(Arena)Rock N Roll All Night And Blog Everyday!

Something different here at Arena Rock and I thought I would drop down some Blog Stats that have been accumulating since I launched this site Aug of 2014!

First of all i gotta thank You! All  the readers for continuing to read my off the wall babble Rock N B.S ! Seriously without you guys and gals thru WordPress and my other pals and gals who get the blogs sent to there email  I wouldn’t be doing this and also a shout out  to the Peeps that check out the site via FaceCrack! I salute all of yous!

So these stats are up to Thursday June 4 th 2015…

Total Views to the site are….7,756

Total Visitors to the site…2,550

Total amount of comments..2,081

Total number of Posts….191

Top 15 Countries that dig the Arena Rock Tbay style!


2-United States

3-United Kingdom











14-Tie between Japan and Switzerland


Now here are the Top 15 viewed blogs here at Arena Rock!

1-3/4’s Kiss Filler Week- Kiss Unmasked

2-3/4’s Kiss Filler Week- Kiss Asylum

3-Sonic Waves- Helix -Wild In The Streets

4-Sonic Waves-Black Crowes-Stare It Cold (Live At The Greek 1991)

5- When Love and Train Wrecks Collide

6-Open Up And Say…..Blah!

7-Sonic Waves-Aerosmith-Night In The Ruts

8-1979 The Return Of Kiss

9-Sonic Waves-Current River- Masonry Man

10-Sonic Waves -Current River -57-90

11-Sonic Waves-Motley Crue- Motley Corabi

12-Sonic Waves -Slash/Myles Kennedy – World On Fire

13-Sonic Waves – Whitesnake-1987

14-Request Of Vinyl- Rush-Exit Stage Left

15-Request Of Vinyl-Guns N Roses-Live At The Ritz

In Conclusion- 

Well I gotta say so far so good and thanks to everyone from all these countries and many more that have stumbled across Arena Rock! Thanks and many more thanks to my wordpress peeps! Especially Mikey,Aaron,Rich,Scott,J,Sarca,Geoff,Jon,Joe who have been awesome and so supportive at commenting and posting articles of greatness themselves which you can see there awesome works of writing at there sites!

Back in October I succumbed and went on Facecrack after my pal from work Brother Bryce told me that’s he would read my babble wabble on Facebook! So once my post is here in WordPress I forward it to Facecrack and I have to say it’s been great especially as some people who I have not seen too much like Probie who takes the time from there busy days to read my b.s and comment and man that’s what it’s about or like others like Robbo who after reading my review on the Neurotic Outsiders went online  and purchased it! That folks to me is Gold at doing this site or when Rock Star Super Paulie went out and bought Whitesnake Live In The Heart Of The City after I reviewed it on my Whitesnake week(remember thats the one when I dropped Priests Point Of Entry halfway thru Whitesnake week! Doh!)

Special mention must be made to Muc(Mr Ladano calls him Muc Lange!) who was the really the first guy that I know had bumped his record collection to about 100 records as a 14 year old in 1981 and comments quite frequently on my stuff on Facecrack! Thanks for commenting along Muc! Safe journeys out west Young Man!

Of Course Tbone as well. I think I told Sarca one time that Tbone was and is great Blog Fodder as he has ridden shotgun or well been the dude on many album,cd purchases through out the years. It was Tbones idea to do 3/4’s Filler and for that I have thrown him under the bus on a continous basis but he loves this shit! Honestly he does! Thanks T for not kicking my ass!

The Top 15 viewed Blogs was pretty cool to check out to see what was popular and to be fair I got some help as in the two 3/4’s Filler Kiss Week a Kiss Fansite in Germany linked my articles and the views just went thru the roof! ( props to the German Kiss Army) and also Helix’s Wild In the Streets had a ton of crazy views  also and that was thanks to Mike Ladano who shared the Helix review to Helix Bassist Daryl Grays Facebook page and the views for that one went up as well! Thanks Mike and thanks Daryl!

Out of all the reviews I have scribbled(can’t call it writing ha!) the Black Crowes Stare It Cold is the one that is always getting views kinda awesome that it would be that one and well it’s a great live one! But it just keeps on gaining slowly but surely and passing others…..

Of course it was neat to see mine and Tbones old rock n booze outfit Current River crack the top 10  with our two 20 year old re released songs get views ) what’s more surprising was my story on Tbones wife Christine’s 40th Birthday Bash(When Love And Train Wrecks Collide) I still have nightmares of Tbone wearing that friggin Mop On his head!

Seriously though thanks folks……

Why the video Mr Cab Driver Deke? Why Funkin not? It’s Rock! Arena Rock!

16 thoughts on “(Arena)Rock N Roll All Night And Blog Everyday!”

    1. Hey welcome back Sarca! Hahahaha. Funny thing was I unfollowed MIKEYS blog and I dont know how the hell that happened! Still a rookie! Hahaa….

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 191 posts from the guy who used to just lurk and comment. WAY TO GO DEKE! You’ve come a long way, you’ve established your niche and place in this community, and you keep cranking out the awesome. I knew you could do it buddy. Here’s to 10,000 more. I’ll be reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha…lurking around…..more like a BloggerStalker! Haha…thanks man you have been a ton of help around these parts! Always answering my ?’s pronto! This has been fun…..


      1. Always glad to help. Often enough it is me that needs help, so if I can pay it forward, right on.

        Keep on blogging Deke. You’re rockin’ it.


    1. MIKEY,your the culprit for all of this! Hahahaha….damn Google search on Helix led me over to Ladanos HQ’s and once I posted a comment…I was Hooked and not in a Great White kinda way! Hahahaha…..
      Thanks also for guiding me along this Crash Course In Reads!
      I dunno about a book Mike,I would lose my shirt on this thing as the Editor would make a killing financially on me by correcting my use of profane,grammar mistakes,punctuation disasters ….
      Geez,come to think of ….
      I’m A Mess!
      It’s Only Blog And Roll….
      But I like it!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations Deke!
    You’ve really found your calling and your audience.
    I like the sound of the book idea.
    Keep up the great writing and perspectives!


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