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Van Halen by Derek: February 5 1981!

“I think of all the education that I missed
But then, my homework was never quite like this!”

I came across this piece of school work tucked away in a scrapbook of many concert reviews over the years! I wrote this back in  Februrary/1981 when I was in Grade 8!

Now, if you have been following this blog for any amount of time you all know how much of gamechanger of Van Halen’s Woman & Children First was in my world when I purchased it back in January/81!

Less than a month later I composed this quick little writeup which is hilarious as I had no idea how much partying VH did which I guess I should have picked up on especially since I cut and pasted that top picture of there rehearsal studio that looks like the ultimate party shack! Is that a great shot or what…!

So here it is in my own word’s a quick little history of Van Halen.



Seriously I think this is the best thing I have ever written!


Richie Faulkner

As many of you know Richie Faulkner replaced KK Downing in Judas Priest back in 2012!

It always sucks when original guys split in bands and are replaced. Lead Singers leaving is one thing but when it’s a guitar player perhaps it’s a little easier. I dunno as I’m not an Axe Slinger per se but I think that over time Priest did the right thing by giving Richie the gig!

I think it’s pretty apparent of the videos of Youtube and last years release Firepower that Faulkner had a huge hand in recording what I think was the best all round album I have heard from Priest since 1986’s Turbo release. So it says something about perhaps injecting some young blood into a band of grizzled metal veterans that gave the Priest Franchise a serious hard reboot!

I see Priest has started another go-round of touring in the U.S/Canada and I have to applaud  them huge that they have totally changed up the setlist including songs that they haven’t performed in years like Out in The Cold/Steeler/Tyrant/Starbreaker and perhaps my fav out of the bunch (Take These )Chains which is brilliant.

I think to have a young dude on the six-string had something to do with shaking things up in the Priest camp.

Nice to see these old Metal Gods shaking up the set list and not doing the same old same old as, well I’m not going there!


Record Store Day-2019


Record Store Day came and went! Me and my daughter Lexie headed down to our only Record Shop here in Thunder Bay which falls under Sunrise. A National Chain that gobbled up all the HMV Stores when that company tanked…

This morning fellow blogging pals John T Snow and the one an only HMO scored a double Cheap Trick Vinyl that looked real slick.

Too be honest I wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed as Sunrise’s Facebook Page didn’t even mention it but had a link from RSD 2018!

But we went anyways and when I got there was small section of stuff set up maybe about 20 release’s like Mumford and Sons(Gah) and three picture discs on the shelf  of Rush’s Hemisphere’s going for $45 Canadian each! No thanks I’ll pass…

Mikey Ladano  mentioned to me earlier today  about Glorious Sons having a double live album out. That intrigued me as I have been meaning to check em out for a while now and why not make my first real introduction to their music than it being a Double Live Album!

Only problem is the Glorious Sons Double Live was going for $60 Canadian.. umm I’ll pass…

I get it that’s the way it is..Limited edition’s are going to cost ya..

I mentioned to Lex that Sunrise should capitalize and lower the cost for one day the regular cost on their albums that have been sitting in there  bIns for days/weeks/months….

Nope not happening…

So after we left Sunrise we split and I went back to my familiar place for vinyl and spent my cash on Three Used Albums at Moon Money Vintage!

KISS-The Elder. Triumph-Thunder 7 and Hear N Aid!

Man, Hear N Aid I only ever bought on cassette tape back upon its release so …kinda psyched to get these added to the collection…

As I was paying for my scores I was talking to store owner Martha who after some small talk said  that the shop was thinking of doing a RSD but just ordering stuff for customers who they know won’t stiff them. As I was paying for my records I told Martha that I would rather support and pay a local business as opposed to a Chain…

If it’s gonna cost me for limited editions I would rather support Local Business…

Great idea! As I told her on the way out I would be totally up for that as the ‘Corporate Store’ doesn’t give a Shit!

Cheers for Local Business! Support em if you can!

Review: The Dirt (Biopic)


Hey Folk’s instead of everyone waiting around for my 2 cents on the Crue film why don’t I let my good bloggin pal Drew tell ya all about as I haven’t even watched it myself…
Click the link below Crueheads….

Update: I  just watched it.. (Saturday Afternoon…)

Drew's Reviews

There’s a scene in the show Seinfeld when Jerry convinces George to open up and let out all his emotions. The next scene shows Jerry slowly backing away from George in horror as he says “Good luck with all that.”

That’s how I felt a number of years ago after reading The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band the 2007 biography of exploits as written by the members of Motley Crue.

That tell-all has come to the small screen.

The biopic, just released (March 22) by Netflix, hardly provides the same effects but captures the essence of the book with all of its smutty sensationalism. The drugs (lots). The women (lots). The music. All of it. Even the reported scene when Ozzy Osbourne snorted ants poolside at a hotel while on tour.

Not all of it’s there, probably best, like that telephone. And a scene in a…

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Motley Crue: The Dirt Movie-Netflix


So Motley Crue is going straight to the steaming service Netflix next month (March 22nd) to unleash the much-anticipated film based upon their successful book  titled The Dirt which tells the tale of  all the shenanigans of Motley Crue over the past 3 Decades!

Just a few short days ago Motley released the trailer for the movie. I watched the trailer and was kinda amused as in some clips Mick Mars was always the Old Geezer in the band looks like the Youngest Guy  in the band! How are they going to address the Corabi years will be interesting for me as John‘s contributions have always been wiped from the Crue History books which is unfortunate.

Having said that…

What I look forward to is seeing the track listing of the  soundtrack with the 4 new crushing songs that the Crue recorded for The Dirt Soundtrack. “Crushing” is the word Nikki Sixx has described the new songs. Then of course one song features Machine Gun Kelly (who portrays Tommy Lee in the film) doing some rapping or something that makes  the fanbase freak out about  that possibility!

I dunno this may be a total Train wreck of a film that the Crue may actually  pull off cause as we all know in life people love Train wrecks and that goes hand in hand with these guys!