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Alice Cooper: Poison(Live 2018)


The week of August 27th -31st is shaping up quite nicely Thank You and that’s in thanks to Alice Cooper who is not only rolling into Thunder Bay and playing a show here on August 29th(My Brother Todd scored us Tickets!) but as well on the 31st Coop  is releasing a Double Live album titled A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris”.


Once again  my Character Flaw took hold of me as iTunes has the album on preorder with two tracks dropping straight onto my iPod right away!

Those two tracks are “Ballad of Dwight Fry” and “Poison”

Upon first listen these two tracks sound LIVE! The audio sounds like it was left alone and the  the mix doesn’t sound polished. The Backing Vocals/Music as well sound Live…

I’m thinking  not too  much  studio trickery  went on with the album.

Check it out as I posted the  Poison track (audio) at the top of the page!


Thunder Bay BluesFest 2018! (The AfterMath)

Ah yes the yearly held in July  Thunder Bay Bluesfest has come and gone.  Other than hearing some things from my friends at work about it ( I heard it was quite good actually) as well I’m sure the two local “SUITS” that put it on are still patting themselves on the back and counting the dough and whatnot!

Good on you’s….

Speaking of work. Two pals of mine Matty and Deaner (no that’s not the name of a law firm!) got me copies of the “Letters To The Editor” in which there seems to be two different views on what you can and can’t do at these annual BluesFest.

(You need to click open the Pics to read parts of the letter…but you already knew that right?)

Once I read both of these fella’s remarks and comments I said to Deaner ” I think I got something to blog about!” Two different views of the festival but both are in agreement on one thing..

Keep reading..

In this Corner:

Letter Numero Uno…

Some fella drove up from Southern Ontario and well he was a little bummed out about the crowd …

Basically the letter goes on about trying to move about and standing and having a good time at a rock show but people who choose to sit in there chairs get annoyed when people stand! There was also another letter posted about the same thing. Typical Thunder Bay crowd. Some like to Rock. Others like to Mope! I get it as your pumped up to see your act but ol Johnny Numbnuts who is perhaps all boozed up sitting behind you cannot get up and perhaps just wants to watch the show from the comfy confines of his recently purchased  $9.99 Lawnchair that he just picked up  at Walmart on the way to The Bluesfest! In other words your blocking Numbnuts view to the stage!

I will go on record and say that the comment of Crocheting  during Big Wrecks set was Brilliant! Bahaha….That is the best line in both these letters. Now would be a good time to cue up Weezer’s ‘Sweater Song”

Who Knows. Course with this comes the rebuttal letter a day or two letter….

In This Corner:

Letter Numero Deuce….

Now Letter #2 basically goes on about you paid for the ticket and you can choose to do what you wanna do. Fair enough. What both these letters agree upon is that BigWreck was not very good considering they were second on the bill just underneath headliner Melissa Etheridge. 

Too be fair BigWreck were one of the bands that I would have chosen to go and see but man sounds like they were not into it whatsoever considering they had a crowd of about 8,000 looking on.

This kind of behaviour by a band just Sucks. Yeah I get it Ian Thornley. Maybe you are burnt out playing The Oaf maybe That Song is not That Song to you anymore, Who knows. You are a professional ‘SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP’.

Good Show/Bad Show either way you’re getting PAID!


I see points in both letters. Both are music fans. When I first read Letter #2 I thought perhaps this chap was in the back pocket of the ‘SUITS’ from BluesFest but after a rereading it I don’t think this is the case. If it is! Well Played!

See the problem is where BluesFest is held every year which is down at our Harbourfront which is on Flat Land.

Yup,Flatter than a Pancake. So if you stand anywhere you are blocking the view to the stage. That’s the culprit. Too bad there wasn’t a hill where the stage was placed at the bottom of the hill. The Organizers I’m sure do not care as this Festival has been in the same spot since its inception which is I think over 15 years now. Also from what I heard the VIP is still kinda well……

Here’s one comment..

My only complaint is too many VIP tickets being sold. The price has gone way up and you cannot move in there. We lined up an hour and half before the gates opened to get a seat to see the bands. there were people sitting in the back by the bathrooms because it was so full. It’s not good to have that many people in such a small space. I miss the old days when you could actually walk around and get a drink or food. Many of my die hard bluesfest friends have stopped going for this reason. Please please set the limit of tickets lower. I’m sure you will still make a profit… my two cents

Is it me or did I just read that you had to lineup to get a good spot in the VIP section??  If so that’s goofy…That’s the purpose of the VIP I thought to avoid standing in line for an hour and a half.

Good to know the ‘SUITS” are still outta touch with reality!

