Dirty Honey:Dirty Honey(2021)

Being old (Moi) I get stuck in my listening habits as its hard for me to get into new bands but these four fella’s known as Dirty Honey have released a 8 song 30 minute release that has a bit of Skynyrd, Crowes, Aerosmith and others that have a guitar driven sound.

A lot of good stuff to sink your teeth into here as it’s four on floor rock. Nothing flashy just a lot of old school sounding rock with a hint of what’s current.

Dirty Honey track listing…

“California Dreamin'”
“The Wire”
“Tied Up”
“Take My Hand”
“No Warning”
“The Morning”
“Another Last Time”

Producer Nick Didia dialled in the sonics perfectly on this release as it sounds crisp and live but without the point of overdoing it.

Marc Labelle has a great rock voice while the other guys John Notto (guitar) Justin Simolian (bass) and Corey Coverstone (drums) have the musical muscle that power up these tracks.

Big rock riffs dominate the albums first 7 tracks. Some of my earlier favs are “The Wire” and “Take My Hand”. Actually it’s all quite awesome and even the last tune “Another Last Time” has the band taking the gas off the pedal and chilling out with an organ leading the way.

It’s pretty impressive when some young guys (Dirty Honey) can come along and take an old guy (moi) on a pretty cool musical romp down the sonic highway at this point in the game!

In saying all of this I will pick this one up on vinyl at some point!

For further listening check out these guys spin on Aerosmith’s “Last Child”.

dEke’s Stream O Rater Rating…..9/10

30 thoughts on “Dirty Honey:Dirty Honey(2021)”

  1. I saw a post by Christian and John on this band a couple of weeks ago on their new releases…I automatically thought it was the late seventies – early eighties…all mixed up…great stuff.

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  2. Yeah, I am with you being stuck in my musical ways. I’m ok with that though. I’ve had enough time to figure out what I like 😉 Glad you are exploring new stuff, though.

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    1. Thanks Jeff it is hard to find new stuff that makes me go “Hey, I like this” but these guys have a pretty cool throwback sound but with a tinge of a modern angle on it…

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  3. I heard the EP from a couple of years ago and like California Dreamin’… they just have a good vibe. I’ll need to listen to the full album.


    1. I would like to see Edmonton get over that hump. The Pitts/Islanders and Boston/Washington series look great. Those could go either way. I’m sure you’re psyched about Sid and crew. I always love the first two rounds as anything can happen and the teams are just going for it.

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      1. Absolutely, Deke – my favourite time of the year for sports. I find in the years when Pittsburgh’s done early, I’ve lost interest by the Conference Finals. But those first 2 rounds!
        And I agree, anything could happen this year.
        I think the Penguins could either win the Cup or get swept by the Isles, both seem equally plausible.
        Even if the Oilers only go a round or 2, I still think McDavid will lead the playoffs in scoring!

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