Summertime Spin: Bryan Adams- Reckless (1984)

I can admit that it wasn’t until the Summer of 69, oops  I mean the Summer of ’85 that I really got on board with the “Reckless” opus that was selling like hotcakes but had already been out in the shops since November ’84.

Bryan Adams was everywhere that summer as it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge and originally bought it on cassette tape.

Why the wait you ask? Simple. I had to stretch my funds until my summer job of washing dishes at the hospital. If Maiden, Priest, AC/DC, RUSH were to release music they took priority over everyone else musically that is.

Oh yeah add Rock Mags to that list!

So once young dEke’s had a little money in his pocket going Jing a little Jing I liked what I heard from the continuous rotation of Adams videos on MuchMusic!

“Run To You*,” One Night Love Affair”, “Heaven”, “It’s Only Love”, “Summer of ’69”, “Somebody”, basically more half the album was already out as singles so I liked what I heard especially the guitar chops of Keith Scott** who its say to safe is in my all time TOP 10 of 6 stringers!

But I have to say its those other four songs that seal the deal and they are not fillers by any stretch of the imagination.

“Kids Wanna Rock” (listen to those guitar licks courtesy of Mr. Scott), “Long Gone”, album closer “Ain’t Gonna Cry” (what an end of the album scorcher) and one of the best songs on “Reckless” that being “She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing”  which has a Stonesy like guitar riff during the chorus and features the great Lou Gramm on backing vocals!

An absolute beginning of the record GEM! (see what I did there Mr. Geoff Stephen?)

After “Reckless” I was onboard with what ever Adams was putting out up until after his “Unplugged” release as for some reason Adams found the light fluffy avenue of rock and decided to stay on that street.

Fair enough…


“Reckless” and the one that followed “Into The Fire”(1987) are such great pieces of rock that always deserve a spin at Arena Rock HQ’s!

I have an VHS insert in case Ladano wants to order a copy..

*- Adams offered Blue Oyster Cult “Run To You”  in which B.O.C turned Adams down so Bryan recorded it and kept it for himself.

Adams= Genius

Blue Oyster Cult= Dumb Ass Move

**- When Eddie Van Halen lists you as one his fav’s, I think it’s safe to say your doing something right on that 6 string!

26 thoughts on “Summertime Spin: Bryan Adams- Reckless (1984)”

  1. Nice one Deke! I jumped on board the Adams train for a long time due to this one and then left sometimes in the 90’s for the same reason. But seeing him live a couple years ago rejuvenated that feeling and I have spun a lot of his stuff over the last two years.

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  2. I loved this one too – one of my first rock tapes back in the day. RTY is a genius tune, but I think One Night Love Affair is the one that lasts for me. I went from this to Cuts Like A Knife.

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  3. Nice call on She’s Only Happy, Deke – and agreed, artists don’t always have to save GEMs like these for the end of the album!
    That’s neat to hear Eddie was a big Keith fan, I enjoy hearing musicians talk about their faves.
    And I really think this album is Exhibit A as to why the side 1/side 2 format is the way to go – Summer of ’69 deserves to be a side opener, not just a track 6 in the running order!

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  4. Hmm. Never knew that story about BOC. That said, “Run to You” does not sound like a BOC song to me. Not that it is a bad song, just not their genre. Just like Zappa turning down “Willing,” which Lowell George went on and recorded w Little Feat. Great song, just not a Zappa song. Anyway, good post!

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    1. I hear what you’re saying Jeff. That opening riff sure sounds like a BOC riff though, well to me anyways lol
      I was spinning it on the fact that BOC could have used a hit back in 84..

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  5. Loved this album and Into the Fire…..jumped off the Adams wagon after that, but damn those were two strong albums. Think I’ll listen to Reckless tonight

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  6. What was B.O.C. thinking? They needed a shot in the arm around this time…hell that song sounds like a hit period. Man it was played X10 where I was…Summer of 69 is still my favorite Bryan Adams song.
    Thanks Deke this brought back a lot of memories.

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    1. I don’t think BOC was thinking Max. That was the problem. lol… It cost them I’m sure some success as I still hear Teacher Teacher by 38 Special all the time and that was written by Adams/Vallance

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      1. I didn’t know that was written by them…yea BOC could have used a hit that later on…
        Sad about Charlie Watts man.

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  7. Outside of Springsteen, Michael J and Huey Lewis, few artists were able to roll as many hits off one album in that era as Bryan did. I had the album and while I didn’t LUV it, I liked just about everything on it and played it a fair bit, right amongst my Depeche Mode and Level 42s.

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