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THE OFFSPRING: Let The Bad Times Roll (2021)

I have always been a sucker for some good power punk pop and The Offspring do a great job of delivering 12 tracks that clocks in at just over 33 minutes.

Hit em quick and leave em wanting more might be the concept behind The Offspring in 2021.

I’ll be the first to admit that back in 1994 like many I hoped on board with the album “Smash” as I really dug “Gotta Get Away” and “Self Esteem” as the deal for me was the vocals of Dexter Holland who can…. actually sing.

Power Pop Punk!

My Offspring collection is patchy at best but when I read that the name of Bob Rock is attached to this project you know the album will be decent enough and the sonics will be dialled in.

The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll tracklisting

1. This Is Not Utopia
2. Let The Bad Times Roll
3. Behind Your Walls
4. Army Of One
5. Breaking These Bones
6. Coming For You
7. We Never Have Sex Anymore
8. In The Hall Of The Mountain
9. The Opioid Diaries
10. Hassan Chop
11. Gone Away Requiem
12. Lullaby


“Let The Bad Times Roll” gets off to a great start as “This Is Not Utopia” just smacks you over the head with the drums and percussion of Pete Parada.

I have to add that these songs race at a decent clip and for all intent and purposes thats fine by me as this album needs to be cranked loud on your headphones as its just one of those records that needs to be heard that way.

“Coming For You” is a great track featuring another driving drum beat (handclaps included) and one stellar chorus. You have to hand it to guitarist Noodles as he knows his place in the songs. If it needs a solo than a solo it is, if not all good as well.

The title track and “We Never Have Sex Anymore” of course have that flair for radio play but so what. A good catchy track is a good catchy track.

So take that!

When I first listened to this on Apple Music I had to chuckle as there is “In The Hall of the Mountain” being played musically at 100 mph and clocks in at exactly a minute!

Those funny punkers.

The album closes on a chill out vibe with the piano drive “Gone Away Requiem” and “Lullaby” which are ok but to be honest I like the original amplified “Gone Away” much better but if Dexter and Noodles want it this way than I suppose thats the way it should be than.

“Let The Bad Times Roll” is a fun spin in a world that could use fun as thats what punk n roll is about…

deKe’s Stream O Rater Rating….7/10


Another fabulous Father’s Day Score from the Family from Aux33 Records in Montreal!

“Live At The Ritz” has to be one of the most bootlegged live shows of KISS or it has to be close as its a radio broadcast from the summer of 1988 just as KISS was about to embark on their European Tour.

Being that this is a radio broadcast and its already 34 years old (yikes!) it sounds good as this show is out on many different formats as well as many different covers.

This version is no different as its a limited pressing of 500 copies in which I have number 387 and on orange vinyl to boot!

So for any KISS fan out there you know that this cover is all wrong! That is the cover of the KISS “Monster” album from 2012!

Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are pictured on the front cover as well. We all know that Tommy back in 1988 was in “Black N Blue” and Eric Singer was drumming for Gary Moore and others as they were no where near being in KISS at the time. Mind you Simmons produced the “Nasty Nasty” album by Black N Blue around this time so there is a bit of a connection!

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley had ditched the makeup eight years earlier in 1980 and on board with KISS at this point time was Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr(RIP).

I’m thinking maybe they slapped the makeup cover on as a selling feature or maybe the people putting this together had no clue.

Then again the credits listed on the back cover featuring the two lineups are correct, so who knows. Imagine if they had gotten those wrong?

Either way it’s a great show to have on vinyl as for some this is “KISS ALIVE 3” and fair enough as I’m onboard with that theory.

I have reviewed this already a few years back when Mikey Ladano sent me the tracks so an actual breakdown of this album you can find elsewhere around here.

I will add its a nice looking set with it being a triple gatefold and all three records being orange as well.

Record Three- Side B is the selling feature as its a great audio recording of KISS being young and going for it before Alive broke them big in the year 1975 and changed them forever!

