George Lynch: Seamless (2021)

Curious George goes right outside the box on what I believe is his first all instrumental guitar album.

The 12 tracks rock and George keeps it real interesting  as he just doesn’t shred like it’s the end of the world. Course there is that but George makes this album real interesting with a bunch of tempo changes and a killer rhythm section along for the ride as well. (bassist Eric Loiselle and drummer Jimmy D’Anda)

01. “Quiver”
02. “Cola”
03. “TJ69”
04. “Death By A Thousand Licks”
05. “iThink”
06. “Sharks With Laser Beams”
07. “Octavia”
08. “Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing”
09. “Falling Apart”

Bonus Tracks:
10. “Blue Light Effect”
11. “House Of Eternal Return”
12. “The Weight”

Considering I have been listening George since 1983 when I hear these songs there is that tinge of the Dokken sound in ’em.

Fair enough as Lynch was a huge part on that sound and I could actually hear “The” Don singing over a lot of this stuff so its that close to actually being an Dokken or maybe a Lynch Mob record .

But it isn’t and fair enough as this is George’s deal and he delivers a real solid instrumental record and normally I do not go for this kind of thing, but Lynch proves me wrong and for that I salute him!

As I mentioned George does go off on tracks in the shred department like “Death By A Thousand Licks” and “Quiver.”

I have to add I really dig it that at times  Lynch goes right down in the power trio format during the solos.

What a talent this guy is still doing what he does!

Now go and crank “Cola!”

So good!

dEke’s Stream O Rater …..9/10


27 thoughts on “George Lynch: Seamless (2021)”

    1. Thanks and as you know John I don’t roll with these kind of guitar only albums. But the thing is I can hear vocals being put over this stuff so maybe I’ll add my lyrics to it and release it lol

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  1. I really like this deKE. Will be checking more out. It didnt need lyrics for my ear. I did follow instructions .and “cranked”. I rarely do what Im told. Good stuff deKE
    If I was to go with the vocals which one would I give a listen to? Vocals scare me sometimes.

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