Thunder Bay Arena Rocks Top 15 “USED” Vinyl Purchases in 2019!




Hey, Folks. How about a ‘Used Vinyl’ Best of List? I thought since vinyl has been resurrected in my world I thought I would share with you all some of my fav bands/artists on record that I picked up in the last year!

The Rules are…

1- There previously owned by someone else.

2- Only One Artist per selection meaning Van Halen, for instance, I bought 4 Used Halen albums this year as that would jam up my list in no time!

3- 12 of these ‘used’ albums I have picked up at my favorite Vinyl shop here in Thunder Bay called “Moon Money Vintage”! They are the best place in town. If you are a local person reading this do check them out as they sell some clothing as well. Support local business Folk’s!


1- Aerosmith- Live Bootleg(1978): My fav Live album EVER! Live Bootleg I was on the hunt for months when I succumbed and purchased it off of Discogs. Such a brilliant Double Live  Album of a stoned n drunk Aero back in 1978. Funny enough after I got this album from Discogs I than actually seen it in Tbay at my fav Used Vinyl Shop (Moon Money Vintage) for $15. So what did I do? I bought the damn thing and gave it to Tbone as any good pal would do! Right?! Lol! Now I see Aero has finally reissued Live Bootleg themselves but I’m happy with my old pressing.

2- Kim Mitchell-Akimbo Alogo(1984): At the same time I ordered Live Bootleg from Discogs I also grabbed this fine release from Kim and crew! Akimbo has Mitchell burning up his fretboard on his strat like no one’s business. The lyrics are quirky(courtesy of Pye Dubois) but man oh man Mitchell hits a grand slam with this album.

3-Nazareth- Snaz(1981): Got my pal Muc to thank for this one as it was he who had Snaz back in 1981 and that was my first real introduction to the howling rasp of one Dan McCafferty who wails like no one’s business when introducing tunes like Razamanaz. Plus the fact that it was recorded in Vancouver is an added plus.

4-Van Halen-Woman & Children First(1980): An all-time game changer when I first heard W&CF back in the spring of 1981. This is an album by a band that was higher than kites but yet play beyond the point of brilliance and it all sounds live in the studio.

5- AC/DC-Powerage(1978): Who doesn’t love this album? Angus and Bon lay down some serious brilliant racket on this record and it has to be one of the best ever barroom brawl albums put down on tape.

6-Dokken-Tooth And Nail (1984): Love me the 80’s when Dokken put out a brilliant string of albums. Tooth And Nail displays the wizardry of George Lynch on the fretboard as He’s the man on this album Curious George had a bigger role writing tunes on this album than Donald Dokken himself.

7-RUSH-Counterparts(1993): Been slowly wanting to start on collecting some Rush Vinyl and Counterparts is one that  I’m really glad to have gotten. 1993 the year of Cobain and Grunge yet Rush get all gnarly with some heavy guitars, drums, and bass and kick out the jams like there BOSS and you know it!

8-The Who-WHO’S LAST (1984): Ah yes The Who. Cranky Pete and Grouchy Roger do the contractual deliver to the record company one final album back at the time as this was supposedly the Farewell Tour( insert huge bullshit LOL’S here). I always dug this version of The WHO as this is when I discovered them as they were breaking up the first time that is.

9-Ace Frehley-Ace Frehley(1978); My buddy had a bunch of KISS albums he wanted to dump so he dumped him onto me which now I have the whole 70’s output of KISS including the 4 solo albums. Ace’s is the best and we all know why. Ace was in another zone yet kicks out some serious tuneage on this album. Sorry, Gene and Paul!

10-The CULT-Pure Cult(1994): Everyone loves The CULT and why wouldn’t you? Wolfchild and Duffy put out this Double Vinyl set which is all of there hits from 1984-1994! An awesome compiled retrospective as you don’t really see many Cult albums in the used bins so I had to pounce.

11-The Police-Zenyatta Mondatta(1980)-The Police is another band that over time I have been collecting as they released 5 studio records and called it a career by 1985 which is ridiculous! Who does that? Well, when you have a guy named Sting who wrote all the tunes and kept most of the cash I think it’s safe to say it drove the other two dudes in The Police bat shit crazy so they called it a day. But outside the massive hits that we all know by The Police there are are some hidden gems buried on the grooves of those albums. Once I score the debut at some point(which is the last album I need) I’m going to review all 5 albums. You all have been warned and hopefully, I don’t get sued by Sting!

12-The Tragically Hip-Day For Night(1994)– The HIP is and will always be huge in Canada. There first four studio full-length albums are pure sonic gold so when Day For Night was in the bins it was a no brainer as who dumps there HIP albums in used bins in Canada?

13-DIO-Holy Diver(1983): My good pal at work and Arena Rock Reader Dean-o had a few albums kicking about that he was looking to sell as he was moving so I grabbed a 6 pack of albums from him and Holy Diver was one of them! Vivian Campbell lays down a guitar clinic of epic proportions on this album.

14-Iron Maiden- Wasted Years/Reach Out-45 Single (1986): When I came back from seeing  Iron Maiden this past September there were a bunch of Maiden 45’s in the bins at Moon Money! This 45 is worth the cash I shelled out just to finally get my hands on Adrian Smiths tune Reach Out which has him singing lead and is basically a mashup of Maiden and Bryan Adams! So Good! Plus the flip side is Wasted Years which is another Adrian composition. How many Maiden 45’s out there in the catalog of Maiden don’t have the last name of Harris attached to the song?

15-Loverboy-Notorious(1987): Guilty Pleasure right here folks. I actually could have gone with Honeymoon Suites(The Big Prize) or April Wines (The Nature of the Beast) here but it’s Loverboy man! An album I dismissed back in 1987 but Tbone didn’t folks. He bought it in 87 but kinda kept a low profile on it as he knew he could get razzed by his brothers or better yet me about it! (Tbone was a closet Loverboy/Nightranger/Bad English fan)^.  In 2019 I grabbed Notorious for $5 and its a fantastic rock record catchy hooks and Na-na-na-na Notorious! Great stuff! Plus Tbone was always a sucker for a good rock chick selling any album/cassette (see photo below) back in the day!

Coming up will be a one more Best of that being what I consider the Best Deluxe Edtion Box Sets in the past year!

^-watch for a new series I’m launching in 2019 called  ‘Tbone’s Closet Rockers’ 

19 thoughts on “Thunder Bay Arena Rocks Top 15 “USED” Vinyl Purchases in 2019!”

  1. Yessss! I dig a vinyl list, Deke. Some good stuff here and those Aerosmith and Van Halen LPs are high on my list of wants.

    Anyhoo, I’m not surprised to see Live Bootleg sit at #1. It’s great when you add a record you’ve been after a while, eh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I even looked for Live Bootleg when I went to Montreal two years ago and nothing!
      The problem is now solved. Some cool stuff i have come across when I think about it this year.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Mr J!


  2. Honestly some really nice scores here. That Cult, I don’t know when it was issued, but I didn’t know that was on vinyl. The Kim with the blue cover is the version I have as well. And of course that is an awesome Maiden single. My personal favourite Maiden single.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pal!
      Yes, Dokken is touring next year with Lynch Mob in tow as well.
      It would be cool to see. The smart way to sell tickets as well. Gotta be creative at times to make people go.
      One more best of list being posted tomorrow than I’m taking a break!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Day for Night icon show up on the Used list – how on earth did someone get rid of this?! Excellent score, Deke!
    In accounting class the other day, I introduced the CPA accounting professions research activity with the name that tune line from Grace too, “I’m total pro.” Fortunately, someone knew the tune, the future will be in good hands!

    Liked by 1 person

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