Greatest Guest Post’s: Mike Ladano

Ok folk’s! Here’s one for the ages!  From Kitchener Ontario!  The one an only Mikey Ladano in which Mikey’s was the first blog I ever discovered about 5 years ago when I was surfing the internet and came across Mikey’s WordPress Site!

I commented on his Helix interview with Brian Vollmer and after that cruised his site and seen that he reviewed about 400 KISS Albums hahaha Twice over hahahaha… I thought this  guy’s whacked! 

Seriously though I was impressed and told him that and he laughed and told me he dated a girl from Tbay who took a bunch of his cassette tapes to our local dump here in Thunder Bay! So that has become a running gag at times over the years…

What has to go down as one of my all time fave blog reads was when Mikey reviewed Ace Frehleys 1988 Second Sighting release in which Mikey gave it a 4.25/5 review!

What really is a hoot is when the Drummer on this Frehley album(not telling you his name you need to read this post and find out for yourself!) commented on what was being said about his drumming….

I tagged Ladano as a Troublemaker in which he really isn’t but hell it’s fun and he  hasn’t told me to shut my pie hole about it…YET!

So as you will find out you never know who will show up and comment…. So kick the post and the comments as well! 

Shit folks pour yourself a strong drink….and enjoy!

REVIEW: Frehley’s Comet – Second Sighting (1988)

27 thoughts on “Greatest Guest Post’s: Mike Ladano”

  1. Hahaha, oh shit! For the record it was Jompa Wilmenius that was the trouble maker! I didn’t do nothin’!

    Weird that it was the Vollmer interview that caught you…easily the worst interview I’ve done so far.

    Thanks buddy!

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    1. Jompa started it and his wording was harsh. He kept egging you on hate on Jamie Oldaker. You did agree he played behind the beat. Just an observation though, not hate.
      I think Jamie was very civil in how he handled the criticism. He handled it a lot better than a certain Buffalo area musician for sure.

      Dekes comment about being fucking gold made me laugh.

      I agree with Deke on your great site. You are what inspired me to start a blog so thanks for that.

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      1. Yeah it was but as u said Jamie handled it well! That Buffalo Wing tuned me up quicker than his Bass! hahaha…
        I realized by Mike’s post you really have to watch what u print as people are reading and not just your follower’s!
        That Buffalo Wing baffled me as he looked right past my compliments!
        I just took the high road at the time and didn’t want to slag the Wing but I did really appreciate the support of my Friends!

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      2. Yeah that sounds about like how it went down! Not happy was I, at all. The Scientologist from Buffalo can also suck my wang.

        Jompa, like many of my friends, can be very opinionated. You should see what he has to say about Ron Nevison!

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    2. That Vollmer was good…I couldn’t believe your site man…hahaha…
      I was hooked that it was reviews written by an actual fan….and I could leave my 5 cents worth of comments everyday!
      Thanks to you I met a ton of fellow music fans… Mr Books says Community…..Absolutely!

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      1. Bah…the Vollmer sucked…I was talking over him and stuff, I wasn’t letting the conversation flow. But I did it, it’s done. Vollmer would only do an interview by phone, not by email, but I have to say that the best way to interview is in person.

        I’ll be hopefully doing a full Max the Axe band interview in the new year. Might take some arm twisting because a certain Meaty friend of mine doesn’t like talking in front of a camera as much as I do. But he could just sit silently, kind of like Mick Mars…

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  2. “I commented on his Helix interview with Brian Vollmer and after that cruised his site and seen that he reviewed about 400 KISS Albums hahaha Twice over hahahaha… I thought this guy’s whacked! ” – this really did make me lol

    Mike truly has the blog we all wished we have for ourselves. An inspiration, for sure!

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    1. You bet Kev. Mikey is passionate about his writing and it comes through in spades! From discovering Mikes blog I found Mr Books and it rolled from there and that’s the best thing…
      Yeah Mike’s still whacked! haha

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  3. I’m curious to go back at some point and find out when/how I ended up following all these terrific community sites – I think it would be somewhere around 5 years for LeBrain’s site for me too. Cheers to LeBrain!

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    1. All Hail Lebrain!
      Basically how I discovered other bloggers and I think yours was one Geoff was through the comments of Mike’s posts. I would click around and Bam!
      I know for a while I was commenting and calling you Stephen…hahaha..
      I had no idea man!
      Whole new world as I had heard of the term ‘Blog’ but did know what it encountered. I sure do know now! haha…

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      1. Ha…no kidding…
        It’s funny as I mention that their are people out there reading this stuff.
        Not to long after Mikey posted on either Cooper or Roth and in the comments we were talking about Steve Hunter and the albums that he played on and a day later Steve Hunters wife was thanking us for the kind words about her husband as he went uncredited on some of his work on albums like the early Aerosmith albums….


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