Pretty cool little 5 pack of KISS tracks featuring original KISS homeboys Peter Criss and Ace Frehley in the mix as well. How about that live version of “Let Me Know.”!?

That pic above is the inside layout with the correct version of the classic lineup of Simmons/Stanley/Carr/Kulick.

The pic below is the 70’s classic lineup of Frehley/Criss/Simmons/Stanley. 

I’m really glad to have this added to my collection and finally getting a live version of “Bang, Bang You” on vinyl! (insert laughter here)

All kidding aside this is the warts n all recording of KISS at the back end of the 80s and its a great representation of that era of the band.

Robert Plant: LIVE AT KNEBWORTH (1990)

Another RSD 2021 score from Montreal is this little ass kicker of a 4 song EP from Robert Plant recorded during the Knebworth concert from the summer of 1990 in England. Also featured at that show were Genesis, Pink Floyd, Status Quo amongst others.

For myself personally I love this era of Plant’s career from “Now and Zen(1988”) through “Manic Nirvana (1990)” to “Fate of Nations(1993)”.

What a killer three pack of albums from Robert and his band at the time.

“Hurting Kind” and “Liars Dance” are two songs that were featured on the current Plant album at the time “Manic Nirvana” whereas “Tall Cool One” was from the previous album “Now And Zen”.

Speaking of “Tall Cool One” love how the band shifts gears at the end and does a snippet of “Custard Pie”.

“Liar’s Dance” is easily in my all time Top 5 Plant solo songs. This live version is so friggin good. Guitarist Doug Boyle lays it down brilliantly on acoustic guitar while Plant delivers the goods vocally.

Such a killer track which proves the theory that you can kick ass in different ways than always running an electric six string though a Marshall stack.

The other show stealer is of course Plants old homeboy Jimmy Page showing up and along with Plant’s band they rip through “Wearing And Tearing”!

That’s right “Wearing And Tearing” the last track from the never talked about (except around here) album “Coda”(1982)!

Talk about digging in and pulling out a deep track!

Even though it’s only a short listen, what a brilliant four pack of tracks!

R.I.P Phil Johnstone.


A huge round of applause for Hip drummer Johnny Fay who unearthed these six songs on this little 20 minute ass kicker of music from The Tragically Hip who hail from my pal Geoff Stephen’s hometown of Kingston Ontario!

“Saskadelphia” is the EP I needed to own on vinyl as the songs on it were recorded back in the fall of 1990 and for myself those first two Hip albums “Up To Here”(1989) and “Road Apples” (1991) are pure Gold in both songwriting, performance and production!

Producer Don Smith (RIP) and Bruce Barris(RIP) on those first two records dialled it in brilliantly as its basically the five Hipsters playing live and boy did they deliver the goods on those first two albums. Two of my all time fave records period!

The Hip thought these tunes were lost in that Universal Fire but Johnny Fay was able to uncover these six tracks well 5 actually (the sixth song “Montreal” is a live version from you guessed it, from Montreal back in 2000) are so good its amazing they were left off of “Road Apples” studio album 30 years ago!

I have told this story a few times but it was around this time that myself and Tbone caught The Hip live. The first time was back in February 1988 at Crocks and the second time was March 1990 at Lakehead University.

That March ’90 show had the Hip rolling onstage at midnight and blitzing through the debut album “Up To Here” in basically its entirety.

What is interesting is The Hip we’re road testing at the time three songs that would not appear until the following year in early ’91 when “Road Apples” was released.

“Fight” and “Three Pistols” were played that cold March night but the opening tune that night was “Crack My Spine Like A Whip”.

Yet when “Road Apples” was released “Crack My Spine” was nowhere to be found on the newly released record!

I was dumbfounded to say the least! For a split second I thought maybe its a hidden track?

Mmm nope..

What happened here? Whose in charge? Who at the record company do I speak to? Where is the “Whip” tune?

