Aldo Nova/Aldo Nova(1982)


My buddy Muc jumped all over this as soon as the lead off single Fantasy  was released back in early 1982 on the  album from which it came from simply titled  Aldo Nova. This debut sold huge amounts not just here in Canada but went Platinum in the United States as well!

Aldo was a solo artist he wrote and produced all the tunes here and basically does all the instruments himself!

Super Duper Nova!

Aldo Nova: vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers
Dennis Chartrand: acoustic piano
Michel Pelo, Roberto Biagioni: bass guitar
Michael LaChapelle, Terry Martel: drums, percussion
Daniel Barbe, Dwight Druck: backing vocals

Not only that but along with the  Producers Hat. Aldo also had a hand  in mixing and engineering the album as well! That’s keeping costs down in the  roaring 80’s!

Oh yeah here are the song’s and if you’re wondering Aldo wrote these all by his Lonesome!

“Fantasy” – 5:05
“Hot Love” – 3:54
“It’s Too Late” – 3:23
“Ball and Chain” – 4:01
“Heart to Heart” – 3:42
“Foolin’ Yourself” – 3:35
“Under the Gun” – 3:47
“You’re My Love” – 3:33
“Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” – 3:57
“See the Light” –3:56

Fantasy is a Classic Rock delight! Props to Aldo as he not only opens this album with a great track it was his lead off single as well and clocking in at over 5 Minutes must have made Radio DJ’s back than happy as they could tack on a few extra minutes where they could grab a Coffee or a Coke(AHEM!). Speaking of Coke. How about these lyrics.

Outta site, buy your kicks from the man in the white
Feels alright, powder pleasure in your nose tonight
See the men paint their faces and cry
Like some girl it makes you wonder why
City life, sure is cool but it cuts like a knife, it’s your life

Fantasy I will say hooks me with that piano/synth pace as soon as Aldo’s voice kicks in! There I said it! Basically its like the Piano on the studio version of Christine Sixteen but Aldo cranks it up to 78 rpm’s! Great guitar driven track…Love it. Posted a live clip of it below from 1982!

The rest of the album is a Hard Rock delight where at times I can hear Tom Scholz from Boston  in some of Aldo’s playing. Songcraft is huge on this album and Side 1 is huge!  Track after winning track.

Great Hard Rock Songs follow Fantasy and Aldo pulls no punches in rocking but I will go on record and say that Fantasy is the heaviest track on Side 1.  

Side 2 is still pretty solid  especially with the opener Fooling Yourself but it dips a bit towards the end but overall it’s a real good debut as Aldo was not only selling records but he scored the opening slot on Sam Hagar’s Three Lock Box Tour and I recall reading in Circus Magazine a monthly column written by Lou O Neil Jr where he wrote that he was giving Sam a run for his money! Whether that’s the case or not.  Aldo was making strides…



30 thoughts on “Aldo Nova/Aldo Nova(1982)”

  1. I’ve never heard of this dude, but this sounds pretty good. Just having a shifty at Wikipedia too… cheers for the heads-up on this guy.


    1. I need to revisit Subject at some point John.
      Hey Operator originally was done by Coney Hatch in 82 and a year later Aldo covered it on Subject.
      Check out Coneys version..

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  2. Man I haven’t played this, or ANY Aldo for that matter, in such a long time! Thanks for the reminder Deke. I’m still missing Twitch I think.

    I’ll post this video for Aaron who LOVES Celine Dion. But who is that on guitar? ALDO! With a BIG part in the video, clearly co-starring!

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      1. Vinyl shouldn’t be too hard to locate. CD…maybe harder.

        I have seen the Nova’s Dream CD in store in the past buy never pulled the trigger. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it was instrumental.

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      2. IF I hear it and IF it is brilliant, I will let you know.

        I do have an instrumental review coming up that I think you need to get regardless…one of the Mike Portnoy projects…but one not to be missed!

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  3. I am the Muk in question. Deke is right, the riff from fantasy alone was enough to hook me into this album (not to mention the slow build up to said riff). So many good rock pop songs, great riffs, AND ……apparently ‘discovered’ by 80’s rock god Jon bon jovi, seriously…could not miss. Obviously a one hit wonder, even though Twitch was not a bad album. You know what that say…you’ve got your whole life to make your first album, and six months to make your second. Great review Deke, brings back a ton of memories listiening to this at your place, then heading outside for some backyard full contact soccer.

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    1. Hey Thanks for dropping in Muc! Hope u stick around and check things out!
      So true about all your life about writing your debut than 6 months to record the follow Up!
      Ha….miss those full contact soccer daze! Still recall kicking that ball around and discussing what a brilliant album Leps High N Dry album was before we started Highschool!
      Here we are 36 years later…..


  4. I LOVE Fantasy! I don’t know much about Aldo Nova’s albums, but remember hearing “Aldo Nova” mentioned a lot on Sudbury’s Classic Rock Station in the early 90s. Thanks for this review!

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  5. This is wild. I was just scrolling through the Reader seeing what all I’ve missed in the last while and buried way back here in June (how did I miss this one?) was Aldo Nova. What’s wild is that I just picked up A Portrait Of Aldo Nova for $5 a day or so ago! I was meant to find this! I need to dig further but yeah man, from what I heard so far, full agreement from here.

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