SONIC WAVES…..Triumph/Thunder 7

Hard to believe that in late 1984 this would be the last real good studio Triumph record …Ummm ever!

1981  Triumph puts out the 100% Deke full endorsed Allied Forces and you can check out that article here….

1986 Triumph puts out what is in musically speaking terms a Titanic like Musical Disaster(Sorry Probie!) that you can chuckle here about…..

Triumph was a real good band and when they released Thunder 7 in 1984 it was a quick purchase. Thunder 7 had a cool cover and I loved the power trio format especially in Triumph were it’s basically riding on Rik Emmett and his guitaring many styles like rock,classical and more rock! Where Gil Moore drummer boy was the co lead vocalist with Emmett as well and Mike Levine who wore hockey jerseys,played the bass and managed them as well….

Triumph always would get compared to that other trio from Toronto(Rush) and i always thought who cares there different bands man the only comparison is there from Toronto and thank god Geddy Lee didn’t have Mike Levines stache!

Rocky Mountain Triumphs Way……

SPELLBOUND- Wowzers some diddling synth sounds and boom bass drums and Emmett on guitar get the show started and we’re off.Gil lays down the lead vocal and were rocking  with a great chorus and of course Rik lays down a great solo and I’m Speeeeeeeellbound! Triumph is rocking it down …..check out the live video posted a few years later from Probies(Ha) fav Triumph album Sport Of Kings Tour where Triumph had a fourth memeber added on second guitar(Rick Santers)

ROCK OUT ROLL ON-a slow plodder of a rocker! This Is Riks tune so there’s guitar and  a slow groovey tune! Cool Rik solo and Wowzers Triumph 1984 is fine and well! Of course 2 years later in 1986 …Umm I ain’t going there!

COOL DOWN-Emmett throws down the acoustic classical style Zep like trimmings and the song does ramp up and no wonder this sounds like Zep to me Eddie Kramer  dialed this album in as producer and he produced Zeppelin so there Ya be!

FOLLOW YOUR HEART-Big Triumph single! Gil handles the vocals and with Triumph they always wrote positive lyrics! These guys weren’t bummed out well they probably were after Sport Of Kings album torpedoed Into the dumpster commercially speaking! Seriously though Follow Your Heart kicks into gear with the chorus and its a great tune! Great solo and Triumph kicks good ass on this tune!

TIME GOES BY-Now this is tune is big Triumph Prog! Rik handles the vocals and man he nails down some riffing especially during the solo where his solo reminds me if Eddie Van Halen was in a head on car crash with Angus Young! What’s even more impressive is Levine actually lays down a solid bass line and doesn’t run out of gas! The solo ends and its back to Triumph Prog! I gotta tell Ya folks that after not hearing this song for years this is classic Triumph! Basically stuff the musical bong full of riffs,airy keyboards,snappy happy Gil Drumming,Mike Levine playing keep up and ladies and gents ..EXHALE! Check out the video posted!

MIDSUMMERS DAYDREAM-Rik showboats himself on acoustic guitar! The cat was by far the real deal in Triumph. Meaning he was very important by that  I mean his riffing in the power  trio format was essential as he kinda to my eyes and ears carried the other two dudes to great heights! Like say in the my old band that i was in with Tbone! (Current River) I rode Tbones contails basically I was the Mike Levine of the Current River Band! For starters I pushed Tbone to write tunes than we had to put out our music,do shows, and oh yeah play a half ass sloppy bass and the real clincher for me was in Mike Levine fashion was i even wore a New York Rangers jersey at one of our shows! For the record though I never ever have grown a stache! I’d probably still be single today!

TIME CANON-acappella of the word …TIME ,TIME,TIME….ged it?

KILLING TIME-is one of my fav tunes from Triumph! Why you ask? Simple says I. Gil and Rik share lead vocals on this track. Why these guys never did this more often in Triumph I will never know but man Killing Time is a Great track. Kinda Boston like in the verses and I love when the chorus kicks in. Rik jacks up some power chords and we’re off! Check out the video posted to get a dose of the Rock N Roll Machine circa 1984!

STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND-Rik man he’s the king of guitar chops! This is groovey Triumph! Rik nails down the lead vocal and were off an running!

LITTLE BOY BLUES-ends Thunder 7 as a musical as in Triumph is playing  the blues not singing just playing and once again Rik shows the cool kids on guitar how to do it!

IN CONCLUSION-Thunder 7 was produced by Eddie Kramer,he of Kiss fame! Word on the street was that Eddie and Rik butted heads over the guitaring of Emmett Or something to that effect!

For me though this is a real good Triumph album. Allied Forces I would still rate higher in the Triumph catalog but never the less this is a real solid deal! Kinda funny as Riks voice was tailor made for radio play(Lay it On The Line,Magic Power,World Of Fantasy) but it’s that crazy guy Gil on drums who gets the single meal deal with the two tracks Spellbound and Follow Your Heart are the ones that the vids are done for!

Interesting …..but still 1984 and in my hood the Rock N Roll Machine is alive and well!

10 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Triumph/Thunder 7”

  1. My first concert ever. Honeymoon Suite opened(Helix ooened some of the shows as well). I might do a write up on it someday. Still in my top 10 concerts of all time. Baggin’ off school. Hitching a ride with my buddy to Toronto. Hanging out with street musicians on Yonge Street. Underage drinking(shhhh, don’t tell my mom). Awesome memories, and everytime I hear this album they all come flooding back.


    1. Triumph and Helix were supposed to play here March of 85 but our Gardens was booked for hockey so Triumph passed thru but Helix showed up and played our University! Since that tour I always try and catch Helix when they come to town! I posted this story as my first comment on MIKEYS Helix article on his Blog …..thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem. You had me at Triumph.
        I am still pissed off at the band for reunited in Oklahoma and Sweden. HELLO. What about a Canadian reunion. How about a 25 city tour across Canada and then call it quits. I still have my sealed Triumph at the US festival that I will open the day they reunite. I guy can hope right.


  2. Last good Triumph album, ever. And sadly still not even close to as good as the first album!

    Real shame about this band and they way they ended on a severe slide.


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