Well now 30 years later the problem has been rectified and what a great song, one of the bands best as far as I’m concerned as its the Hip firing on all cylinders as I can still picture them on that University Stage that night playing there style of barroom boogie rock.

Johnny Fay staring straight into a spotlight that night while not missing a beat behind the kit. Bassist Gord Sinclair and Lead Guitarist Bobby Baker hanging out on stage right keeping the band on the tracks while on stage left there is rhythm guitarist Paul Langlois, strumming his 6 string electric guitar. The strap being held by duct tape while a cigarette ash the length of my arm dangled from his mouth as Paul sang the backing vocals.

Singer Gord Downie (RIP) was holding centre stage with his long hair and a big bushy beard as Gord was in another zone that night while delivering the songs and not missing any lyrics. When the band would launch into the guitar solos, Gord like any great rock singer would do at times, he would dump the mic down the front of his pants!

What a great show…

Sorry, I went way off topic but these six songs are so good to finally hear. “Ouch”, “Not Necessary”, “Montreal” (Live) lead off Side A. Three stellar songs.

Side B leading the charge with the “Whip” tune makes me reach for the volume dial on the stereo! “Just As Well” is a hidden gem. The band is cooking by this point while the last song “Reform Baptist Blues” is one kick swift in the crotch as it has the Hip going 100 mph in a 55 mph zone!

Cool that they added Gord’s original hand written lyrics with different titles in the album.

Nice to see the album get to #2 on the charts in Canada as well as getting to #66 in the U.S which may be their highest chart position ever in the States.

It’s amazing these songs were left off the radar for 30 years but thanks to the determination of the guy’s in The HIP we’re all for the better of hearing Gord and the boys delivering some good time blistering rock one last time…


For some, well let’s say many when it comes to discussing The WHO lineup’s over the years it’s Keith Moon or nothing. I get that. For myself though my discovery point of getting into The WHO was when they were breaking up in 1982 when I was 15!

So for that fact the two Kenny Jones studio albums that Ken drummed on, those being “Face Dances(1980”) and “It’s Hard(1982)” will always be held in high esteem around here at Arena Rock Central!

Sorry Moon The Loon! Love your stuff too but this period of The WHO is my entry point.

This year for Father’s Day my three daughters and The Boss let me run wild online for RSD 2021.

I hit my go to place AUX333 in Montreal and I scored with four albums (which you will see in reviews at some point sooner than later) and this one that I have been wanting to own on vinyl since 1982 which is ….

THE WHO: Face Dances!

You Better You Bet I got a copy!

Now years ago(mid eighties) I bought “Face Dances” on cassette tape for $5.99! I loved it yet when I got back into buying vinyl seriously about four years ago I began the hunt for this album.

Thanks to RSD in June 2021 I search no more!

Pete and Rog have reissued “Face Dances” and once I seen that I was thinking I need to be getting this one!

Got it!

LP1: The Original Album

Side One:
1. You Better You Bet
2. Don’t Let Go The Coat
3. Cache Cache
4. The Quiet One
5. Did You Steal My Money

Side Two
1. How Can You Do It Alone
2. Daily Records
3. You
4. Another Tricky Day

LP2: Face Dances Part 3

Side 3 
1. I Like Nightmares
2. It’s In You
3. Somebody Saved Me
4. Dance It Away (previously unreleased) with Roger on lead vocals
5. Don’t Let Go The Coat (previously unreleased) with Pete on lead vocals

Side 4 All tracks live at Grugahalle, Essen, 28 March 1981 and broadcast live for Rockpalast
1. Don’t Let Go The Coat (previously unreleased)
2. You Better You Bet (previously unreleased)
3. The Quiet One (previously unreleased)
4. Another Tricky Day (previously unreleased)

A huge batch of music and it’s finally great to own a copy on vinyl. The standouts for me on the original album are of course “You Better You Bet” which Roger Daltry delivers what I believe is one of his best studio performances ever which has always impressed me as Rog was always singing the words of Pete Townsend who as we all know all can be a pretty fickle fella when it comes to his music and fair enough as Pete has earned that right.

