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Evilyn Strange/Evilution(2016)

Evilyn Strange are a three-piece  band out of Europe that are making some noise over on this side of the pond by releasing a 5 song E.P that I purchased for $2.99 on iTunes! Seriously where else nowadays can you buy anything for cheap? Yeah exactly, not to many places that’s for sure!

Evilyn Strange consist of Phillip Strange(vocals), Mikael Johannesson(guitars and bass) and The Ghost(drums). Ummm maybe The Ghost is real or maybe he’s a Ghost player? Ha! Good on them for monkeying around as the promo pics of the band just  feature Phillip and Mikael! Hmmmmm…

Anyway’s it’s the music that matters! Let The Music Do The Talking!

The songs that make up Evilution are European/Hard Rock and shall we take a gander at said product!!

By the way check out Mike’s site and Aaron’s site as well as they have reviewed this EP as well! That’s right folks a triple header!

LET IT RAIN-Slamming double bass drums lead the charge forward and thing is that Phillips vocals to me come across as a pre 1987 David Coverdale type vibe mixed with a shot of Fin’s vocals. Fin?? Whose that Deke?  Well readers, Fin was the lead singer of Waysted back in the day and for further listening check out Waysted’s Vices and maybe it’s just me but I hear some of Ol Fin in the singing at certain times throughout. The verse along with the chorus are catchy and I dig how Phillip drops like  an octave and just says “Let It Rain” and then Mikael takes off with a rip n roar solo! Parts John Norum,parts Micheal Schenker and the fella can play but he solos with style not doing all the dippy doodle burn the fretboard spiel that Yngwie J is known for! Great start!

INVISIBLE MAN-Wowzers this is a great track. It builds up think later day Europe like sounding albums (War Of The Worlds) that’s the Invisible Man! Dig the chorus and the solo. Give this song a listen as its posted! I won’t say no more just listen with your ears!

STORM CLOUDS-Some way over the top drumming leads off Storm Clouds. Think PainKiller on speed by Judas Priest. To be quite frank with everyone this song is a little to over the top for me. Fast, faster drumming tons of guitaring albeit very impressive but it’s just not my deal. For others though I’m sure it is!

NEVER-Never would have been one of the better tracks off of Whitesnakes Slip Of The Tongue album. Easily could have fit on side two right after Slow Poke Music! Never stomps along at a post Coverdale late night party bash after the booze and party treats are consumed up. Mikael nails down a decent sweep on the six string. The guy has some decent chops in his  catalogue of riffs!

STAY-A good well written track that ends the EP on a slower pace and one that to be honest I wasn’t expecting! Well played boys. You fooled  this Old Goat! Nice lead vocal by Phillip and a decent attempt at covering more musical bases than just four on the floor riff rock.

FINAL YAMMER-Considering this is a new band its a pretty good crack at Ol school hard Rock with an updated modern-day sound. Give these a guys a spin on iTunes I mean for $2.99 for 5 tracks buy some new music and support these guys.