But the Birch Trees aren’t blocking the stage view anymore or so I’m lead to believe! So there’s a Plus!

People are allowed there Freedom of Speech so if anything these Two Letters gave me some value once again to spout off at the “SUITS”!

‘Sucker In A Three Piece’



BUMF**K Town

So since Former Black Crowes Guitarist Rich Robinson is playing Tbay this weekend as part of the Blues Festival Lineup with his new act  The MagPie Salute. Let’s take a moment and read what good ol Rich had to say about Thunder Bay back in  1993…

Vox Interview

  July 1993
  Vox Interview

    Submitted by:
	Chris Henne

 "You take a bumfuck town in America or Canada versus a small town in
Europe, and there will always be a lot more going on in Europe,"
declares Rich Robinson, The Black Crowes' guitarist. "I mean, take a
look at this place. It's insane!" The Black Crowes have just spent
two days in Thunder Bay, a small, culturally-bereft town in Canada's
Mid- West, where the winter ice has yet to melt into spring, and
local action is restricted to one decent bar, a bowling alley, a few
coffee shops and a very occasional visit from a rock band. The
emphasis is definitely on 'occasional', as singer Chris Robinson, his
actress girlfriend, Lala, and bassist Johnny Colt discover when they
decide to spend an evening at the cinema. The promised 'Movie
Theatre' turns out to be a tiny room with a screen not much bigger
than a TV. set and, not  surprisingly, the gathered crowd find Chris
(garbed in his usual brand of '60s and '70s rock chic), Lala (tall,
blonde and definitely NOT from the Mid- West) and Johnny (dark
and foreboding beneath his trademark Stetson) much more interesting
than the advertised feature. Unable to ignore the burning stares, the
trio exchange horrified glances, then turn and flee. The following
night, in front of 3,000 kids in the town's Fort William Gardens,
Chris Robinson serves up the kind of remedy he's prescribed to the
citizens of Bumfuckvilles the world over. "We've got this thing we
wanna give you," he roars. "We like to call it a musical lubricant--
y'know, so you can ease yourself on into the evening. That's what
this is man, a piece of music that represents a lubricant. I hope you
dig it!"

Back to you deKe's.....

HAHAHA...I'm thinking that Richie Rich won't remember that quote or that interview for that matter but man when I stumbled upon Rich's comments  a few years ago online I laughed hysterically at him calling this place a BumF**K Town.
 To be fair we are located in the middle of nowhere and I will give the Crowes props as when they did show up here back in April of 93 they were selling a boatload of albums as the only time  artists play here is long after there heyday had passed! As well as our local Money Grubbing Auditorium (where the acts play) charge ridiculous amounts of dough..

Case in point John Mellencamp is playing the Auditorium this upcoming October and here's the ticket prices...
Here comes Johnny
Bam that is some serious dough! Basically the front row is $349.
This upcoming August me and my brother are going to Alice Cooper and they charging $135 for a ticket and that’s for the front row!  Way better deal to see the Coop!
Never been front row ever before! Closest was 10th row for Poison back in 1991 and 7th Row for Van Halen also in 91! That changes when Coop hits Tbay!
By the looks of how the tickets are moving  people have paid this kind of coin to go and  see Mellencamp! Good on ya’s if you got a ticket!
Anyways I went off topic but back to good ol Rich! I wonder what his feelings will be when he gets off the stage this upcoming Saturday Night. I betcha he calls his accountant to make sure his ‘Fee” is deposited into his bank account!
Don’t fret Rich I’m sure you will be paid in U.S Currency and you’re welcome by the way from all the Music Fans that live in BumF**K Town but I won’t be one of em!
Me and the Boss have decided to pass on Bluesfest this year and I’m quite fine(price spike in tickets and some of the acts that I have zero interest in have resulted in us not going) with it as it gets real nauseous when we went last year all the ‘SUITS’ (Festival Organizers)did was pat themselves on the back for all these attendance records that were broken every time they went to introduce the next act!
P.S-  Mr Robinson-you will not be getting my dough this year but I will say that those first two Crowes albums are mighty good…
So I forgive ya Rich!
By the way the Writer(Chris Henne) of this article kinda dropped the ball with the One Bowling Alley comment( We had 3 Bowling Alleys back in 1993! Do your homework  Pal. HAHA!)


Dr Zuess’s Green Eggs & Ham Experience! (1994)

Came across an old Thunder Bay Compilation CD of various artists from 1994 entitled Hot Smoke & Sassafras that featured a bunch of local acts on it. Acts that were plying there trade in the local bars at the time.

Except for….

Me and Tbone were at a local show at the time  and one of the fella’s that put this comp together was selling it. So to support local acts we each bought a copy as we were both intrigued by the name of the one-act that was calling themselves Dr Zuess’s Green Eggs & Ham Experience. Never heard of this act….before or after for that matter!

