Santers/Racing Time(1982)


Hey Kids Remember My First Santers Review Of There Shot Down In Flames debut album? You do? Ha…ok yeah sure you do!!! No worries here’s my finding’s!


Thats right Santers those Young Dudes( well back in 82 that is) ripped out 3 pretty decent albums that did ok but should have did better. Hailing from Toronto they adopted the Power Trio format and Boom with this being album Number 2 they were on a good roll so much that myself and Tbone became instant Fanboys as did a few others at our High School!

Racing Time dropped some pretty decent CanRawk and the Santers Brothers  Rick(Guitar and Vocals) Brother Mark (Drums) and Sidekick Rick Lazaroff (Bass) played some good rock!

Santers ……

1 Mistreatin Heart 3:15
2 Mystical Eyes 3:50
3 Still I Am 3:30
4 A Dog Without A Home 3:03
5 Road To Morocco 3:51
6 Two Against The World 3:28
7 Back Streets 3:03
8 Winter Freeze 3:57
9 Hard Time Lovin You 3:07
10 Racing Time

Racing Time was a little more Raw in the production end of things on this album but make no mistake this album has stood up pretty decent  over time!

Still recall seeing these guys here in Tbay at out Local University (Lakehead) early 1983’ish where as a young 15-year-old watching these guys play that night they blew out my eardrums! They were Friggin Loud! Don’t believe me watch the  Live Video I posted below from their Racing Time Tour playing the superb Road To Morocco.

See what I mean! Santers are on fire here… Pretty damn good display of guitaring especially during the solo!No fooling around as these Cats could play! Actually a lot more UMMMMPH live than in the studio but hey there was no wimping around these parts!

Racing Time is basically your straight ahead No Frills Hard Rock Album by that it’s not meant as a Slag it’s just Santers did what they did and by that they did what they did well! Whut??!

Seriously though the songs are well crafted Hard Rock Nuggets. Opener Mistreatin Heart should have been a bigger single which features a driving piano that doesn’t drown out anything .

The last tune the title track features a Bona fide Piece Of Cool Guitar Riff A Roo courtesy of Mr Santers! Check it out as I posted the video at the top of the post which features the album cover of Racing Time. Good stuff….

If you come across this…

Grab it!


16 thoughts on “Santers/Racing Time(1982)”

  1. Deke – I like how in the tracklist, Racing time is the only track without a listed length – which I interpret as, riding the strength of the cool riff-a-roo, that Santers managed to win the race!

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  2. Gonna try to leave a comment here without getting spammed again!

    I actually have no Santers. I’m not sure how that happened, I guess I’ve never really looked for his records. I would have found them if he was filed under Triumph!

    I think I need these hard rock nuggets. Maybe we’ll find some in Toronto. Don’t know if I want to pay more than a few bucks but we’ll see!

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    1. No Spam today Mikey your good! The first two Santers are worth hunting for! Good Rock! The Third album Guitar Alley is more slick sounding but is pretty decent…Rik Emmett produced that one…

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      1. I think I would be happy to pick up “any” Santers if the price was right. In fact I’m really surprised I have none already. The only thing I own is one cover track on Masters of Metal II. HeHEH…”metal”?

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  3. Today, honestly, I don’t remember your previous post, but I commented on it at the time, so clearly I knew back then!

    It’s a good day, Deke is bringing us the rawk! Yes! Cool one, buddy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen their stuff in shops.


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