Rolling Stoned In Minneapolis

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So 1994 and the biggie tour that year(along with Pink Floyd)is the Stones supporting there great new release Voodoo Lounge and when they played Toronto in August of 1994 myself and Tbone flew down to that show with the Stone Temple Pilots opening and what a great bill. When it announced also that the Stones would be playing Minneapolis Dec 11 1994 my pal Oinks who went haywire in  good way and bought all those Stone reissues in 94 was in and we were off to Minnie…….

Through the cold and snow me and Oinks made it safe and sound and man it was freezing cold in Minneapolis but did we give a shit? Nope it’s the Stones and I think Oinks in fairness to him was deaf in the ears of me blathering on like a idiot (all the way down to the show from Tbay which is a 6 hour drive.) about the Voodoo Lounge show from Toronto! The dude was a good sport!

The Spin Doctors were the opening act and well there tank was running on empty from there earlier success so I guess this Stones opening gig was probably there last time playing to 50,000 plus crowds but man that first album of there’s Pocket Full Of Kryptonite had some good tracks like What Time Is It?/ Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong and the biggie catchy tune Two Princes! The crowd was receptive to them and now……

Tribal drums,swirling lights big ass stage production,over the top props(Honkey Tonk) and the 5 fellas calling themselves the Stones!(Jagger/Richards/Wood/Jones and all know there names so I’m cheating here!) take the stage to Not Fade Away and boom Mick is on the harmonica and man…what can you say this show is huge!

So what do Tumbling Dice,You Got Me Rocking,Shattered,Live With Me,Sparks Will Fly,Satisfaction and Beast Of Burden have in common?

Classic Tracks folks and thats just the first 8 songs! Now onto more as in Far Away Eyes,Heartbreaker,(personal fav is next) Love Is Strong,It’s All Over Now,I Go Wild,Miss You and Honkey Tonk Women and Wowzers now one of my highlights of the Minnie show when good Ol Keef stammers up to the mic and launches into Before They Make Me Run(another personal fav of mine) and The Worst!

One of there epic tracks Sympathy For The Devil with crowd chants of woo hoo hoo woo included,Monkey Man and a all time great Street Fighting Man! The Steel Wheels Tour opening song Start Me Up is cranked and right into Its Only Rock N Roll and closing out things my favourite song about porridge! Brown Sugar! Ha!

Course no Stone show finishes without Jumpin Jack Flash being played and fireworks over the huge Chrome stage are firing  off and man if me and Oinks had been baked we woulda been flashbacking as if we were in some trenches in Vietnam….

Great show ….great band…..classic songs….shit man this was huge!

Fast forward to April 2015 and a pal of mine from work named Clinton told me the Stones are hitting the road playing something like 15 dates and Minneapolis is one of em! He asked me my thoughts I said if there playing the enormo domes and stadiums you will not see a bigger production than The Stones and well…..Gooooooooo!

Case in point the video I posted is the Voodoo Lounge tour from Rio and you all can see for yourselves what a huge deal this was! Check out the video at the 40 second or so mark….man thats how you start a stadium gig!

9 thoughts on “Rolling Stoned In Minneapolis”

  1. I wish I could Like this 1000 times. Hooray for Stones! That sounds like yet another perfect gig. Good on ya for seeing ’em twice in the tour!

    I think we’ve previously established that we were at the same Toronto gig? I was 35th row, center floor. So. Awesome.


    1. Me and Tbone were under the roof at the CNE ….everyone else got wet even Mick! Ha! We had a blast what a great live show! I wish they would have properly done a live record from 94…


  2. Aw man. This band would be a great one to see live. Alas, too many bones for my pocket book.
    I think it’s awesome you kept a scrapbook to all these events. SO DAMN COOL! 🙂


  3. I’ve never managed to see them, although my dad used to go watch them in clubs in London in the 60’s. The one time I tried – Keith cut his finger and it was cancelled on the night.


  4. That’s awesome about your dad seeing them back way yonder Joe! Man that sucks they axed the show what tour was that?


  5. Sounds like an ace gig, man. I caught the Stones during the Bridges to Babylon run. A rescheduled date in Edinburgh. Marvellous stuff. Sheryl Crowe was the support, if I remember that correctly. The Stones ripped it up, though. Incredible show. Big stage and they filled that sucker. Keith and Ron are brilliant to watch.

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