END OF The Road

Hey, Folk’s just a quick little blurb just letting you all know that I’m packing it in with the reviews and such at this site. To be honest I need a break and after 782 posts I really have nothing more to say. I have a few things posted up to the 17th of this month and then that’s a wrap.
Thanks to everyone who supported/commented along the way. It was awesome to get to know you all. I will still comment on your blogs but for myself personally posting and such, I’m outta gas!

Thanks, and Happy Trails…


27 thoughts on “END OF The Road”

  1. Sorry to hear. The reviews and comments from the music community you contributed to building are the heart and soul of the music industry. I really am grateful for the reviews, comments and kind words , especially the local shows I presented. Thank you & see you at the shows.

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  2. NOOOOO! It can’t be true!! Is it April 1st??? I won’t accept it and will be in denial for a long long time.
    If it is true…mad props Mr. Deke! I have enjoyed all your posts. And Don’t worry, I will still bug you on Facebook and such. I’m glad I found your site years and thanks for all your support as well over the years.

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  3. If this is true then… great job on all your posts and I’m glad we met!

    I reckon you should give it a break and see what happens though. The bug might bite again. And no need to decide. I’ve left my site unattended for months before. It’s no big deal. Just pick up where you left off.

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  4. Well, as I’ve said to you elsewhere, I didn’t see this coming… but I get it.

    Though I’m with the others in suggesting you leave the door ajar should you ever feel like you got your writing juice back.

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  5. Wow – can’t believe I have read 782 of your posts! Will miss reading them…but I understand where you are coming from. We will still see each other around the Reege

    Who is gonna make fun of T-Bone in public now?

    All the best


  6. Hi Unablogger,
    Please reconsider. We’ve all taken extended breaks from blogging, and as others have said, no big deal to pop in and out every so often. Leave yer boot in the door, ok? Never promise, but like Billy Joel says, wait until that second wind comes along.

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  7. What…
    every time I’ve announced something in my life, everyone goes to me if I’m drunk or high. Lol.
    But 782 posts is a lot and I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting and thanks for checking my site out and commenting.
    Recharge your batteries dude and you’ll be back. We still have unfinished Y&T business. Hahaha

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  8. I felt bad liking this. I understand the sentiment. I’ve considered stopping, even though there is ample more stuff to read, and plenty more concerts to attend. But hey, maybe in the legacy of KISS and Motley Crue, you will say “That’s it” and then start back up again. Hope so. Will miss your posts. Rock on brother, and don’t be a stranger, regardless of your final decision.

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  9. Say it ain’t so, Derek. Many of us bloggers have gotten to the point you’re at. I’m confident your muse will return and you’ll be back at some point. Just like all of our favorite bands. They all say they’ll never reunite and then something eventually changes their minds. Until then, enjoy your time in the real world. It’s a lot nicer out there than the complainers would have you believe. Cheers.


  10. Say what?! I missed a BIG announcement, didn’t I? Well as you know I’ve been struggling with the same thing. You said exactly what I have been thinking – “I really have nothing more to say.” Email soon…


    1. Ha. I was wondering who was going to call me out on that. I did indeed have 3 posts but shelved them for now.
      They may appear at some point but I dunno…
      But thanks for reading closely Kev!

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