Cheap Trick/Silver(2001)



Hip Hip Hooray! Cheap Trick back in 2001 were celebrating there 25th year in the Music Biz and what better way to acknowledge that feat than to release a 31 song Double Bubble(double album) recorded live in there hometown of Rockford Illinois!

A few month’s back I tossed Tricks Lap Of Luxury under the Bus but when it comes to live Trick this is where they excel!

Silver is the title of the album(geddit!) and the Cheap Tricks as in Robin Zander,Tom Petersson,Rick Nielsen & Bun E Carlos leave no musical stone unturned in there vast catalogue of Awesome Rock! 

Trick pulls out tracks from every single album! You want Hits Yep they are all here!

Check Out This Track List…..

Disc one
“Ain’t That A Shame”
“I Want You To Want Me”
“Oh, Candy”
“That 70’s Song”
“If You Want My Love”
“She’s Tight”
“Can’t Stop Fallin’ Into Love”
“Gonna Raise Hell”
“I Can’t Take It” (Acoustic)
“Take Me to the Top” (Acoustic)
“It All Comes Back to You” (Acoustic)
“Tonight It’s You” (Acoustic)
“Time Will Let You Know”
“World’s Greatest Lover”

Disc two
“The Flame”
“Stop This Game”
“Dream Police”
“I Know What I Want”
“Woke Up with a Monster”
“Never Had a Lot to Lose”
“You’re All Talk”
“I’m Losin’ You”
“Hard to Tell”
“Oh, Claire”
“Just Got Back”
“Day Tripper”
“Who D’King”


Kinda cool as some guest players drop in like former band member (bassist) Jon Brandt takes over on bass for the two tracks that are featured from the great One On One album(If You Want My Love and She’s Tight)

Slash riffs n rolls on Your All Talk! Billy Corgan jams Just Got Back while various members of the bands family show up and help out on various tracks.

Some of my faves are She’s Tight,Gonna Raise Hell (with Tom’s 12 string Hamer Bass distortin and locked in with Bun E on the drums). A boozed up late late night run in with the Dream Police, Hard To Tell is a great written piece of power pop from the classic self titled 1997 release Cheap Trick. Actually I could go on it’s all good even the two songs from the Lap Of Luxury album The Flame and Never Had A lot To Lose are a little more amped up (especially NHALTL).

What can you say about Robin Zander’s voice! Whether it’s 1976,1986,1996,2006 or 2016 Zander’s voice is still in top form and  he is easily one of my fav vocalists out there  no dip in quality whatsoever.

Tom Petersson and his 4,6 &12 string Hamer Basses holds down the fort sonically.

Bun E Carlos is a great rock drummer for this band and plays with a almost like Jazz Rock Swing kinda like Bill Ward on those 1970s Sabbath albums.

Rick Nielsen  wrote a ton of Cheap Trick songs and is a great rhythm guitar player who dabbles in leads. He’s one of the few dudes who write tunes to feature the singer(Zander) than to feature himself guitar wanking off during solo’s….

Check out Silver…..

39 thoughts on “Cheap Trick/Silver(2001)”

    1. It Scott some tracks are like a puzzle on why they did it but for the most part its a real cool Live Retrospective and the sound is raw not fixed up in the studio….

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    1. Agreed Scott! There are some tracks that were kinda bizarro like Time….but I like the fact that they did not edit out anything and included everything!
      Cannot go wrong with Live Trick!

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      1. Jon Brandt never got his due man with those guys but at least Trick acknowledged him not like Sixx wanting to forgot all about a certain 1994 Crue album!
        Wake the FUCK Sixx! Its basically your best piece of work…

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    1. For sure Geoff…These kinda bands are few and far between. Trick themselves had some debatable 80s Slop but I stuck it out with them for the most part…Didn’t like the Doctor album too much from 86 yet still purchased Lap Of Luxury in 88 kinda still disappointed and went ahead and bought Busted in 90 and like was getting worried. 94 comes and there i am buying Woke Up With A Monster and was like UUUUUUGH. Yet Trick saved me and tossed me a musical bone when they rereleased the Budokan stuff in the mid 90s…..

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  1. This one sounds pretty good. Rivals the Budokan? And Carlos is on there… the whole Cheap Trick and Carlos relationship is an odd one (I think we’ve maybe discussed this before, eh?)

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    1. No J not close to the Budokan but still a good representation! Budokan is in a league of itself….I have the deluxe here at home i need to review that one as i only reviewed the single Budokan album….


      1. Hmmmmm. WOnder what this could be!

        Just got my Kiss Radio broadcast box set in and I’m rocking out to the COMPLETE Animalize Live Uncensored for the first time in many many years.

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      2. Yeah I listened to half of it! It’s crazy to listen to it again like you said after all these years….the tempo is crazy hahaha…its like they did a ton of Speed backstage and hit the ground Running!

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      3. Also Mikey cool how we segued into Kiss during the Cheap Trick Post! Trick opened for KISS in 77 and Nielsen on the back cover of Budokan is using Stanleys Black Ibanez….

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  2. Wow, Deke, you made me want another live Trick album that isn’t Budokan! You’re absolutely right about the live sound (and his voice). They absolutely nail it in concert – I’ve seen it for myself!


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