Well Folk’s if you watched our interview with Andy this past Friday you would have noticed the technical bugs that ended our interview prematurely.

Andy being the great guy right away said he would come back and we could carry on and finish the interview that me and Mikey had started with Mr. Curran.

From Soho and beyond…

So join us this Friday April 16th at 7pm to finish what we started as we have lot’s more to discuss. I’m not giving away any inside info.

If you missed Part 1 you can watch it below beginning around the 36 minute mark. Lots of great conversation with Andy amongst some glitching.

See you Friday Night!

15 thoughts on “HANGING WITH Andy Curran PART 2! FRIDAY APRIL 16TH AT 7 PM!”

  1. Excellent, man – I’ll be tuning in. As I said over at Mike’s place, that chat got me interested in those Coney Hatch albums. Especially the first one. I might not get my hands on any of those limited live LPs, but I’ll be keeping an eye out online for some of those studio albums on vinyl.

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  2. In the tradition of Hot Shots: Part Deux, Andy Curran on the LeBrain Train: Part Deux!
    And I hope the Rangers can make a late run & catch Boston, it would be nice to see an all Patrick Division Round 1, Islanders/Rangers, Caps/Penguins would be something else!

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    1. Thanks Geoff. Going to tuff as the Bruins have games in hand but with the Rangers being a young team I’m good whether they sneak in or miss out as they have showed up in most games..
      As a fan that’s all you can ask really…

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