The Liner Notes credited them as….

Dr Zuess- Lead Screamer.

Cat In The Hat-Backing Screamer/Producer

Ed Jr- Guitar

BassGOD-Bass and Drum Machine Programming!

The first video posted is PISS-MOAN-WHINE while the second tune is S.O.B… Piss Moan Whine is a 45 second rant while S.O.B is a 4 minute rant!

Check em out for a laugh….What a bunch of Goof’s! Actually some one posted the whole compilation on Youtube…

Thunder Bay Rawk Circa 94!



Hey!! Wishing all my following WordPress and Email  Peeps here in in the Great White North a  Happy Canada Day! Yo to all my Guys and Gal friends from all the other parts of the world enjoy this clip! Crank it!

Tune selection is from  one of my all time fave Canadian Quartets and that would be the brilliant Coney Hatch!

The live vid I’m posting is from a few years ago and is from the debut self titled Coney Hatch album from 1982! The track is Hey Operator which features all the trimmings of Coney I dig especially that driving Bass Line by the one and only Andy Curran! Hey Operator was also covered by Aldo Nova another Can Con Artist!

Speaking of Coney they will be opening for Steve Harris and British Lion in a couple of months in Southern Ontario and Quebec !

If Coney is in your  area check these guy’s out!

Wanted “Such’s” Or Alive!

So back in December 2017 I blogged about Alec John Such on whether he was going to show up to the recently announced at the time Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction.

I basically wrote how about Alec got the shaft from his employer (we all know who that is) and I wanted to shed a bit of light that Bon Jovi is not the same band  now  as it was back than!

Hey,I’m not the only one with the line of thinking. The law firm of HMO/Ladano and Associates agree with me as well!

Course Alec disappeared from sight but give the Man credit as he did indeed show up to the Hall induction which was good on him!

So much to my amazement a few weeks back a comment  for moderation came into my inbox and it was from Alec John Such.

Yup a simple comment of “He Did” meaning Alec did indeed show up…

Was it him actually checking out my post? Or is it just some smart ass messing around? Perhaps and kudos to ya…

I forwarded it to Mike and we figured out some stuff that maybe it was Mr Such! Not going to tell ya’s how we did our detective work but we put it at 90% that it was him!

So Alec if you come across my site again. How about giving me and my  readers out here in Blogsville The Interview? Hell I won’t even go down Jovi Avenue. Just more of where have of ya been and a welcome back!

Keep The Faith!

Below is the the thread from my original post…

The First Eight Albums That I Ever Purchased…..



A few days ago  blogging Pal Joe MR 1537)  and moi had a discussion  and we were talking about Queen albums and Joe mentioned that his first 6 albums that he ever purchased with his own money were Queen albums.

I thought that was awesome and Joe as well named off his Top 10 Queen albums which was wicked as well! ( I would have bumped up The Game a few spots myself on the  Top Queen album list but Joe’s List. Joe’s Rules)

Still Though it was a great conversation and it’s always fun to read and see  what other people have picked out when it comes to music!

Now this timeline I just kept from early 1979 to the end of 1979 (the year I began buying albums) So here it goes.

Feel free to comment about your First ever purchased album whether its 1 album or 100 doesn’t matter let’s have some fun folks!

The only album I can recall in order of my first ever purchased album  was from no surprise here folks…..

That’s right KISS has the distinction of being my first ever album purchase and that wasn’t even  in Canada but in the U.S.A. That honour would go to Mikey Ladano’s fav U.S City that being Duluth Minnesota! As some of you readers know growing  up my pal John Young first discovered KISS as he had The Originals. I was blown away I had to get KISS.I needed KISS and once in Duluth at Miller Hill Mall I spent my allowance on KISS ALIVE 2. Talk about impacting a 11 going  on 12-year-old at the time!

KISS delivered  a Double Album, Three Sides Live! Fourth Side Studio! Double Gatefold Sleeve! Booklet! Tattoos! Super Loud Crowd! Gene Simmons on the cover looking like some Kabuki Satanic Warrior with that blood like crap spewing from his bottom lip! I was sold and enlisted in the KISS Army!

The rest of these albums are not in any order of my purchase but they are what I owned in 1979!