“Face Dances” is one of those albums that I can dig in as the album does not lag whatsoever but when I read about the thoughts of how the band felt about the material at the time, they were taking pot shots at each other about the songs on it and it didn’t help matters that as The WHO hit the road before the album came out that producer Bill Szymczyk was left to the final mix which also did not help the cause as the band was not happy with it.

Whatever the reason I love it man..

  Sprinkled throughout the album is classic WHO rock (“Daily Records”),old school WHO (“Cache Cache”) as well as some other kinds of WHO rhythm (“Don’t Let Go the Coat,” “Did You Steal My Money”).

Another ace in the hole tune on “Face Dances” is Bassist John  Entwistle’s song “The Quiet One” which has the boys rocking out in a power trio fashion and is one of my all time fav WHO nuggets. Where the band really soars though on this tune is the live version on Side 4 off the record.

I always have loved how Pete just cuts loose and lets it all hang out on the 6 string. Windmills, power chords and the amps pushed to 11 have Pete going bonkers and there are a few live versions of “The Quiet One” out there and I don’t think I have ever heard this song end the same. Kudos to Jones on the drums as well riding that cymbal with a bunch of different patterns underneath.

1980 and The WHO were headed into a new decade with a new album and a new drummer in tow and all these years later (41 to be exact) I finally got on vinyl.

So good So brilliant So get this…

May 23 – Gord Speaks From Beyond The Grave? — A Sound Day

Earlier this month we heard a band paying tribute to a deceased member, the new Stranglers single “If You Should See Dave”, for their late keyboard player Dave Greenfield. Today we have an even spookier sort of shout-out from beyond the grave. Two days ago Canada’s eternally-popular Tragically Hip released a new record – Saskadelphia. […]

May 23 – Gord Speaks From Beyond The Grave? — A Sound Day

Check out my blog pal Dave’s words (and his site) who lives in Texas but is still a Canuck at heart!

Coney Hatch: Live at the El Mocambo (2021)

Let’s get that feelin’ in the air
(Let’s get that feelin’ in the air)
Break all the rules if you dare
(Break all the rules if you dare)
Let’s get that feelin’ in the air
We got the night the night belongs to us
(Night belongs to us)
We got the night the night belongs to us
(Night belongs to us)

The night did belong to us. Coney Hatch back on Oct 3. 2020 did a livestream broadcast from the legendary El Mocambo club and wanted to make that nights socially distanced concert a memorable one for everyone who have been on that 39 year old musical ride with the Hatchers!

I have been a Coney Hatch fan since the self titled debut from Ontario’s finest first hit the record racks here in Thunder Bay back in 1982.

Once this vinyl album was up for preorder it was a quick click and checkout at the online Coney Hatch merchandise store.

Carl Dixon, Andy Curran, Dave ‘Thumper’ Ketchum and Sean Kelly have released the ultimate live album that one could hope for as I have been waiting for any official live Hatch material since 1985!

Better late than never and boy did these guys deliver on all fronts. The mix expertly done by Vic Florenica gives the 15 songs a sonic punch in the gut by keeping the album live. In other words no studio polish added here.

As the band takes the stage to intro music to Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” and launch into set opener “We Got The Night” they are not fooling around as if this song doesn’t get your blood flowing nothing will.

After the break neck pace of the first song is done, it’s one solid track after another. The band this night last fall were on fire. “Stand Up” makes you take notice as Sean Kelly gives the tracks on the Mocambo a spark and the I can honestly that Sean pays tribute to original Coney guitarist Steve Shelski by playing the solo’s as they were originally heard on the albums but Sean adds his own flair and style to each track.

