to chat with.

7th (Tie)- Metal Heart/Aiming High With Accept- Author Martin Popoff wrote a wicked good read on Accept that is well worth the dough. I am by no means a huge Accept fan but Martin delved in a band that really wasn’t written about much even back in the day so it’s these kind of Rock Books that peak my interest level. Martin interviews all these Accept dudes so it’s not some bullshit read. Check out  Popoff’s site.

7th(Tie)-Age of Electric/The Pretty Ep-AOE comes in with there second Top 10 entry and for Todd Kerns it’s 2 Top Tens here with AOE along with Toque. Dude is everywhere. AOE after a ton of years had passed put out this little ass kicker of an EP that is worth your time friends. Do check out!

8-The Tragically Hip-Roxy & Elsewhere- A bunch of fellow writers decided to do a 200 word only review and I choose to do this great soundboard bootleg of The Hip that was recorded back in 1991! They are on fire on this release. Highway Girl and Killer Whale Tank are so good as singer Gord Downie is looped and in another time zone but is so good at telling stories with the Hips riding shotgun and blasting off a ton of riffs underneath! Pure Brilliance and Geoff Stephen would and will be proud to see this entry of his hometown homey’s!

9-KISS Rocks Vegas- Is the audio portion from KISS’s Vegas performance that Mikey Ladano sent me! (Thanks Mikey) How could KISS not crack the Top 10.  These old Geezers are a part of my Musical DNA so to speak and say what you will. Whether you like em or hate em Kiss are a great discussion …..

10-Swords And Tequila/Riots Classic First Decade-Martin Popoff scores a second book here in the Top 10 and Riot is a band I love that stuck out great albums but for some reason never lifted off. Martin did his homework here, Tons of interviews/pics/the real story of which took me right back to over 3 decades ago.  Riot had even less written about them than Accept! Martin fixed that problem and wrote what I feel is one of his best written works!

Well,there you have it. Kinda wild that 3 books cracked the Top 10! Some Cancon is included withThe Hip, AOE,Helix & Toque.  Kinda of a neat mix really….

Thanks for reading….