Tour Shirt Tuesday- Metallica

Hey, folk’s with some nice weather and summer rolling in this is going to be the last Tour Shirt Tuesday for a bit. I’m going to still be posting my Weekend Spins throughout July and August (with a twist stay tuned) and maybe the odd review here and there.  Tour Shirt Tuesday will resume in September!

Cheers To Ya!

I have my good pal Metal Todd who lives out West to thank for this cool looking Metallica 3/4 Sleeve Tour shirt that he graciously picked up for me back in 2018 when Metallica rolled into Vancouver.

I love the front of this shirt as it looks like a throwback drawing from the 80s. The writing under the skull ‘Now That We’re Dead’ is a track featured from the very good Hardwired album that was released back in 2016.

When I received in the mail this shirt from Todd that was the first thing that caught my eye was the song title on the front T which is perhaps my favorite song off of Hardwired.

 Killer T-shirt! 

Thanks, Metal Todd!


21 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- Metallica”

  1. Cool t-shirt but my favourite Metallica tee is the one with the hand holding the knife coming up through the toilet with the caption: “Metal Up Your Ass.” It was from the Master of Puppets tour.

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    1. I caught em once live when they did the co-headline tour with Guns N Roses back in 1992 and Metallica kicked Gunners that night to the curb!
      One thing Axl must have learned from that tour is you do not let Metallica play a full show before its your turn.

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      1. LOL – yeah, there are some acts you just don’t want to follow. Like when I saw Motley Crue, and Alice Cooper was the opener! If you’re gonna play after Alice, you’d better be in the upper echelon of rock. Just sayin.

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      2. Totally. I seen ALice opener for Maiden back in 2012 and Maiden dominated but in saying that Alice ruled as well. It was a win win double bill.
        Cooper was fantastic man when he headlined here!
        Such a great show,

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