Alter Bridge/Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities(2017)


Tomorrow (Friday Sept 8th ) drops the new Alter Bridge triple CD album! (19 Live Songs and 11 Studio tracks)

Too say I’m not stoked would be the understatement of the decade. Alter Bridge has always put out quality product with all 5 of their studio albums, Each one has gotten better  than the previous one and if you recall  AB’s last studio  effort 2016’s The Last Hero was my third fav studio album of the year. Show Me A Leader off that album just flat-out smokes and mention must be made about the guitar duo of Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy who play at times cool classic rock riffs while colliding   with heavier riffs of Metal. The fact that Myles has one of the best rock voices out there also totally helps as well at getting AB’s point across!

Give em some props! Drummer Scott Phillips and Bassist Brian Marshall keep everyone in check while harnessing all that guitar action that’s going on around them.

This album was recorded over in England at the O2 Arena and by all accounts was the biggest show of their career.

Dig the fact that the Rarities  studio portion has tracks that have appeared on soundtracks or deluxe editions but as well there are 2 unreleased songs from 2004! In other words I have none of these tracks on the Rarities set! That’s gonna change!

Get This…..

I am!

15 thoughts on “Alter Bridge/Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities(2017)”

  1. A band I know very little about, but I have a couple of pals who rate them (and Tremonti). I have ABIII and Fortress here, but discovering the Creed link kinda put me off digging in.

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    1. Two different bands J.. Alter Bridge with Kennedy fronting the ship and playing some real hot shit guitar makes everyone forget about that other band that the other dudes were in….

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      1. HA!
        These guys are the furtherest thing away from Creed as possible….
        Creed had a good run no doubt but AB is one of the few new bands that I can wrap my head around and say I like them…
        Speaking of which in a couple of weeks I have a review of a newish band that will surprise everyone around these parts ….
        Stay Tuned Fella!

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  2. That’s nice when the rarities are actually rarities, and not tracks you’ve had for years already!
    I like the sounds of the guitar duo – that might be my favourite thing about the current GNR formation, Slash and Fortus feel more like duo leads than lead/rhythm, which is a nice luxury to have!

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    1. Thats cool Geoff as when I seen Gunners (1991 and 1992) Izzy played straight rhythm as did Gilby when I seen them live back than….it was Slash n Roll…all the solos were his..
      With age comes mellowness as its safe to say Slash has nothing to prove as we all know the deal..

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    1. Spun about 6 live tracks so far and the mix is done like you are there..
      Myles guitar is on the left/Marks guitar is in the right with drums/bass and vocals in the middle….
      They left the sound alone…almost soundboard like!
      So F’in Good!


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