Help, I’m steppin’ into the Twilight Zone

Have not done a Goofy Post in a bit so here it goes…

Flashback 1985: Thunder Bay Ontario…

More importantly our suburb known as Current River was a great place to grow up as you will recall from other stories I have posted about my house and Tbone’s house were basically behind each other.

We had another pal named John Young whose name you may also recall as well as John was the first guy I knew who got into KISS. When I got into KISS John got into Deep Purple. When I got into Deep Purple John got into Led Zeppelin. See where this is going. John always was one step ahead and I followed his Musical Lead.

(For the record I discovered Van Halen on my own back in early 1981! John thought Halen was lazy! haha)

John as well was a fantastic Guitar Player( John owned a slick looking Gibson SG). He was always playing and had real talent which probably came from his Dad Jack who was a talented Fiddle Player. So when John began jamming with some local High School Guys their basement would be LOUD! Both of John’s parents were very chill in regards to their jamming out a bunch  of songs with Live Drums/Bass and Vocals that would emulate from the basement of the Young’s.

It was only a matter of time before John purchased a Fostex Four Track where John could record his guitar parts and what not….

Well fast forward a month or two down the road and I’m sitting in the cafeteria at our high school(Lakeview High) when Tbone rolls up with a shit grin a mile wide. I knew something was up but I had no idea what was up?!

Tbone pulled out a cassette and told me to put it into my Walkman. Tbone said it was a track by a new band called Gravedigger. So as I placed the Orange Foam Headphones on my head and pushed play a straight ahead Guitar riff started playing. No drums but a bit of Bass could be heard and then came on this voice. The vocal sounded Gruff. Demonic like. A vocal I had never heard before. As the voice somewhat sang/ somewhat talked I started laughing as the jig was up.

Tbone and John had gotten together a few nights earlier  and slapped together a track. It has to be Tbone’s first dabble with a Four Track as a few years later down the road Tbone would purchase his own.  I was impressed…hahaha…it was goofy funny and Frigg to come out and say here’s a tune by a band called Gravedigger was brilliant!

Another Fella sitting at a table next to us  whose name was Dale would be the next lucky person that would get to hear this track.

So Tbone took my Walkman over to where Dale was sitting. Dale I knew as he lived next to my Grandparents and I think was a year younger than us. I had no idea if he even listened to Music. Whereas I wore a ton of Rock Shirts  at school Dale never wore any so I had no idea…

Tbone chatted up Dale and Dale put on the Headphones, It took about a minute into the song when Dale ripped off the Headphones and tossed them on the cafeteria table.

(Conversation went something like this)

Dale: Who are these Guy’s??

Tbone: A new band called Gravedigger!”

Dale:These guys stole the lyrics to RUSH’s Twilight Zone from 2112! I’m writing Rush and telling them so. There getting ripped off!

Deke:’ HAHAHAHAHA…Tbone’s gonna get sued!’ 

The cat was out of the bag! While John laid down some guitar action Tbone grabbed John’s vinyl copy of Rush’s 2112 Album and read verbatim the lyrics to the track Twilight Zone!

Wicked! I had no idea that Tbone lifted the words to the song  and put a demonic vocal spin on it.

Kudos to Dale for figuring that out! We howled with laughter after but were impressed. I basically learned by talking to Dale later that Rush and Triumph were his favourite bands…

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover they say….

I wonder if Dale ever did write that letter to Rush….?



7 thoughts on “Help, I’m steppin’ into the Twilight Zone”

  1. Dear Rush,

    I thought I should write you and inform you that a band calling themselves Gravedigger are using the lyrics to Twilight Zone from your 1976 album, 2112. I suspect that they do not have your permission to do so and felt compelled to notify you as soon as I head this act of plagiarism so that you may take the appropriate action.

    Yours faithfully,


    P.S. I don’t have any music related shirts and it looks like I may not listen to music… any chance of sending me a Rush shirt?

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