For myself this is album that I have personally been waiting for. All four Coney albums are represented even three tracks from 2013’s “Four” release. ( “Blown Away”, “Boy’s Club” and “Marseilles”) are all represented. Drummer Dave ‘Thumper’ Ketchum steadies the ship with the beat throughout the albums fifteen tracks as Thumper drives the band forward on opener “We Got The Night” right through to set closer “No Sleep Tonight”.

One of Coney’s great strengths (amongst the songs of course) is within the band as there are two lead vocalists which is an added plus to the overall sound of the band.

On one side, Vocalist/ Bassist Andy Curran delivers the rockers as songs like “Wrong Side of Town” (featuring some stellar guitar licks from Sean Kelly) “Some Like It Hot” and the iconic “Monkey Bars” prove (the outro solo at the end of the Monkey Bars by Sean is another highlight).

On the other side, Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Carl Dixon also deliver’s the goods as well on the rock side (“Devil’s Deck”, “Don’t Say Make Me”) but maybe perhaps with a little more of a commercial slant that songs like “Hey Operator”, “First Time For Everything” and the brilliantly lyrically written “She’s Gone” prove.

This concept works as a total positive in the dynamics of the Hatch. Let’s call it the best of both worlds.

The packaging is done up in a total bootleg style as Andy told myself and Mikey Ladano that each album is hand stamped with the logo and the first 100 copies of the double vinyl are autographed by each member of the band.

Check out the vinyl itself pictured below. No songs listed in a true bootleg vibe. I really think this is a cool move as the boy’s are basically telling us all to let the music do the talking. The only info is the insert of band pic with the songs listed.

Simple but totally effective.

The Rolling Stones, The Cars, April Wine, Elvis Costello, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cheap Trick are a few of the artists/bands that have graced the the stage of the El Mo that have put out live albums.

You can now add Coney Hatch to that list.

On a personal note I want to thank Andy, Sean, Carl and Thumper for the music as Coney Hatch has and still continue to this day have played a huge part in shaping my musical journey down that sonic highway that began way back in ’82.


Hot off the Arena Rock Press….!

SMKC just dropped this record yesterday (9/21/18) on the suspecting world and I can honestly tell you all that it’s a great hard rock album..

In case you’re wondering who did what on this album well here they are..

  • Myles Kennedy: lead vocals
  • Slash: lead & rhythm guitars
  • Todd Kerns: bass, backing vocals
  • Brent Fitz: drums, percussion, electric piano
  • Frank Sidoris: rhythm guitars

Sure everyone and their dog know’s Slash’s deal! I mean the guy just finished playing on the reunited Guns N Roses juggernaut tour that grossed millions and of course Slash has to pay millions to his ex-wife so what does the dude do?

Well Slash keeps working for one thing!

Hey! Speaking of working. Myles Kennedy! Man what a work ethic this cat has! Since Last December (2017) Myles has released Two Double Live Albums with his other band Alter Bridge. Myles than released earlier this year his own solo album ‘Year of the Tiger’ and supported that release with a tour in support of it.

Myles than hook’s  up with Slash and they together write/record 12 songs and are now on tour with the rest of the Conspirators! Todd Kerns as well is always working as is Brent Fitz with other artists  as well….

Don’t think this band knows what a day off is!

The 12 Songs that makeup up this album have of course Slash’s guitar work which you can notice a mile away!  Myles as well is an excellent vocalist/lyricist and is easily one of my favourites as he always delivers it live and in studio! Micheal Baskette gives this album a real crisp production. This Fella should be commended as well!

  1. The Call Of The Wild
  2. Serve You Right
  3. My Antidote
  4. Mind Your Manners
  5. Lost Inside The Girl
  6. Read Between The Lines
  7. Slow Grind
  8. The One You Loved Is Gone
  9. Driving Rain
  10. Sugar Cane
  11. The Great Pretender
  12. Boulevard Of Broken Hearts

This album is what you would expect from Slash and Crew. Straight ahead Slash N Roll. Lotsa cowbell courtesy of Brent Fitz as well as lot’s of Todd Kerns on the album!   Kerns does  the backing vocals and Todd’s voice  meshes so well with Kennedy which only enhances the hook of the  songs featured!

