Pearl Jam/09/09/2005 Fort William Gardens/Tbay

Yup! PJ showed up! Played Tbay! In one of the biggest Blunders in Rock N Roll History I did not go! My Bad and a Rock N Regret if there was ever one!

But faithful  Stick It In Your Ear reader Robbo( whose the biggest PJ Fan I know) attended and being the Diehard he is gave me a soundboard recording of that nights show!( Stayed tuned folks as Robbo is gonna drop down some  words of PJ wisdom at this site shortly in his own Bloggo Robbo Post!)

My first thought when I dumped this show onto my iPod was the mindblower that this show was coming direct from the Old Dump (Fort William Gardens) and it was actually a recording from Tbay!

Folks! If your reading this from other parts of the world (Thanks) but seriously I can’t recall anyone doing this when they play Tbay. I know PJ record all there shows for the fans as souvenirs and what better way than to have that nights memento from the show you just seen!

I’m not even gonna bull shat anyone and announce to the  world that I know and own everything about PJ. Of course I own 10 , Vitalogy, BackSpacer and a couple of soundboard  shows….

So other than the fact that PJ is a top-notch live band I have taken some notes and gonna share some thoughts for you’s out there .

Before we proceed how about a shoutout to PJ themselves..Eddie Vedder,Stone Gossard,Jeff Ament,Matt Cameron and Mike McCready by all intent and purposes blew the doors off the Old Dump known as the Gardens that Friday Night ..

Musings and Observations From The Audio Portion..

1- PJ live is a beast and if you’re a diehard you know that right!? The Songs are played tighter than Pat Benatars Spandex circa 1981 and it’s also real noticeable that the guitars live are clean sounding (McCready and Gossard) ditch the whole Seattle mopey guitar sound of the early 90s and jam it out with a real cool tone.

2-Eddie Vedder says a few things and their classic like ” Thunder Bay is the smallest show of the tour and the hottest. By the way how the fuck do you play hockey in here?” Vedder also talks about the importance of neighbours as in Canada helping out New Orleans which was submerged in water at the time(2005) as Eddie says his own country turned there backs on their own but Tbay even sent a boat out to aid in supplies sent to New Orleans. The funniest line is  as Vedder says ” I may be getting old but I can still fuck like a jack rabbit” Ha!

3-PJ toss in a cover of the Police’s Driven To Tears which in itself is a great track and PJ plays this tune brilliantly! I mentioned this to Robbo at what a great song this was and how PJ perfectly executed it live. Robbo said a lot of people in the crowd were like “Whut??!!” Not knowing it was an actual cover tune! Robbo we are officially Old Farts!

4-Even Flow is a Monster of a track! Gone is the grunge sound of the guitars and in its place is a clean vibrant sound not if that makes sense. McCready takes over and jams a real bunch of great riffs while Stone,Jeff and Matt hold down the Fort and I  could picture Eddie hanging off the ceiling and climbing around the Gardens like he does in the Alive video. I have no idea if this actually happened….sorry i’m tripping out…..

5-Save You is a real good track! Vedder is one of the few that can drop F Bombs galore during the chorus but it adds to the song and he makes F Bombs sound classy..hahaha…Fuck You If You Only Hear What You Wanna Hear! … Ament just assaults his Bass like there’s no tomorrow!

6- Rockin In The Free World is a 8 minute jam out with opening act Supersuckers and there’s even a little fellow (Ed’s kid? ) who almost steals the show….Classic


Set List From TBay…

Present Tense


Save You


Given to Fly


Even Flow

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

Light Years


State of Love and Trust


Driven to Tears
(The Police cover)



I Am Mine

Encore 2:
Last Kiss
(Wayne Cochran cover)
Rockin’ in the Free World
(Neil Young cover) (with Supersuckers)
Yellow Ledbetter

9 thoughts on “Pearl Jam/09/09/2005 Fort William Gardens/Tbay”

  1. Oh man. OH MAN! PJ in TB! That’s incredible.

    They are in INCREDIBLE live band. There’s a real sense of togetherness and community in the crowd. Amazing. And those players… goddamn! I remember seeing them in 1998 and watching McCready play Even Flow and thinking “HOLY SHIT!” Hahaha. Whoa.

    Pearl Jam is one of those bands who can show up, play ANY song from their discography (and they usually do) and make it the perfect set list. Their covers are usually well-chosen, too.

    Right on. Shoulda gone, Deke! 🙂


  2. Great post, Deke. A big favourite of mine back in the day. I saw them in 2000, I think. That show was also recorded. Don’t think they’ve ever been back to Scotland, unfortunately. I’ve drifted away from them since Riot Act, and while I wouldn’t travel to see them, I would definitely go if the stopped by Scotland on one of their many tours.


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