Little Caesar/Brutally Honest… Live From Holland(2016)


You got hand it to Little Caesar Folks!  Not only do they put out a warts n all  21 Song Double Live  album recorded in Holland but when I preorderd this bad boy on iTunes the cost of the album was $4.99!

Good on The Caesars for keeping the price real low and it seems to me they just want people to hear there brand of street rock. (A lot and I mean a lot of rock acts could take a page out  of L.C’s playbook and charge a little less for music)

Ron Young(vocals) who has been the leader of the band since I first came across there Bob Rock produced debut back in 1990 still has that real cool rock rasp that cuts across real good Live!

Actually the whole band that night is on fire! Tom Morris(drums) Fidel Paniagua(bass) Loren Molinare(guitar) and Joey Malone(guitar) These cats play like a Runaway Locomotive clipping at over 120mph on or off the tracks! Take your pick!

Pretty awesome that this album is as Ron says ‘Live’ I will and can tell you that the mix on this album is  superberb!  The guitars especially sound deadly! One guitar on the left side. The other guitar on the right side with vocals,drums and bass in the center! Crisp and Clean my friends….

If you have read my stuff for a while now in some of my other reviews you will have read that I  say you have  to respect a band nowadays as they take there craft seriously when they’re performing live especially when your 25 plus years into it. Little Caesar is another one of the bands like Helix  who are still doing  what there doing but taking the gig and the music serious! Full Kudos ….

The setlist has a real good flow to it beginning with Supersonic smashing  right into Rock N Roll State Of Mind. Hard Times is one of my favs from the debut! Driving verse’s catchy chorus with Ron singing ‘All They Want Is Cash’. The songs are real catchy and whats neat is the bass guitar drives a lot of these tunes underneath the ripping guitars and smashing drums. Down And Dirty has a old school AC/DC vibe with the guitars leading the charge and I also need to mention how good the backing vocals are as well. Remember  what I said earlier  about taking your craft seriously!

The Caesar Boys even toss in a little run of Cover Songs notably Chain Of Fools  is  real cool on how the guitars drive the song during the verses only to lay off at the chorus and Ron and the backing vocals take over. Classic comes to mind..Also the mashup of Every Picture Tells A Story/Happy works as well as L.C play these tunes like the originals but put there own spin of Street Rock on it.

2016 and  L.C are still at it and are currently on tour as I post this. What also must be noted is that Pharaoh is now playing bass with the Caesar. Pharaoh played bass with The  Four Horsemen back in the mid 90s along with Ron who was fronting The Horsemen as original singer Frank Starr was in coma(RIP) due to a motorcycle accident. For those that are wondering Yup I seen the Horsemen here when they levelled  the Inntowner(bar) to a rubble  and it’s been documented here at Stick it In Your Ear!

Anyhoo …..for some straight good Ol fashioned street rock n rollin check out Live From Holland!

01. Supersonic
02. Rock ’n’ Roll State of Mind
03. Hard Times
04. Hard Rock Hell
05. Tastes Good to Me
06. Down ’N’ Dirty
07. I Wish It Would Rain
08. American Dream
09. Real Rock Drive
10. Redemption
11. Prisoner of Love
12. Wrong Side of the Tracks
13. Crushed Velvet
14. Rum And Coke
15. Chain Of Fools
16. Every Picture Tells A Story/Happy
17. Dirty Water
18. Sick And Tired
19. Drive It Home
20. In Your Arms
21. Down to the Wire

50 thoughts on “Little Caesar/Brutally Honest… Live From Holland(2016)”

  1. Been seeing this on Lafon’s Facebook page. I don’t even know if I still have the first Little Ceasar album to be honest! It might be on cassette, therefore in storage. Holy fuck do they look different now. Great writeup Deke, and I like that you did it differently this time (ie – not song by song). Great job!

    Now here are two questions for ya:

    What band that Aaron likes did Ron Young join very briefly in the 80’s for about 10 minutes?

    What movie was Ron in?


      1. I heard this and asked Mandy Grant who used to work at the radio station, but now works at one in…Utah? Can’t remember where she moved to. We’re still in touch I just can’t remember. Iowa? Ohio? Utah? I don’t know. Anyways. She knows more about RHCP than anyone else I know, and she confirmed the history. It didn’t last long, maybe one gig?


      2. Haha I just had a memory of Mark Harmon and Kirsty Alley in Summer School, and she says she won’t date him because she only dates men who own socks. And he says “I have a pair of socks somewhere! White ones!” Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hehehe. You said coming.

        “Hey McLovin! How’s it going with the ladies?”

        “It’s not the going…more like the coming!”

        “I get it!”


    1. movie was Point Break…i think band…..don’t know about the band to be’s friday i’m burnt
      Thanks for noticing the format change. Back in Dec when i did R40 review over three posts at close to 40 songs that burnt me out big time….
      If its a 10 song album its easy peasy..but doubles i had to change it up..
      I think you should check this one out…Raw Live RnR

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Point Break? I didn’t know that. I was thinking Terminator 2. He’s one of the bikers at the bar.

        Me personally, I like to do song by song when the album needs it. Like I think every Van Halen review I did was song by song. Uncle Meat told me my Maiden series HAD to be song by song, so I did it, and it deserved it. But yeah with something like R40, it’s too much! I know when I did my Deep Purple 4 CD Made in Japan, I did it song by song pretty much, and it was HARD to try to come up with different ways to talk about the same 7 songs!


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