New England and that would be no doubt reading in some Rock Mag in 1979 that Paul Stanley produced this band from Boston called New England. New England never achieved super stardom but in my own little world they kicked me in the ASS as these four Fella’s played with a huge style of their own! Loud Guitars/Cranked up Hammond/Great Lead and Backing Vocals all wrapped up in a tight little 40 minute  package…

While reading away feverishly in whatever Rock Magazine I could get a fix on I came across an article on a band from Rockford Illinois called Cheap Trick who were getting a ton of play and sales on a live album called Live at the Budokan. Course in the magazine there is a KISS connection and that would be that Cheap Trick opened a ton of shows for KISS. That was enough for me. Sold …. and amongst all these shrieking Japanese girls hollering for Drummer Bun E Carlos the Tricksters still packed a wallop but with finesse .Easy loveable catchy like songs delivered with a great rhythm yet sloppy lead guitarist named Rick Nielsen who was the main writer as well who had a lead singer named Robin Zander who could sing the headlines on the front page of your newspaper and make it sound cool! Rounding out the quartet is  Bassist Tom Petersson who looked cool. Played it cool and blew my mind at that young age that he only played 8 & 12 String Basses!!! Must also mention like KISS, Cheap Trick taught me about Gimmicks. Trick had their own  Gimmick with Two Cool Looking Guys and Two Dorks. They made it work!

KISS in 1979 was huge in my world. Even though looking back People were tiring of them and they were tiring of themselves! I had no idea so when KISS delivered their new studio album Dynasty I was all over it, Kiss could do no harm in my world! They still looked bad ass. No one knew what they looked like. The Lead Guitarist Ace Frehley realized he had a ton of talent and that  Gene and Paul were holding him back musically while Peter Criss from his disaster of a solo album was partying it up in 1979  like it was 1999 and only drummed on one track on Dynasty(Dirty Livin) Kiss was in shambles yet when they released this album it still delivered a hit between my eyes!

As you have read here a few times before KISS was my first ever Live Show in Duluth back in October of 1979. Support act was Judas Priest except they no showed! Still it didn’t matter as shortly after the KISS show I sauntered into our local Sam The Record Man and the there it was in the New Release Racks! Unleashed in the East! When I dropped my needle on the grooves of this album it blew my mind! I had never heard dudes do twin lead guitar solos before. Glenn Tipton/KK Downing just soar out of the gates at the beginning of Exciter and their riffage together and apart is so unbelievably tight! I never heard guitars played with such furiousity! Course you have a Lead Singer named Rob Halford who sings in all kinds of crazy octaves throughout and the pace is tighter than the running of the bulls and that’s thanks to Drummer Les Binks who plays the drums right on this (ahem) live release unlike later live Priest albums where Scott Travis overplay’s everything but still man….

So after KISS ALIVE 2 in the summer of 1979  out on a family trip somewhere in Southern Ontario I purchased KISS Double Platinum which is my first dabble with a Greatest Hits set! Since I didn’t own any other KISS than Alive 2 this was a no brainer plus KISS had all there classic tracks up till 1978 on it. 21 tracks in all. Actually the running order of the album featured some good stuff which a lot of it I had never heard before which was basically the material from the first three KISS studio records. Still have no idea what the deal was behind Strutter 78 but whatever KISS had to sell product so the Army would buy. Come to think of maybe Stanley should do a Strutter 18???! Speaking of which I looked at the tracks on Double Platinum and you know what? Out of the 1,776 different KISS Greatest Hits that are available to buy. I will go on record as saying that this is the best one….

The success of Cheap Tricks Budokan album got me all hyped for the new CT record and that would be the fantastic Dream Police album that proved to me that the Tricksters could deliver a studio album on par with a classic live album as a followup! Course Trick in the mid 80’s  for a period skidded right off the tracks but let’s not go there shall we??! Dream Police was chalked full of  lyrical quirkiness and a real slick sounding Hard Rock sound. Dream Police also used strings on a few tracks and it worked and it did not make me gag! Back in 79 the Dream Police were stuck inside my head!

And what would fall under the WHAT THE F**K WAS I THINKING  category would be the Gene Simmons 1978 solo album! Gene I guess you could say was my early go to guy in KISS. He looked ugly. Spat Fire. Spewed Blood. Wrote cool tunes like Ladies Room/Calling Dr Love/Christine 16 so when I had a chance to buy another KISS album I bought this when I could have bought another KISS studio album! Yeah bizarre huh? Egocentric was this album. 500 Guest musicians and a ton of name drops on the back of the album cover. Some cool rock tracks like Radioactive/See you in your Dreams some sap,like the cover of Wish You Upon A Star. Some bizarre stuff like Living in Sin in which during the song you hear a phone ring as  Cher works on giving The Demon a phoner boner. Some Horndog filler in Tunnel of Love.  Some would call this diversity.  Looking back on it. Mean Gene recorded an album of chaos that would come to my mind now.

Thanks for reading as I thought this was going to be a short snap shot of my early music dabbling so I appreciate it if you made it through my ramble!