The Rolling Stones/Totally Stripped(2016)

You gotta love The Stones  even though they too have a ton of compilations,greatest hits sets,live albums they can always make it interesting.

Case in point. Totally Stripped is The Stones rocking it still and even though it’s the Stones stripping back on a lot of bells and whistles and rocking out these 14 tracks.  These tracks are not snooze ville renditions! No Way Jose! It’s the Stones playing with a ferocity a hard swift boot in the ass that makes this album real enjoyable!

Mick Jagger/Keef/Ronnie Wood/Charlie Watts/Daryl Jones/Chuck Leavell/Bobby Keys/Bernard Fowler and Lisa Fisher Lay down the Stones Juggernaut Sonically!

Check out these 14 Bad Boys….

“Not Fade Away” – Amsterdam
“Honky Tonk Women” – Paris
“Dead Flowers” – Amsterdam
“Faraway Eyes” – London
“Shine A Light” – Amsterdam
“I Go Wild” – Paris
“Miss You” – London
“Like A Rolling Stone” – Amsterdam
“Brown Sugar” – Paris
“Midnight Rambler” – London
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – Paris
“Gimme Shelter” – Amsterdam
“Rip This Joint” – Amsterdam
“Street Fighting Man” – Amsterdam

First of all these recordings are from 1995 so their  2 plus decades old! No biggie as the Stones were firing on all 4 cylinders during the Voodoo Lounge Tour..

1995 The Stones released Stripped which features some of these tunes but these songs on Totally Stripped are recorded on  different nights (except for Street Fighting Man)  than what was heard on Stripped!

Cool idea and to be honest once I read that I was onboard!

Neat that I Go Wild from the Voodoo Lounge album is featured here in a rocked up jam out version and I will tell you that Mick N Keef are strong here while Ronnie bends and flicks some neat riffs..

Faraway Eyes is featured and is rarely played so thats a bonus as it’s a great track. A slower paced Stones track…..

The real deal for me on this album is Midnight Rambler. Always have and always will love this track. This is the song for me that makes The Stones great! Ron and Keef lock horns on the guitars while Charlie drives the tune from behind his drum kit! Everyone talks about Jagger and his deal as one of the best frontman in rock but no one talks about his harmonica playing. Mick gives er on the Gob Iron. Midnight Rambler is one of those songs you don’t want to end and what is most impressive is how the Stones slow the tune right down and then on cue ramp it up without falling all over themselves as they crank it back up! Total Gem!

Gimmie Shelter….is another song built around that guitar riff and the backing vocal of Fisher who Grand Slams it out of the park with her singing! I always think of the movie Casino and Coke  when I hear this song! Ha! Another all time great..what can be said about it?

A real nice addition here is the inclusion of Rip This Joint. The boys start it and Mick kinda drifts and then Bam it stops within the first few bars! The band rock it back up and are off! It’s good to see them leave mistakes on here as it shows they can still be a bar band at heart and be sloppy yet they can mop up their mistake and continue without missing a beat! This is what makes em great!

Glad this album came out as don’t be fooled by the title as you may think its a whole unplugged deal…

Nope its the Stones…an all out Barroom Boogie Assault!

30 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones/Totally Stripped(2016)”

  1. Interesting. This seems to have come out with little to no fanfare. I’l check it online. But as another poster said, I probably have enough Stones and enough versions of these songs that I’m not sure I need more.

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    1. Jim,
      Thanks for dropping by and checking out the review. Your right there was hardly no fanfare for this. Even on iTunes I had to search it and than it popped up..
      I will add that the Stones are real good here……


      1. I’m listening to the album right now on YouTube. And yeah, it’s good. I am no country fan but I’ve always liked the Stones country songs. So I especially liked hearing Dead Flowers and Faraway Eyes.

        Question: (for anyone). I am going to put together the all-time mother compilation of Stones stuff to drive around and listen to. I’m good on the studio side. But I wonder what the consensus is for best “live” albums to choose from. So I’m thinking “Ya-Yas,” “Love You Live,” maybe this one, the recent Hyde Park (because of Mick Taylor.) Thoughts?

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      2. Jim,also check out Still Life (album)from the Tattoo You Tour! There’s also a full show from Hampton Virginia (1981)that is available from the Stones site….
        Both awesome selections….


      3. I’m not just trying to add to the game of adding to the list of every Stones live record ever, but I say don’t forget Flashpoint. For pure bombast and great versions (and Clapton on Little Red Rooster) I find it’s really hard to go wrong with that one.

        I also second Love You Live.


      4. Recommend at will. My goal is to listen to them all, pick the best from each. For example, maybe ‘Midnight Rambler’ from Ya=yas or Hyde Park. I’ll be a while doing this (going all the way back to Stones’ first studio album) but I’ll definitely do it. Thanks.


      5. Good call Aaron on the Flashpoint album! Even the studio track which I reviewed “High Wire” is a great track…


  2. I thought this was a great release … and they’re certainly on great form. It’d been a while since I listened to Stripped, so this was very welcome. Cheers, Deke!

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  3. I love the look of this. I WANT IT! But I want to research a bit more to see how much is duplication of the original Stripped CD I have from back in the day. The DVD, of course, would still tip me over the edge, but I feel like I need to look!

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  4. ALWAYS liked Stripped. Perhaps the last great LP they did? Don’t hit me Aaron!

    There were also CD singles and whatnot floating around with B-sides and other tracks from the concert. Hopefully all of that stuff is included here, I’m not the Stones expert, but you know me, I like the complete-est package you can get.


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