Dr Zuess’s Green Eggs & Ham Experience! (1994)

Came across an old Thunder Bay Compilation CD of various artists from 1994 entitled Hot Smoke & Sassafras that featured a bunch of local acts on it. Acts that were plying there trade in the local bars at the time.

Except for….

Me and Tbone were at a local show at the time  and one of the fella’s that put this comp together was selling it. So to support local acts we each bought a copy as we were both intrigued by the name of the one-act that was calling themselves Dr Zuess’s Green Eggs & Ham Experience. Never heard of this act….before or after for that matter!

The Liner Notes credited them as….

Dr Zuess- Lead Screamer.

Cat In The Hat-Backing Screamer/Producer

Ed Jr- Guitar

BassGOD-Bass and Drum Machine Programming!

The first video posted is PISS-MOAN-WHINE while the second tune is S.O.B… Piss Moan Whine is a 45 second rant while S.O.B is a 4 minute rant!

Check em out for a laugh….What a bunch of Goof’s! Actually some one posted the whole compilation on Youtube…

Thunder Bay Rawk Circa 94!

27 thoughts on “Dr Zuess’s Green Eggs & Ham Experience! (1994)”

  1. Hahaha.

    Cool local comp. I saw “Drum Machine Programming” and had a really bad feeling.
    I got through 10 seconds of each song, so at least I tried.

    That comp needed Current River to make it wayyy better. Obviously everyone in town was jealous of you guys so they left you off.

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  2. I listened to that comp on Youtube.

    A ton of really cool tunes. I love finding out about little known Canadian bands and then trying to find out about band members.
    I will look for this one.

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    1. Funny stuff for back in 94 amidst Grunger Mania!
      These guys were like ‘TrainWreck Trash!” and thats a compliment…
      I mean the dude lifted a great line in that …
      “You steal the Hash..I’ll bring the Beer!”

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      1. True but this local comp was put together by a fella named Eric (can’t recall his last name) but he stated a label here in Tbay “Meathead Records” If you search on Youtube one of his punk bands from here was called “Headcramp”..they were funny as shit..lyrical especially…

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      2. A weird rime for music.

        I seem to remember a tailing off trend of Brit pop too. Garage rock, alt rock and alternative. Also music seemed to be quieter and mellow. Unplugged was still a thing.

        Then Nickelcrap (and their clones) and Nu Metal hit. UGGGGHHH

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      3. I was even at that time searching for new rock..it was tuff man..very few new acts came out that piqued my curiosity…
        For the all hammering that Creed took…Out of it comes AlterBridge with Kennedy in tow and here we are and AB are fuckin phenomenal!


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