That’s the thing that sets apart this band from others is that the players all feed off of each other! It only enhances you as the listener as there are no weak musical links in this band!

The band does take some chances though on three tracks which trust me still sounds Slash like but with a different slant on things but still maintaining an edge.

‘Lost Inside The Girl’ caught my listening ear right away as it’s a different kind tune from these guy’s. Kinda ballad like but enough of a punch without whimpering out! Great friggin chorus on this song.

‘The One You Loved Is Gone’ has Myles digging  deep in the vocal delivery and while were at it the lyrics on this album are done exceptionally well. Kennedy is a master of this craft and like his guitar playing in Alter Bridge he gets overlooked but not at my Blog Folk’s!

‘The Great Pretender’ also has a different tempo with Fitz kicking it off but the song soars not only with Slash’s guitar but with Kennedy/Kerns at the mic during the chorus!

Those three tracks are the most interesting ones that show growth in this band that it’s ok to change but stay true to what got you to this level in the first place!

The album has those tracks that you expect like ‘Slow Grind’  which has Kerns/Fitz kicking the song off in a rumble tumble like fashion where Slash’s wah pedal goes into overdrive on ‘My Antidote’. ‘Serve You Right’ has a throwback  70’s opening riff that comes straight out of the Ted Nugent playbook!

‘Driving Rain’  is the leadoff single and in its title does indeed do that. The song drives right along at a nice clip. An all around solid song. Even our local joke of a radio station has been playing this which is impressive…..

Living The Dream is a great rock record in the year 2018! To be totally fair with you all. I prefer Slash doing this band more than ‘Guns N Roses’. Whatever Guns does will be compared to ‘Appetite For Destruction’.  

I will still buy whatever AX N Slash do but I’m not losing sleep if they don’t and I’m fine with it.

Kinda dig the fact that Slash has kept this band intact now for three albums and I like the continuity of having the same guys and not some rotating lineup of musicians. That kind of band rollover bores me to death!

Another strong album from Kennedy/Slash/Fitz/Kerns/Sidoris…

Check it out!



Alice Cooper: A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia (2018)

The week of Cooper continues here in Thunder Bay! Alice rocked our dump of an Auditorium less than 48 hours ago and here today dropped straight to the iPod is the new Double Live Album from  Alice Cooper: Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper.

Check  out that track list below….

1. “Brutal Planet”
2. “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
3. “Under My Wheels”
4. “Department Of Youth”
5. “Pain”
6. “Billion Dollar Babies”
7. “The World Needs Guts”
8. “Woman Of Mass Distraction”
9. “Poison”
10. “Halo Of Flies”

11. “Feed My Frankenstein”
12. “Cold Ethyl”
13. “Only Women Bleed”
14. “Paranoiac Personality”
15. “Ballad Of Dwight Fry”
16. “Killer / I Love The Dead (Themes)”
17. “I’m Eighteen”
18. “School’s Out”

The great thing about  this release is it’s the exact same Coop band that is currently on this latest tour with Alice!

18 Tracks make up this album and I will say right now upon first listen is this album has not been polished up whatsoever in the studio! Glen Sobel’s drums sound wicked as does the whole mix! Guitars/Vocals as well are left alone!

It comes as no surprise as well that the Coop band is on fire! Full out props to the Three Guitarists:Ryan Roxie/Tommy Henrikson/Nita Strauss. Bassist Chuck Garric and of course Drummer Glen Sobel. Talented bunch of musicians!

I was talking to fellow blogger the mighty HMO ( it’s his Birthday Today) that this was a good sounding album and worth the admission. In my case when talking to HMO   I  realised that the only other live Coop album I have is the comeback show in Detroit  way back in 1986!

