Tea Party/Live In Australia..Reformation Tour(2012)


Whoah! Them Tea Party Boys  sure know how to spread there musical chops now don’t they as a 3 piece ….

Jeff Burrows – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Stuart Chatwood – bass, keyboards, harmonium, mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Martin – guitar, acoustic guitar, theremin, esraj, oud, bowed guitar, lead vocals

Hell some of the instruments listed I have no idea but Wowzers pretty damn impressive for some Dudes From Toronto isn’t it?

So like a lot of bands The Tea Party had a real good run in Canada and Fellow Bloggers “Destroyer Of Harmony” home turf of Australia back in the 90’s into the 2000’s before the wheels came off and they shut down and went and did various projects.

It was over at Mikey’s site that he reviewed the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Edges Of  Twillight . Great read review as always and that got me thinking….over to iTunes I go!  Here’s link to Mikes site…

REVIEW: The Tea Party – The Edges of Twilight (20th anniversary deluxe edition)

But also like a lot of other bands The Tea Party ramped back up and hit the tour trail and once they got to Australia some live recording was on tap and here’s Live From Australia which I ended up purchasing  and Boom here it is…..

Here’s the track listing from the album……

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. “The River” 9:30
2. “The Bazaar” 6:40
3. “Lullaby” 5:46
4. “Psychopomp” 6:50
5. “Correspondences” 8:18
6. “The Messenger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 5:05
7. “Fire in the Head” 5:14
8. “The Badger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:42
9. “Shadows on the Mountainside” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:31
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. “Sun Going Down” 11:13
2. “Halcyon Days” 7:20
3. “Save Me” 11:32
4. “Heaven Coming Down” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:45
5. “Release” 6:17
6. “Temptation” 5:33
7. “Winter Solstice” (Not on Vinyl Release, Not listed on CD sleeve) 2:03
8. “Sister Awake” 8:22

Tea Party plays a rip roaring barrage of Huge Bombastic Rock with a musical Muscle of Swagger and why not as these 3 cats are talented! If ya got the chops show em off. Tea Party does that but it’s  not really showing off as there is no musical whack  off here. Just a lot of Fantastic Rock!

The River is a great opener and at over 9 minutes The River lays down all the crazy off musical trimmings and the boys take you all over the place. The chorus is Gold! Big Swooping Power Riffs from Martin as Chatwood and Stuart drive the rhythm machine in behind Martin! Love it!

Alot of the songs are built up this way and at times stripped down like The Messenger. Sun Goes Down I posted and at 11 minutes it gives you a real good taste of rock done different.

This album is basically a Greatest Hits album done Live Style! The only real knock I have on it is each song fades out but that may be due as these recordings were pulled from various locations in Australia.

Crazy that this album has been out for about 4 years and it just came on my radar a few months back and it was a no brainer to buy!

I suggest you do it as well…..

25 thoughts on “Tea Party/Live In Australia..Reformation Tour(2012)”

  1. Wowzers, that’s a Hits setlist if I ever saw one. I’m with you, in that I never knew this existed until now, and it surely rocks. Well done, Deke, thanks for letting know this one was out there!

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  2. I saw the 20th anniversary tour of Edges last year in my hometown, then I had a shot of Jager with the boys at the bar and got all my stuff signed. They sounded awesome and they are really cool dudes.
    They had that album for sale at the merch booth but I didn’t buy it. Then I saw it at the thrift store sealed for $2. I ran to the counter to pay. Sometimes you get lucky.

    So what I get from this album is it is stripped down, but no musical whack off. Good to know.


    Nice write up dude.

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      1. Not the best but up there. I got 2 albums worth tons at thrift stores but they are for an upcoming post.

        I want to do a most valuable in my collection post. Perhaps a group thing is in order.
        Could be about $ value. Or maybe another one about what you consider most valuable, regardless of monetary value.

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      2. I just found out there is a Triptych Tour Edition double cd, and something called The Capital Demos.

        If only there were a completist amongst us.



  3. Today it is like weird coincidence day. The radio was playing the new Hip as I was reading Mikey’s new Hip album review, and they were giving away tickets to see Jeff Martin as I was reading your post. Weird.

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      1. Well then rest easy. It ain’t ever gonna happen because you can’t get me drunk enough (without killing me by blood alcohol poisoning) to be willing to listen to that.


  4. Well reviewed Deke – absolutely, what a mix of instruments the three lads from Taranna incorporate into their distinct sound. I just looked up an ‘esraj’ – looks like it would be fun to try to play!

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    1. Haha…awesome! Thanks as always for dropping in! Funny how many cool power trios,came from Toronto! Rush/Triumph/Tea Party and surrounding areas of Toronto including the Ladano/Stewie/Sarca Combo Xpress!

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