Apettite For Alpine Valley

May 25 1991/Guns N Roses/Skid Row

Memorial Day weekend in the good ol U.S of A and we scored tickets to the second show of the Use Your Illusion tour. Milwaukee was the start of the tour with two dates sold out at about 40,000 per show. So we zipped down to Milwaukee and off to Alpine Valley which is a huge outdoor facility located kinda in the middle of no where or so it seems as back than it was one road in one road out. All the bands chopper in to do there shows as a little under a year earlier Stevie Ray Vaughn(rip) was killed when the chopper he was in crashed on the hill.

The day off the show it just rained and rained so by show time we were drenched, unfortunately  our tickets were up on the hill and not under the canopy but who gives a crap this is Gunners for Christ sakes and how long before Axl goes off the rails? Could it be the second show of the tour??

Skid Row was the opener and the funny thing is that both bands on the bill were plugging new  albums that weren’t even out yet. Skid Rows record Slave To The Grind was not gonna be out until a few weeks later in early June whereas Gunners double set of the Illusion albums wouldn’t be released until about 4 months later in September ??!

Skid Row hit the stage flying and I remember the opening track was Slave To The Grind and man there was Nuthin as heavy as this track on the debut….they played songs which got em there and on previous tours (Aerosmith/Bon Jovi) Sweet Little Sister,18 And Life,Piece Of Me,a cover of Train Kept A Rollin and as well Monkey Business and crowd sing a long fav Get The Fuck Out all delivered with the final Youth Gone Wild! An energetic set that’s for sure….good primer for the soon to headliner.

So since we got our tickets back in Feb of 91 I ordered from some bootleg guy a copy of Gunners Rio show from January of 91 just to see what they were doing and they were already playing tunes live from the illusion albums already….so I had a bit of idea of what may be played and boom here they are opening with Right Next Door To Hell and here comes Axl sporting his bulletproof vest (check out the vid above ) and into Mr Brownstone and man they were on fire. Say what you want now about em but back than early 1991 they were the biggest band in the world and here they are playing tune after tune lets see they played 18 songs that night 7 of which the masses had never ever heard yet except for some of us who spent ridiculous amount of money on bootlegs. Some of the Illusion songs were,14 Years,Dust N Bones,Civil War,Estranged,Double Talkin Jive and of course a few covers which everyone new like Knockin On Heavens Door and Live And Let Die. From Appetite they played Welcome To The Jungle, My Michelle, Sweet Child and of course Paradise City but there was so much that wasn’t played(Rocket Queen,Night Train) which baffled me but hey this is Gunners there gonna do what they want.

As for Axl he just chirped at some dude in the crowd about sumthin but it ended up being nothing…..In other words the Axl Train stayed on the tracks that night in Wisconsin ……

The above video is from the Alpine Valley shows as MTV was there filming the kickoff at Alpine Valley…..

21 thoughts on “Apettite For Alpine Valley”

    1. Well HMO between Aug of 1989 and June of 1992….I seen Skid Row 5 times,once as a headliner when they showed up to my hometown(that will be a review) and 4 times as a opener..with Bon Jovi once,Aerosmith twice and once with Gunners…..they had good management back than ..got them on the biggest tours at the time….


      1. Subhuman Race wasn’t bad,wasn’t great either but man that track Beat Yourself Blind is a scorcher. Once Bach left I just passed on em had no interest to follow em after that…..just cause all the bands were changing lead singers in the early to mid nineties it was like enough already…….I lost interest…….


  1. Mr. Brownstone is my favourite GnR song! And they sounded tight in that video you posted. We got to see Slash’s Snakepit when they opened for AC/DC during their Stiff Upper Lip tour, and they were great. And they even played Mr. Brownstone!


    1. That song has Slash all over doesn’t it? Must be autobiographical some way….I remember reading in the late 80s when Gunners was opening for the Stones and Axl spouted off on stage that someone in the band was dancing a little too close to Mr Brownstone….geez could he be talking about Slash? Or the whole damn band !


  2. Oh man you’re lucky to have seen this! STTG is a great record (agreed with HMO on this one) and to see GnR on the Illusion tour…

    I had a chance to go to that same tour (I think), Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum. Why didn’t I? Who the hell knows. But I remember it was Faith No More, GnR and Metallica. Ah retrospect, you bastard. Shoulda gone.

    Great review Deke, and that’s one helluva show!


  3. Deke, I think you’ve finally found your calling. Bring Dekester to the masses via the blog-a-sphere!! This is awesome dude!


  4. Ladies an Gents,may I introduce to my best friend of 40 yrs ..the one an only TBone !! We have seen many a show and he will be name dropped,name dropped,name dropped…….on these pages….
    Thanks for checking this out!
    U better have it bookmarked……


  5. Good memories Deke. This was an exciting time to be a rock fan. I remember very well the buzz from the Toronto show. “Skid Row were awesome! Headline quality! GN’R played hours of new songs that aren’t even out yet!”


  6. Awesome dude…great review man. Why the bulletproof vest? Was it something he just wore or did I miss something?
    Cool that you got bootlegs. I saw the Stones in 2006 and the next day I downloaded a full bootleg of the concert…still have it.

    What is cool…the trip there was just as memorable as the concert. That is cool that you got to see the original band man…when they were on top of the world.

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      1. hahaha…well considering it was the start of the tour and there was always something going on around Axl the bulletproof vest makes sense! lol

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