Eddie Trunk: Essential Hard Rock And Heavy Metal (Book Review)



Haven’t done a Book Review in a bit so……

Radio and TV Hard Rock personality Eddie Trunk released a 240 page book back in 2011 that features a ton  of bands that Eddie  has had the privilege of interviewing throughout the years.

This book is a Monster! Plain and simple! Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is a great read. 35 bands are covered!(Foreword written by Rob Halford).

All the way from AC/DC through to Van Halen. Tons of your favourites as well in between.(KISS/Pantera/SLAYER/Megadeth/Metallica/Poison).

Lot’s of great inside stories from Eddie himself! One of the more interesting reads was when Eddie was approached by Jon Bon Jovi who wanted Eddie to work in the early 90’s at Jon’s Jambco Record Label.I won’t give it away but its a fascinating tale on how sometimes things look oh so good but your better off going the other way!

With each band getting their own Chapter, Ed posts his own personal playlist which is cool. Plus photos of backstage passes/backstage photos. Basically a treasure chest of all things Rock!  Eddie adds a Did You Know  feature and one of the real good one’s printed is about the Great Billy Squier whom I have said many times here at this site and others that Billy is the smartest man in Music!  Read it for yourself below!

I will add that not only are Eddie’s first hand accounts of artists real cool it’s the photography of Ed’s friend Ron Akiyama which are brilliant! All the pics in this book are by Ron! Amazing shots! As well with each picture the Date/Year/Where it was taken are documented! Some of my favourite  photos from Ron are the Judas Priest ‘Point of Entry Tour’ pics from 1981! Check out the photo gallery I posted below! Up until the purchase of this book I have never seen these pictures anywhere! That right there is the price of admission!

Check this book out if you come across it…Great stories and photo’s!

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