The Record Round Up- Thunder Bay-Aug 13/2022

One of my big gripes in this town is the lack of shops that sell vinyl. Sure we have ‘Sunrise’ and a few other outlets like pawnshops and what not  but what has been missing are ‘Vinyl Fairs’ so to speak where vendors show up and sell their collection.

Finally a few local folks have taken that task at hand  and have set up just this kind of thing that Thunder Bay so desperately  needs.

This past weekend (Saturday August 13th) was billed ‘The Record Round Up’ which took place in downtown T-Bay and along with my pal’s Probie and Scott we headed downtown for 10 am when the ‘Record Round Up’ was to start.

Course we got there at 9:30 am as this is all about scoring Vinyl!

Once inside it was really cool to see about five different vendors selling records.

Friggin A …The Wait Is Over…

First stop was a couple of great folk’s Chris and Misty who go under the moniker ‘Vinyl Frontier’ who sell not only used records, but sealed one’s along with box sets, Imports, books, all kinds of stuff actually.

It didn’t take too long once we started digging for Probie to show me  the cover of the self tilted sealed copy of the  ‘Coverdale/Page’ record.

Whoa! First thing I said to Probie was “Do you want it” Probie just handed it to me and said “no worries” and from there once I had the David/Jimmy record under my arm we all had our heads down back digging through the massive collection that Chris and Misty had showed up with. I’m talking a lot of records…

I scored from the ‘Vinyl Frontier’ the following titles… ‘W.A.S.P’s’ self titled. (I’m a sucker for ‘On Your Knees’, ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’, ‘L.O.V.E Machine’ as these songs take me back to ’84), the already mentioned ‘Coverdale/Page’ bootleg which is an all time great. (little over a year ago I had the good fortune to talk to Mike Fraser who gave the complete lowdown on recording this album as Mike was the co-producer and engineer on this classic)

(Crate after crate of L.P’s set up by Chris and Misty. I took this shot as there were people digging through records and well I didn’t want to bug or freak anyone out since I was snapping pics)

I had to grab ‘Whitesnake’s Come And Get It’ album from ’81 which my pal Muk had back in the day and one I had never owned til now.

From there I sauntered over to another local seller,  K.F who had a bunch of used vinyl and a some sealed titles as well. I picked up ‘Queensryche-Rage For Order’ along with ‘John Mellancamp- Uh-Huh’, ‘Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble- Couldn’t Stand The  Weather,’ a sealed copy of ‘Who’s Next’ and finally ‘Brighton Rock’s Young, Wild & Free’ release.

Kevin another fella who had a table set up had some amazing titles as well and the one that I scored from him was  ‘Maiden England’ by Iron Maiden which is a double picture disc vinyl which of course when it comes to Maiden they always deliver on the packaging. Plus I just flat out wanted it!

I have to say I had a blast as not only was it great to hang  with vinyl loving dudes like Probie and Scott but to also meet  folks who were there to sell records. It all about the social interaction and just sharing the love that all us Vinyl Heads have with L.P’s!






22 thoughts on “The Record Round Up- Thunder Bay-Aug 13/2022”

  1. What a haul sir! Sounds like a lot of fun. We had a record show this past Sunday…however, I was moving Payton in to her 2nd year of college so missed it. We have another in September that I hope to make. Digging is so much fun!!

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    1. I did change it as when I went with Half Arsed Reviews I did that as a joke than I kinda left it longer than I should lol
      Besides I’m reviewing vinyl basically all the time so why not lol
      Thanks for dropping in

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