Sean Kelly Live Tonight!

Tonight at 7pm we will be talking to this guy on the right Mr. Sean Kelly who is one busy fella but has made some time for us to ask him a bunch of questions.

A classically trained guitarist(with four classical guitar records out) Sean currently is plugged in and playing with artists diverse such as Nelly Furtado, Gilby Clarke as well being a full time member in Coney Hatch and Lee Aaron

Sean has also written a best selling book “Metal On Ice” and is currently writing a second book which we will dig into.

He’s also a music teacher in the Catholic School Board so for him to make time for us is pretty special.

Dude is very busy….

Join us at 7pm on Mike Lebrain YouTube channel.

22 thoughts on “Sean Kelly Live Tonight!”

  1. There’s the saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy person, as they know how to manage their time.
    That’s great Sean made an appearance on Friday – if I remember correctly, he answered your written questions in a post a while ago, Deke? If he’s the one I remember, he came across as totally humble & gracious.
    I imagine he’d be equally engaging in an in-person format!

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      1. Fantastic to hear, Deke – I’m sorry I missed the live broadcast. I was saying to Mike (like a student trying to provide an excuse for unfinished homework), I have a valid reason, we were having a family Star Wars movie night!

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      2. (copied and pasted from my comment on Mike’s site!)

        Deke & Mike – I’ve really been enjoying this episode over the last couple of days.
        I appreciate the Saskadelphia shout-out (and the EP most definitely is right up my street!), Deke, any organization would be lucky to have you as their “half-ass” PR man!
        And speaking of self-deprecation, I’m a big fan of Sean’s grateful/humble tone, arguing there’s a million better guitarists out there. As he said, there’s a difference between a rock star vs. rock n’ roll attitude, and he’s got the right one.
        Great interview, gentlemen!

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      3. Cheers Geoff!
        Thanks for the kind words. “Half assed PR Man!” lol
        Sean was awesome. He’s one solid rock n roller with no attitude. Great guy and thanks for watching!

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      4. It was a (or I should say, another) solid episode – somehow the song No Sleep til Brooklyn popped in my head the other day, and I smiled thinking about the No Sleep til Sudbury / Madrid line from the Brent Jensen interview!

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      5. Hey thats awesome. Thanks for remembering. I’m really looking forward to our part 3 interview with Andy Curran on June 12th! it will hopefully have a little school flair as Andy is going to have a show and tell segment if all goes according to plan!

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