Weekend Spins: AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (1977)


It takes all of 3 seconds after Bon Scott counts in the band and they rip into Go Down which opens the Let There Be Rock album to let you know there is going to be no silliness on this album.

How about a hard slap to the side of your noggin instead?

That’s what this AC/DC record means to me. A no-nonsense ass-kicker of a record.

When looking back at my introduction to AC/DC. Like many others back in 1980 (I was turning 14 in October of that year) Back In Black was my introduction to the sonic fury that these guys laid on my ears at that young age. I have said it before in my reviews but I learned about the birds and bees from these guys from the BIB album! (BIB will be a Weekend Spin at some point so stay tuned)

Let There Be Rock is the second-ever AC/DC record I had ever heard. It was Christmas time 1980 and at one point during the holidays I headed over to my buddy Muc’s house to see what albums he had gotten and after I kicked the snow off my boots entering his home it was off to see what he scored.

Muc scored Let There Be Rock. I can’t even tell you what other records he got that year but I was like…



Quickly my eyes adjusted to that cover and there’s AC/DC on the front  with the good light shining down from the heavens on them lol

Then it was a quick flip to the back cover.

There’s a very young Angus in his schoolboy uniform and his Gibson SG. What a shot and we all bought into the deranged little fella’s deal with being the outcast at school as there was a part of us that wanted to be that troublemaker but didn’t have the balls to. Angus did and we bought into it. (and still, do to this day!) What a team Bon and Angus made back then. You know they would kick down any door before them. Bon is one the craftiest lyricist ever as he knew how to maneuver and manipulate those words around didn’t he?

Look at that 8 pack of AC/DC tunes. I realized very quickly that there would be no KISS like tunes like Shandi on here. lol,

Bad Boy Boogie, Dog Eat Dog, Problem Child, Hell Ain’t A Bad Place. Go Down, Let There Be Rock, Whole Lotta Rosie, and the closest thing to a chill-out track which is Overdose.


Sound indeed. Compared to the production by Mutt Lange on BIB this is sound a band being gnarly and looking to beat your ass! It’s rough around the edges. The production by Vanda/Young perhaps just found the levels at the console and let the boys rip at a loud cranked-up volume! 


Phil Rudd with his drums drives AC/DC forward. He smacks the shit out of that snare drum and keeps everyone musically on the rails.


Angus owns the solos on this record. His Marshall is cranked up to 10 and what can we say about brother Malcolm. He is simply the best rhythm guitarist ever. Period!



29 thoughts on “Weekend Spins: AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (1977)”

    1. I sent Joe a message saying the same thing. When I saw his review in my reader with the covers etc I thought I had accidentally posted mine. lol
      Amazing when you say that its the least Bon era album you listen to yet its awesome says something about how strong their material was back in the 70s.

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  1. Let there be Deke Posts to accompany the Saturday morning coffee!
    Nice one – I must admit, I’m not as familiar with the Bon era (and have always paid more attention to the licks than the lyrics), so I’m interested to hear his lyrical maneuvering & manipulation (speaking of maneuvering & manipulation, I like that alliteration too!)
    ENjoy the weekend!

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    1. Let There Be The Stephens who always deliver a video hyping front care line workers everynight!
      Cheers 2 ya all!

      If you ever need a little shot of oomph to get you over the hump when out jogging dial in LTBR!
      That’s about the best advice I can give you on this album.

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    1. The News would be crank this sucka loud! All AC/DC vinyl sounds loud! lol
      Speaking of loud, Dog Eat Dog is a great track. Love the beat of Rudd’s drums on that one.

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    1. Thanks for chiming in Muc. Like I always tell people you were a big part of getting into music with me at the same time.
      Let There Be Muc!


    1. Yup they did a movie called Let There Be Rock that was filmed a few months before Bon passed.
      Whole Lotta Rosie cooks. Barn burner of a track.


  2. If there is one thing North Americans got over the Aussies, it is the cover sleeve for this album! It just says Rock ‘n Roll! I tried counting the cig butts on the stage once but it is hard to do when your head is banging away!

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