Time for an update wouldn’t ya say?

Get this if you’re a fan. Still get this if you like loud Rock N Roll!

Below is ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry’ Not from this album but from the Thunder Bay Show which is a great video. Well done to the person who filmed it along with ‘School’s Out!”


Foreigner: Foreigner(1977)

Came across the debut of Foreigner’s debut’s  in one of my recent Record Store jaunts with my daughter Lexie. There it was for $5!

A quick easy grab as I have never owned the debut by these guys or for that matter not much I have owned in the Foreigner catalogue! Let’s see I have the Greatest Hits opus Records on disc and purchased as well the Mr Moonlight CD back in mid 90’s after Lou Gramm and Mick Jones brought the band here to Tbay along with April Wine back in 93. (review is around this blog somewhere).

Now onto the task at hand…

When I was buying albums at a rapid rate in the mid 80’s Foreigner  became one of those big bloated ballad acts that seemed to enjoy the cash flow from singing I Want To Know What Love Is to the video masses of MTV and MuchMusic!

To me it seemed like all was lost with these guys sonically but I did dig the Lou Gramm solo album(Ready or Not) with the classic Midnight Blue which was such a good rock track.

So all these years later and here’s the original band before Mick Jones turned into another of those touring tribute acts with disposable members and at times even Mick doesn’t even play! I’ll stop now as this is turning into a Rant N Roll! But yeah here is the debut from these dudes…

To start things off how about Tracks 1 & 2 that being Feels Like The First Time followed by Cold As Ice.  Two bona-fide classics still to this day and beyond and they are the first two songs on the album!! No wonder this album sold a cool 5 million!

Foreigner rocks it right out of the gate and yet lets talk about third track which is Starrider which is a blend of acoustic/electric guitars and an almost psychedelic chorus with big time chorus action. Mick sings lead along with Lou. Speaking of which a great guitar solo is laid down.

HeadKnocker is along about a hard rocker a real head knocker. That’s Lou singing that not Deke’s saying that. Straight ahead mid tempo like track…

Wrapping up Side 1 is The Damage Is Done. Song features the acoustic guitar mixed right up front with the electric guitar. Kinda a fitting end to Side 1. Basically more mid tempo Foreigner Rawk!

Well Just like the start of Side 1. Side 2 starts with a bang of epic proportions and that would be Long Long Way From Home with that super-duper opening riff mixed with that twirly wirly blast of the synth and were off! Love the mashup of that synth/horns/twirly synth and Gramm delivers the vocals like he’s BOSS! Thinking of which  this is my Fav-o tune by these guys!

Woman Oh Woman slows it right down and this track you can hear where Foreigner learned the art of Power Ballad. Its an ok track…

Third track on Side 2 and its Mick and Lou going At War With The  World which starts off with a bang and ramps up the album back into rock mode. The verses rock while Keys/Synth chill the chorus out. Big lush backing vocals carry the tune  as well.

Fool For You Anyway goes right back into mellow mode. I’m not a big fan of a running order of Rock Track/Mellow Track/Rock Track etc. But in these guys case I get it as they made a career out of doing it that way!

Album closer is Foreigner going all Prog crazy which is a real interesting listen as its so far out left field for these guys yet it is a pretty decent album closer. Almost Styx like with the vocals. Pre Mr Roboto era mind you. Great solo as Mick rips it up while the rest of the guys just go all in on a Progger’s delight!

The debut from Foreigner was a real interesting listening angle. As when I think of these guys a lot of Ballad  sap comes into play. I know the ballads made em a ton of dough so yeah they were playing the corporate rock game that so many did back than. So I get that part.

But man to release your debut with THOSE first two tracks coming atcha?? Wowzers! Still though, glad I go this one for the collection and I wouldn’t mind picking up the album if I ever cross paths with it someday!