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Yup there’s the Logo that we all know especially me! I have basically for the last many years have purchased all my music through Apple. Price is cheap and I liked to preorder as the music was there waiting for me to Download to my iPod every Friday morning when  new music is released!

A few weeks back my daughter Lauren told me that she subscribed to Apple Music which when you accept the agreement it’s the first 3 months free and after that you can as a student pay $4.99 a month for music. For an Ol Buzzard like myself it’s $9.99 a month or you can get the family plan which is $14.99 a month which up to 6 people can use. (Canadian Prices by the way)

I knew Apple Music as Stick It In Your Reader Robbo has it. One day he showed me that Apple lets you download all artists on the Music side of things. Plus they do their own Playlists that are tailor-made to your favourite genres. Kinda Cool!



I asked Lauren as she doesn’t  have a data plan associated with her cell phone that if  she leaves the house without wi-fi would her Music stop playing?

Lauren’s answer was “No!” Too which I replied with a “Whut?” She than told me she just downloads all her music at home and once its in her Library she can go anywhere and play her Music.

I was sold….I had to actually confirm this once again  this with her as it was too good to be true but it is…..

So I hoped aboard the Apple Music Bus and joined. Basically for me it boils down to this.


I usually spend about $30 a month on iTunes purchases….

Let’s do the Math…(This  stuff is for you Geoff)

12 Months times $30= $360

Joining Apple Music first 3 months Free (which ends for me in March) …

So from March to December at $9.99 a month its…

10 Months Times $9.99 = $99.00

So $360-$99=$260.01

So basically I’m saving $260 this year by doing it the Apple Way. Now of course If i cancel Apple takes all their music back except for my bought stuff of course…

So for this year I’m going to try it this way and see how it goes. It is kinda cool as I will be reviewing a few albums that I wouldn’t pay a full-out price for even on iTunes so this will be kinda cool….

Rush’s  2112  40th Anniversary Edition(A Great  Xmas Gift From Aaron) Metallica’s Hardwired To Self Destruct and SoundGarden’s BadMotorFinger 25th Anniversary Edition are the last two iTunes purchases that I had bought so I own those Lars! Hahaha…

Let’s Do This!



25 thoughts on “Apple Music”

    1. Should be interesting HMO. I have already heard the two live tracks from the Priest Turbo reissue so as far as the music end goes they have everything available even on the preorder’s…..

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      1. For sure on how you buy music that is a great way of doing it. Could have used this back in the 80s as I got hosed on more than a few purchases! Than again we wouldn’t have a 3/4’s Filler Section would we? ha… I have already tapped into a few artists with Apple music for reviews and such. Bunch of retro stuff coming up….

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      2. Haha this is definitely a good way to avoid getting hosed. Love that phrase!

        I still buy physical copies for lots of stuff but I don’t mind digital at all. I like Spotify and do still buy some download albums too (bandcamp is great for underground extreme stuff!). Whatever works for you is best. Give ‘er!

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      3. Well I downloaded and listened to Raven’s All For One album this was and man what a throwback record. Have not heard Raven in about 30 years when I had bought Rock Til U drop/ Live at the Inferno and And All For One…….
        Classic lyrics below….
        As sure as the sea is blue
        We’re gonna run those rascals through
        With the steel that shines so bright
        In the magic of the night
        No one gets the upper hand
        In our green and pleasant land
        Hear the call
        All for one, One for all
        All for one, One for all
        Standing high, hear the call
        All for one, One for…
        Solid as a rock with swords in the air

        Haha…love it!


  1. Welcome to the dark side! I have been using Apple Music for a year now and it has been incredible. I find myself trying artists that I would not have if I had to buy it first. I am still buying stuff on vinyl now if I really love the album.

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    1. Ha..well in a house of 5 i’m the only one without a cell so I thought you needed data to play this stuff. Wrong-o! The great thing also is i’m not under any contract just month to month…
      Your 100 % right you can try and if if still like u can buy it on cd/vinyl or cassette and 8 track! haha

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  2. haha, thanks for the math shout-out!
    Wendy signed up for the family plan last year – and for the 1001, it’s amazing. I was getting to the point in the list where it was into more obscure albums. I was struggling to find Argentina tango albums at garage sales!

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    1. Tango albums? Well from a rock album standpoint you can download Ted Nugent Wango Tango!
      The Math thing I laughed when I wrote and name dropped you.
      I must have checked my math work about a 1000 times …hahaha…
      Back to 1985 like I was in Grade 12 handing in my home work!

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  3. I tried the 3 months, but didn’t make the most of it and realised that I probably wouldn’t benefit from it long term. Definitely seems like a good streaming / subscription option, right enough… might need to review whether this would work for me now given the offline access.


  4. Do the apple music tracks go into your itunes as if you’d bought them, like, if I own four ac/dc albums for real and get four more by applemusic, in my normal itunes when not on the internet, do they all come together as if I had owned 8 ac/dc albums ?

    Also, do they go on your ipod?

    Also, what about phone, do they go on your phone if you dont have an iphone…. like do you get the mp3 files to transfare around and stuff?

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    1. Yep it goes all into your iTunes. Like Priest for instance. I downloaded a few tracks from there upcoming Turbo reissue and the songs went right into my Priest iTunes. If your going somewhere and you don’t have wifi you just download the songs to your iPod and you can play them anywhere…so far so good…


  5. I’m an Apple user, have been for years. I don’t buy from iTunes, unless gifting things 🙂 and I’ve never looked into the music ting through them. Must admit, the thought that if you cancel you lose everything you got from them… Haha bollocks to that. I’m a dinosaur – give me physical product!


    1. No you only lose the stuff since u joined …it’s like leasing…all my actual iTunes purchases before I joined will still be there…I have a couple of reviews coming up that I was on the fence about buying before but now I just downloaded them to my iPod …I like it…


      1. For myself I’m using it for stuff that I would be in the fence about wanting to play full price for like Accepts new live album/Raven All For One was another one I enjoyed back in 83 but when I spun a couple of tracks I was like yeah cool but I wouldn’t rebuy it….


    1. Thanks man….some stuff I’m checking out via the apple stream that I don’t know if i would have purchased like the latest live Accept album….
      Its fun to cruise and dig around and not be charged for it…kinda …hahaha

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