Crazy to think that the Ozzman’s “No More Tears” album turned 30 years young this past September. In saying that comes the reissue both on a digital format (bonus tracks and demos) and vinyl.

I scooped this one up on vinyl when Amazon added it as preorder back in July.

I will go on record and say that “No More Tears” is my favourite Ozzy solo album followed closely by ’83’s “Bark At The Moon”.

What about the Rhoads albums you ask. Fair enough.

“Bark At The Moon” was the second ever solo Ozzy album I  got after receiving the double live “Speak of the Devil” which I got for Xmas ’82.

The two Randy Rhoads records came after BATM. Don’t get me wrong though as I love that era of Oz but its just where my entry into the world of Ozzman happened and that was with Jake E Lee on the six string.

“No More Tours Tour” was when I caught Ozzy live and not only was he plugging this release in the summer of ’92 but it was announced at the time that this was his final tour.

If it had all played out and Ozzy had walked away , what an album to have gone out on!

But as we know that didn’t happen as Ozzy came back in ’95 in which he called that tour “Retirement Sucks”.

Getting a little ahead here…

Back to 91 and Ozzy drops this album and the band and Ozzy step up huge…

Can you say Mr Tinkertrain?

“Mr Tinkertrain” is a stellar opener as the one thing that stands out to me is Zakk Wylde’s playing on it especially come solo time as his lead work is bonkers. What a solo…

The rocker tracks which make up this record are brilliant. “I Don’t Want To Change The World”, “A.V.H”, “Zombie Stomp”, “Hellraiser” and the title track all sizzle as Zakk along with Randy Castillio and Bob Daisley drive the bus forward musically while Oz tosses down some great lead vocals.

Two of the tracks to my ears have always been what I would consider two of the best tracks that Ozzy has cranked out are “Desire” and “S.I.N”.

“Desire” I feel is Wylde’s best playing put down to tape. That solo that Zakk cranks out of that Gibson is through the roof while “S.I.N”  just takes your head off once the the band kicks in. Plus the choruses to these two tunes are catchy as heck.

Special mention to Zakk on that outro solo on “S.I.N” which is bat shit crazy good.


Even though I’m tired of hearing “Mama I’m Coming Home” on local crap radio it’s still a good track as is “Road To Nowhere” which closes out the album.

Glad to own this one on vinyl now as its amazing that at the start of the 90’s Ozzy was already at this game called rock n roll for over 20 years but capturing lightening in the bottle along with a killer band paid dividends in the end as 30 years down on the line its still a must own.



35 thoughts on “OZZY OSBOURNE: No More Tears”

  1. I’m one of the folks who thinks No Rest was superior to No More Tears. We played the shit out of it summer of 92. I think the B-side Don’t Blame Me is better than most of the album tracks. And I’m pissed off that Ozzy puts the bonus tracks on his iTunes editions!

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  2. If this album is 30, then we’re old, Deke! Lol. Man, oh man. This was part of the pile of stuff (including Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Metallica and Extreme) where Aaron stopped listening almost exclusively to jazz and started listening to a broader palette of music. Great tunes, Zakk’s squealies… what’s not to love?

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      1. Well I listened to pop radio too (Gowan, Bryan Adams, Platinum Blonde, Glass Tiger, etc) but yeah I had a lot of jazz, swing and blues in there too.

        Yup the squealies suit the songs on NMT, agreed!


    1. The vinyl is a straight up version of the original. All the extras are on iTunes. They did the same thing with the first Blizzard 40th Anniversary release last year. I’m ok with it, Ladano not so much.


  3. I played the hell out of this for years when it came out but I can’t say I go back to it much. I think I might echo Mike’s statement that No Rest For The Wicked has aged better. But NMT is a great album and the vinyl looks awesome.

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  4. What I was thinking too, time flies! I heard on radio this morning that Kelly Osbourne turns 36 today. I liked the two or three tracks I did hear off it and was very surprised back then when I too was hearing Ozzy (“Mama I’m Coming Home”) on basically pop radio … good song, I bet a lot of listeners didn’t even know who it was.

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  5. Always wondered about Zakk Wylde…. here is why…he is a huge Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers fan….the Allman Brothers in the nineties were needing a guitar player for a show and he flew in… The Allman Brothers never moved around a lot on stage….they are more like jazz and blues guys…and here comes Zakk…running amuck around the stage spitting water and beer up while the other Brothers looked on in shock lol.
    They had nothing but good things to say about him but they took him aside and told him…Brother Zack…calm down a little bit. I would have LOVED to have seen that. He would have fit with Skynryd much more because they are more of a rock act.

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    1. Lol thats a great story. Check out Zakk’s debut from 94 called Pride and Glory. Its a power trio record that is basically Skynyrd on roids! I personally don’t think Zakk ever topped his debut..
      Check it out…

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  6. When it comes to my fav Ozzy album, I cop out and say “Tribute” because I can decide, lol I think this is truly the last great one. Mama I’m Coming Home makes more sense within the context of this album. It is just not the same when you hear it on the radio.

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