Summertime Spin: Def Leppard-Hysteria(1987)

Hard to believe that as of tomorrow (Aug 3) Hysteria will be 33 years young!

Instead of doing a song by song breakdown of Hysteria which there are a million reviews of it( including this site) everywhere, I thought it would be fun to step back in the Time Machine and dial back to that day in August when Def Leppard released there first new studio album in 4 Years! (Pyromania was released back in 1983)

 4 years between albums back then was huge news as bands in the mid to late ’70s would release multiple albums in a year. As the ’70s rolled into the 80s you would have most bands putting out an album every year or at least under every 2 years but 4 years??

What the hell! 

Nowadays we’re lucky if a new album drops every 5-10 years lol

Age, of course, has something to do with it now but…

Back to  August 87.

I think it was Circus Magazine that I had first read about back in early 87 that the Leppard was pretty much done and Hysteria was targeted for a summer release.

Finally, I thought here comes some new music by a band that I had invested in back in the summer of 81 when my pal Muk bought On Through The Night and we were blown away at how good Leppard was and became instant fanboys!

I still remember August 3rd, 1987 like it was yesterday.

I worked my 6am-2pm job at our local hospital kitchen (doing up those dishes, mopping up that floor)^. It was raining out that day so I didn’t ride my bike to work instead I rode the 40 seat limo(transit bus)to my job,

Once 2 pm rolled around I was on the bus and off to the local shopping mall that had A&A Records and another record shop Music City and between the 2 of them whoever had Hysteria cheaper that’s who I would buy it from.

A&A was the winner and in saying that I think I still paid around $13.98 for it on cassette tape! The reason I wanted Hysteria on tape was for the good old trusty Sony Walkman so I could rock out with my bike out!

I was glad to see that Hysteria had all the packaging included in the cassette tape, not just some tape dumped into a blank case with the cover being the only thing to look at.

I basically had read all the credits listed inside the tape  on that 40-minute bus ride back home from the mall.

Def Leppard opened Hysteria with Women which is still a great opener on any Leppard album even though when Women was released as the first single it tanked on the charts. I’m sure there was a mild freak out over that but when all is said and done Hysteria is one of the biggest all-time Hard Rock sellers and why wouldn’t it be.

25 million and change.

Look at the first 6 songs on Side 1. (Women, Rocket, Animal, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Armageddon It) All singles! When you really think about it that was amazing. 

Side 2 though is no slouch with some great tracks like Gods of War, Run Riot and Don’t Shoot Shotgun. 

Basically, lot’s of great rock on this one folk as I don’t need to tell you that.

Joe Elliot, Rick Allen, Phil Collen, Rick Savage, and the late great Steve Clark knew their backs were against the wall in recording Hysteria (accidents, firing Jim Steiman as producer) yet delivered 12 classics on Hysteria. Mutt Lange should also be credited as not only did Mutt dial in the sonics but he also had a co-write with the Leppard boys on all 12 tracks!

 Once I started working full time in 1988 I bought a boom box and one of my first ever CD purchases was indeed Hysteria.

When Hysteria was released as the 20th Anniversary in 2007 I once again bought it on CD as it had an extra CD with material on it.

I think there is a pattern developing here.

Back in 2017, I was in Montreal with my good pal Tbone and I bought the 30th Anniversary of Hysteria on VINYL! Yeh!

Better yet at Christmas Time 2018, my 3 Awesome Daughters bought me the Leppard Box Volume One on vinyl which came with there first 4 studio albums, and Hysteria was included as well!

So now I had two copies of Hysteria on vinyl so what did I do?

Gave Tbone a copy!

^I nicked that line from Van Halen’s Diver Down album! Do you know which song it’s from?

Below is a Gatefold shot inside Hysteria!




35 thoughts on “Summertime Spin: Def Leppard-Hysteria(1987)”

  1. Big Bad Bill is correct!!
    I bought this album twice on the same day. One CD for the home stereo and one cassette for the old car. I now have about 5 copies of this album as well. 2 Vinyl, 2 CD and 1 Vinyl CD single box set that basically has every song on the album.

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  2. I remember sneaking into your room when you bought the CD to listen to it. It’s the one album for me that gets me in the feels….brings back all of those great 80’s teenage memories.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No kidding. I wonder waht the total count would be between all of us( Ladano/Snowman/HMO/deKe)? Lot’s of added funds to the Lepps pension I’m sure.

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    1. I got it around Christmas, so it’s more winter for me. Although I can pop it in any time of year and it’s still a classic with 12 great songs and killer sound courtesy of Lange/Green/Shipley.

      I’ve only ever had one copy, the original CD. You guys left me in the dust. I have had two copies of Pyromania though. The original CD and the MFSL gold disc. The gold disc sounded way better so I gave the original to someone else.

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  3. Definetly one of the great hard rock albums of the decade, and that’s summer’s soundtrack. You heard it everywhere you went! I read Mutt Lange said of it he wanted to make the “Thriller” of hard rock… a mega hit where every song could be a viable single. He succeeded!
    I remember A&A… bought some things there of course, but was always more of a fan of Sam’s in my city, and the flagship with that great spinning record neon sign in Toronto. And by the time I was working and the 80s were speeding along, an indie shop in Oshawa where I got alot of imports.

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  4. Nice post, Deke – lots of fun lines & visual images (like spending 40 minutes in a 40 seat limo)! Good point about the side 2, maybe not as many singles, but still plenty of strength.
    August 3, 1987 – 4 days before Sidney Crosby was born (on 8/7/87) and the Canada Cup ’87 was likely about to start then too!

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    1. Thanks for reading. That was a good game last night. I know Penguins came up short but still it was a good playoff game.
      Side 2 does have plenty of strength which always makes for a strong album.
      Brent Jensen wrote in his No Sleep Til Sudbury Book that when he was buying Hard Rock music in the 80s Brent said he would always skip the first track and play the second as the opener is always the strong track to pull you in.
      Track 2 would be the make or break for him.


  5. My favorite song by them was Bringing on the Heartache…I think that was on a very early album.
    They had a lot of influences like Badfinger…I think they covered No Matter What.

    This was a huge album… I heard it every time I turned on a radio…this and Pyromania.

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  6. Great album….was a huge fan of it back in the day. Great summer album for sure.

    Great Big Bad Bill reference. Was listening to Diver Down a little this weekend. Also a great album


  7. Now I’m pissed off that I didn’t think to play this album on the weekend! Summer of 88, this was it man. They already had how many singles by then? Late summer came Love Bites, so they had four singles. I wish I played it on the weekend lol.

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    1. I’m sure you will get another crack at it.
      I think your right as I remember Rocket coming out later (fall?) and saying to my brother at the time that the way it’s going you may get 12 45’s out of this album! lol


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