The Police:Ghost In The Machine(1981)

Been slowly collecting The Police’s excellent  studio output of material from 1978- 1983 when Crabby- Pants Sting (does this guy ever smile or laugh?)  and his two other hombres were starting to dominate the Charts and selling out  Arena Shows!

I admit it wasn’t until 1983’s mega Synchronicity that I really gave the Police a listen. Synchronicity is a stellar Top 15 album for me easy! But that’s another review for another time …..

Course in 1981 I was aware of Ghost In The Machine as local radio pounced on  opening two tracks which were Spirits In The Material World and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

The Police as we all know were a trio and like many a trio around that time were excellent musicians as all three of the Police Fella’s knew there instruments inside out.

Sting – Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone, Lead Vocals
Andy Summers – Guitars, Synths, Backing Vocals
Stewart Copeland – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

These 3 Cat’s could make their  albums sound HUGE like they were a 10 piece band. Plus you have to hand it to them in the production department as there records always sounded ahead of their time  and still do excellent today courtesy of Hugh Padgham. Take a bow Sir!

You can tell by this album which is Number Four in the Police studio catalogue that unlike the First Three Police albums Ghost In The Machine features more synths/horns which almost at time buries Andy Summers guitar throughout. I’m sure their was a ton of scrapping about  between Sting and Andy. Copeland as well I’m sure would join in and argue along just for the sake of arguing as you always heard his Drums!.  Come to think of it I think none of these guys liked each other but they somehow made it work and after 5 albums and HUGE success they divorced and of course reunited many years later!

Sting wrote all the tunes except for 3 songs. A  co write with Copeland (Rehumanize Yourself)  as well as Stewart delivered the puzzling end of the album synth tune  Darkness. Andy’s lone writing contribution is with Omegaman  in which you hear guitar!

Ghost In The Machine I came across on one of my  Record Store Jaunts and once I seen Ghost sitting in the racks for $5 Canadian it was no brainer Grab N Purchase!



15 thoughts on “The Police:Ghost In The Machine(1981)”

  1. I bought this one cheap just for Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. I love that tune. First and only Police album I have, actually. I’ll pick up some others if I see them cheap enough, though.

    Anyhoo, I don’t know if Sting ever smiles or laughs, but he was certainly having a laugh when he did that tune with Craig David a while back and I can only assume he was smiling when he shafted the rest of the band out of credit and cash for Every Breath You Take!

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    1. Sting basically did all the writing in that band. The other two it seemed would get a song each probably to keep the peace somewhat…
      Sting wrote the why u so angry Sting??
      Drop me a Line…

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      1. There’s a great interview with them out there and they mention how they never got villas in France and Sting says “you can rent mine”. Could you imagine having to deal with that guy.

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      2. Dickish…
        The one I heard was a fan in Toronto waited at the airport or somewhere back in the early 80’s and presented Sting with a Bass that the fan made..Sting plucked a few strings and handed it back to the guy and walked away..
        I need to look for that article to verify as I’m going on memory here…hahaha
        What is it with Bass players being Doofuses?
        Haha..Sting and Rando the dude who shredded on Eat Em and now can’t sell 20 albums in his 15 other acts thats he’s in now…

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    1. Check it out Scott as the production holds up quite well. When I see there stuff used on the cheap I will pick it up…
      Ghost in the Machine is a decent spin….
      Hope Sting reads this hahaha

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  2. I see this on often enough but the vinyl is always roached. Too many prime time plays during parties! I’ll get that clean copy one day…. Took in a feed yestertay of Sting performing in Oshawa performing for some union people. And you’re right, he was angry for the whole show.

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    1. True I get what you’re saying but these guys over the course of 5 albums turned out a bunch of hits. Plus the fact that there catalogue is only 5 albums deep is one I can actually build on…2 albums down 3 to go..

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  3. Sting wrote the songs there is no doubt about that, but the way Andy took a simple A, F#m, D and E synth chord progression and played those arpeggios with wide stretches and palm muting is what made the hits. He did the same for “Message In A Bottle”.

    Anyway rant over and cool review.

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