Aerosmith/Done Live With Mirrors (3-12-86)


AeroStoned! Yes Please! Came across this real cool SoundBoard recording from Worcester Massachusetts (March 3 1986) recorded for a radio broadcast  on the Done With MirrorsTour!

Aerosmith was plugging the Mirrors record and that is an album that some people well perhaps a lot of people either like it or don’t like it!

Tbone I can vouch for along with myself that we dig the 40 minutes of Stoned Up Garage Sounding Rock that Done With Mirrors unleashed on us 18 year olds at  the time of its release! Hell, so much I reviewed it!

This is a 15 song killer set with Aero Not A Crumbling But Maybe A Little Stumbling Around but it’s great live Rock! No Fixings just all the Slop Rock Trimmings we like around these parts!

Joe Perry,Brad Whitford,Joey Kramer,Tom Hamilton and Steve Tyler lay down a Sonic Boom that in all intent and purposes Lets The Music Do The Talking!

Boston’s Bad Boys sock it out of the gate with Back In the Saddle and all the classics are played! Same Old Song And Dance,Big 10 Inch,Sweet Emotion,Walk this Way,Train Kept A Rollin,Last Child,Toys In The Attic,Last Child,Dream On(with a crazed out ending that is Ummm….bizarre,different like Tyler collapsed on his piano/synth…

Steve in between songs at one point says there recording this show for a live album. Considering how loop de looped Aero was in concert  Steve man was on good behaviour as he nails all the lyrics but maybe someone had a chat with him as the tape was a rollin!

It’s funny that Aero never “Officially” released this as they put out or their old Record Company did the two “Classics Live” releases which were a total $$$$ grab!

Now with the AeroBoys plugging the current album some new tunes are played. 5 from Done With Mirrors are represented and it’s a shame once Aero sobered up they for the most part dissed this album but I gotta say I think it has some of Tylers best lyrics ever!

My Fist Your Face has to be in my All Time Top 10 Aerosongs! It oozes sleaze the lyrics ooze coolness! Check these lyrics out to My Fist below…..(video is posted at the top of page)

Hey Betty Boop you got me droolin’
I’m buzzin’ ’round your hive tonight
You played the hooky ‘stead of schoolin’
Son of a bitch put out the light
Thirteen year old hookers
Drag yourself right through the thorns
You wonder why the man’s outside your door
Junior achievers, got the old bull by the horns
Back in the saddle get ya s’more (some more)

My Fist Your Face is classic late 70s Slop Rock carried into the mid 80s Stoned Up Blues Rock! Tyler at the show that night dedicates My Fist to (boxer) Marvin Hagler.

Course with it being 2016 The Texas Rangers (Major League Baseball Team) got into an infield brawl with The Toronto Blue Jays as Rangers 2nd Baseman Rougned Odor punched Jays Outfielder Jose Bautista right in the kisser!


My point being how about …My Fist Bautista’s Face? Does that work?  Seriously though what a super-duper track!

Sheila is another newbie that slips and slides into coolville. Sheila rocks with a swagger like stomp delivered by Steve and The Boys.

The Hop is  one of those throw together jam like tunes that only Aero could pull off and Tyler man blasts his  brains out playing that harmonica. Think Aeros Milk Cow Blues from Draw The Line sped up on a 78 rpms! Well Aero was literally Hoped up on something folks!

Ahhhh yes Let The Music Do The Talking…love Perrys slide playing and this song takes off like a rocket! Great verse,heavy-duty chorus followed by more Perry slide….Yessssssss!

Speaking of slide guitar She’s On Fire is another dialed up like sleazeball piece of rock! Great lyrics and this has to be one of those 4 am toss togethers that 30 years later (Holeeeeee Sheeeeit!) still sounds real good ….

The real surprise for me in this set list is the rarely played No Surprise from 1979s Night In The Ruts. This tune is pure brilliance lyrically,musically. It’s all wrapped  up as Tyler explains in his lyrics what Aero went through….

So for Aero being messed up they could still knock out Gems of tracks ….Crank the video and sing along with Steve-o!

“No Surprize”

1971, we all heard the starters gun
New York is such a pity
But at Max’s Kansas City we won

We all shot the shit at the bar
With Johnny O’ Toole and his scar
And then old Clive Davis said
He’s surely gonna make us a star
I’m gonna make you a star
Just the way you are

But with all his style
I could see in his eyes
That we is goin’ on trial
And it was no surprize

The boys kept kickin’ ass
As usual time would tell
But some bitch in the choir
Throw water on the fires of hell
She loved to show and tell
Lord, she loved to tell

But with all our style
You could see in our eyes
That we is still on trial
And it was no surprize
No surprize
No surprize
No surprize

Midnight lady
Situation fetal
Vaccinate your ass with your phonograph needle

I say looky here
Friend of mine
You scratch like you need calamine
Flamingo boots, soles a creakin’
Still in love and Puerto Rican too

Ridin’ on wheels of hell
Smokin’ our axle grease
Oh, the backstage is rockin’
And we’re coppin’ from the local police
That’s right, the local police
Or the juctice of peace

But with all our style
You could see in our eyes
That we is still on trial
Baby, it’s no surprize
No surprize
No surprize
No surprize

Rock n’ roll, junkie whore
Got my foot inside the door
Knock knock, knock knock, knock
Nobody’s keepin’ score

Bad times go away
Come again some other day
Topaz and sazzafraz
Will keep the blues away

Candy store, rock n’ roll
Corporation jellyroll
Play the singles, it ain’t me
It’s programmed insanity

Could ever make a mountain fly
If Japanese can boil teas
Then where the fuck’s my royalties…aar
Yak yak yak yak ‘oow

100% dEKe Approved!

14 thoughts on “Aerosmith/Done Live With Mirrors (3-12-86)”

      1. Interesting, I didn’t really get back on the Aerotrain until Permanent Vacation, so I kind of wrote of this era. Wrongly, it would seem.

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  1. Fan-freakin’-tastic. Woohoo!

    Also, that Odor-Bautista thing… buncha babies. Grown men nillionaires no better than sandlot asshole 10 year olds. They oughta go get their hair together and grow up.

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    1. We are the only two that I know of that love DWM right thru! Hell I checked on Ladanos site and he gave it a 2/5!!??? Hahaha…I can understand why but I made the point of how it resonated with us at the time of its release. ie…Boozed Up/Drug Added/Garage Rock….


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