Richie Faulkner

As many of you know Richie Faulkner replaced KK Downing in Judas Priest back in 2012!

It always sucks when original guys split in bands and are replaced. Lead Singers leaving is one thing but when it’s a guitar player perhaps it’s a little easier. I dunno as I’m not an Axe Slinger per se but I think that over time Priest did the right thing by giving Richie the gig!

I think it’s pretty apparent of the videos of Youtube and last years release Firepower that Faulkner had a huge hand in recording what I think was the best all round album I have heard from Priest since 1986’s Turbo release. So it says something about perhaps injecting some young blood into a band of grizzled metal veterans that gave the Priest Franchise a serious hard reboot!

I see Priest has started another go-round of touring in the U.S/Canada and I have to applaud  them huge that they have totally changed up the setlist including songs that they haven’t performed in years like Out in The Cold/Steeler/Tyrant/Starbreaker and perhaps my fav out of the bunch (Take These )Chains which is brilliant.

I think to have a young dude on the six-string had something to do with shaking things up in the Priest camp.

Nice to see these old Metal Gods shaking up the set list and not doing the same old same old as, well I’m not going there!


7 thoughts on “Richie Faulkner”

  1. I think it is easier to replace a musician than a singer. And Priest has done good with Richie, no doubt. Hell, Ace replaced his whole band and look at the stuff he is playing now that his prior band couldn’t have done (or didn’t want to do). It isn’t always a bad thing.

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  2. I agree with ya, John. I was watching some clips and am amazed by how good Priest is sounding. The setlist​ is fantastic and they are out there still promoting an album over a year old!
    Ace I agree with you. His band has indeed shaken things up, but its too lousy Ace himself hasn’t practiced the tunes much…
    Sloppy is the word I’m looking for. haha


    1. Good call on Sneap, Joe! He also rebooted Priest as well. I thought it was great that both he and Tom Allom co-produced Firepower. Old school and new school combined which was a great production move on Priests parts.
      Plus Andy playing guitar with Priest currently is awesome as well.
      Some people out on the internet need to chill out in regards to these guys being in Priest.
      Someday when Priest closes up shop people will be complaining that they closed up shop! haha..
      You cannot win sometimes that’s for sure

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  3. I’m not completely familiar with who has been in and out of Judas Priest, but I’d agree that Firepower has some great energy.

    Good on them for feeling revitalised and keeping the tour going, too… definitely impresses me when I see these kind of bands still going strong and having the energy to tour properly. I dare say younger guys have that energy and motivation to keep on keeping on.

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