Aerosmith/ALOHASMITH(Live 1983) Bootleg


Ya gotta love Bootleg Soundboard recordings! What you hear on your stereo/iPod or whatever device you listen to your music on  is what you would have heard that night in Hawaii back on January 4th 1983 when Steven Tyler and the Boys in Aerosmith bashed out there song’s that night blasted!

Blasted in the most possible way as Aerostoned could! I love this stuff when I come across Boots as you can hear a band nitty and gritty with no studio fix up!

Aero, needs no fixing….

Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay here are the guitarists and nowhere to be found are original axe men Joe Perry and Brad Whitford having had already bolted(Perry in 1980 and Whitford in 1982) yet this is a real cool recording as the album and tour this is from (Rock And A Hard Place) is the only tour Dufay and Crespo did together.

You get the classic Aero Tracks like opener Back In The Saddle/Big 10 Inch Record/Lick And A Promise/Lord of The Thighs/Dream On/Sweet Emotion/Toys In The Attic played with a piss n vinegar approach. Aero was still headlining arenas but issues with Tyler passing out during shows was starting to ween on promoters but here in Hawaii Tyler shows up sings the tunes at times a little off-key rambling a bit between tracks BUT this is LIVE ROCK N ROLL!

I have always had a fondness for Aero 1982-86 when they were not so big on selling albums as Aero were basically fuckin stoned and in another time zone yet they in my opinion bashed out a couple of real good rock records in the polished kinda sounding Rock In A Hard Place and the Aerostoned rough sounding Done With Mirrors(when Perry and Whitford returned). Much debate has been made around these parts about DWM’s high scoring here(haha ).  I’ll leave it at that!

Too be honest perhaps those years (82-86) resonate with myself and TBone more than the common AeroFan as 1982 was the year I discovered Tyler and Crew as an 15-year-old!

The real selling feature of this recording are some of the tracks like Three Mile Smile and Reefer Head Woman from 1979’s Night In The Ruts album. Love the groove of Three Mile Smile with Drummer Joey Kramer driving the beat of both these tracks.

Lightening Strikes and Rock In A Hard Place are the only two  tracks that were played from the current release at this show which was a shame as there are a bunch of great tracks on Rock In Hard Place that could have been played live….

The band is focused on the two new tunes oddly enough especially the title track (Pushing new AeroProduct) which is hilarious where at other times Aero gets loosey goosey with some of the older tracks!

AlohaSmith is a great listen and considering it’s probably been bootlegged a million times over is a cool one to listen to as just a year later Perry and Whitford returned and Crespo and Dufay were let go!


12 thoughts on “Aerosmith/ALOHASMITH(Live 1983) Bootleg”

  1. I’m fairly interested in this period, so I’ll check out more of this on YouTube. I haven’t been all that taken by what I’ve heard from Rock in a Hard Place, but I’m curious about what Crespo and Dufay brought to the older (classic) stuff.

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  2. Lord of the thighs, what a title!
    Interesting to hear that the 82-86 window is the most resonant for you and TBone – that’s probably the case with a lot of groups for me.
    Even if it wasn’t their ‘best’ period, whenever I started listening to them is probably going to be my favourite!

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    1. Funny how that is with some artists though. If you want to hear quite possibly the best version of Lord of The Thighs look for it on youtube under Aerosmith Live Bootleg…sooo good!

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  3. This one is a must-get for me. You know what I love? Soundboard broadcasts…especially from obscure periods where there is little live stuff available.

    This stuff is becoming so common and it’s really a great bonus for us fans.

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      1. na….mind u David Hull was the bass dude. Hull was on the JPP’s Ive Got The Rock N Roll’s Again!
        Dude time to pour yourself a coffee and read my TBay Blues Fest reviews…
        I had u in mind when I wrote the first nights review in regards to Akimbo!

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